How To Get KineMaster For PC Without Bluestacks? | 2023

Wondering how to get KineMaster for PC without Bluestacks?

KineMaster is a video editing app that you can download for iOS and Android. It is of use for both on tablets and phones and along with its premium features, it’s one of the best video editing apps out there. Apart from basic editing features, KineMaster allows you to add layers, personal recordings made on the spot, and stickers. With its innovative features, it allows users to create high-quality videos. It allows you to trim the videos and edit them frame by frame. You can add a lot of effects, including 3D transitions, wipes, and many more. In this article, we will discuss how to download kinemaster for pc without bluestacks.

Why Does KineMaster For Phones And Tablets Cause A Hindrance?

Developed by Nextstreaming Corp, KineMaster allows one to perform all editing tasks on videos that were once only possible on PC. Though it boosts its compatibility with Android and iOS, the app crashes for many people just after a single-use. Even if that were not one of the drawbacks, many users find it hard to make and edit videos on the small screens of smartphones. This means almost all users are out there looking for alternative video editing means that can be operated via PC or for a way to get kinemaster for pc without bluestacks. Though KineMaster can be used on PC with an android emulator like BlueStacks, some users prefer not to use it. Users believe that BlueStacks is a virus even though there is no concrete proof of the same; it does make users wary of its use.

What To Do To Get KineMaster For PC Without Bluestacks?

Though BlueStacks is probably one of the best android emulators in the market, there are other ways to get kinemaster for pc without hallmark if you don’t want to use BlueStacks.

Other efficient emulators that give similar output to BlueStacks are:

  • Andy android emulator
  • GenyMotion
  • Nox
  • Android Studio’s Emulator
  • Droid4X
  • MEmu
  • YouWave

Out of these, Nox and MEmu are best known for being as competent as BlueStacks. Unfortunately, since KineMaster was specially designed to work on smartphones, you can’t get kinemaster without bluestacks usually.

Download KineMaster Using MEmu

  • Download MEmu on your PC
  • Then go to Google play store and install KineMaster on MEmu
  • You’re done. Enjoy kinemaster without watermark for pc


Visit: MEmu

Download KineMaster Using NOX

  • Download Nox on your PC 
  • Hover to Google play store and install KineMaster on NOX
  • You’re done. Enjoy KineMaster for PC

download kinemaster using nox

Visit: Nox

This version of the app on your PC will work as smoothly as it does for Android and iOS. In this way, you can download kinemaster for pc without bluestacks or using any android emulator.

Other Apps As Good As KineMaster For PC

Let’s look at some of the similar apps like KineMaster for PC.


Filmora is an easy-to-use video editing software. It can be of use in place of KineMaster as it provides various features and can be easily downloaded on PC without the use of any kind of android emulator. It allows you to layer many videos along with GIF support. In addition to this, there are various video and audio controls along with colour grading presets. It’s one of the easily accessible applications for PC and provides you with almost all features of KineMaster.


Visit: Filmora


OpenShot is an open-source application, especially for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Just like KineMaster, it’s very easy to use. Equipped with all kinds of effects and features, it makes editing easy and enjoyable for all. It provides you with powerful animation, video effects, and unlimited tracks. 

openshot app

Visit: OpenShot


shot cut

Just like OpenShot, ShotCut is an open-source and cross-platform video editing software. Specially made for FreeBSD, Linux, macOS, and Windows, it is one of the best video editing apps for beginners. It is a terrific alternative for KineMaster.

Visit: Shotcut  


In conclusion, many people prefer KineMaster, its design is so that you can’t use it on a PC without downloading it via an android emulator. One of the most widely used android emulators is BlueStacks, but people nowadays have been trying to look for alternatives. If you want to go through the traditional route, you can use many android emulators instead of BlueStacks, as mentioned above. But if you don’t want to use android emulators at all, there are applications similar to KineMaster available for PC and are just as easy to use with various features. Then there are ways to get the crack version of the application where you can even access the premium features without actually having to pay. Though beware, it’s illegal. It’s about your preference. Finally, we hope this article helps you how to get KineMaster for PC without Bluestacks.