How To Repair Ubuntu Easily | Solve Ubuntu Won’t Boot Problem

In this article we will learn about How To Repair Ubuntu Easily. Just in case if your Ubuntu system is crashed due to power failure or network connectivity issue in the middle of the Upgrade process, you might end up with broken Ubuntu Linux. In such cases, you can easily fix broken Ubuntu OS without reinstalling it from scratch, and also without losing data as described below.

How To Repair Ubuntu Easily

Unlike Windows, Ubuntu and other Linux-based Operating systems don’t offer safe mode or automatic repair tools. Rather, they offer a recovery menu to recover your data and a reinstall option that allows you to keep your files programs other data. In this article, you will know how to repair Ubuntu easily. And if you want to download Backtrack 5 R3 ISO for free then click here.

repair ubuntu easily

If you can’t boot anything- including CD and USB drives; you may need to change the boot order in your BIOS setting USB drive or CD at a higher boot order. If this doesn’t help either, you might need to get the hardware checked off your system.

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How To Repair The Ubuntu Boot-up Problems

Now, if the hardware isn’t the issue, you can move below to the following checklist of common solutions.

Check For Bootable Devices

As we mentioned above, a bootable device containing the image of your OS might be causing the Boot problems. This is one of the most common problems that the users face right after installation. You will face this problem when the Ubuntu boot disk is set as the boot device by default. The problem arises when the installer instructs you to eject your installation media before the initial boot.

check for bootable devices

Fortunately for us, the solution is just as simple, first check the current boot device by booting into the system BIOS or the boot order menu, which can be accessed from the POST screen, which is shown right after the system powers up. And then change the boot order of your system.

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GRUB Bootloader Doesn’t Work

Grub boot loader ensures that the Operating system installed on your system successfully boots up. On a dual boot system, the GRUB bootloader will list and boot all installed Operating systems.

However, suppose you have dual-booted Windows and Ubuntu together. In that case, this can cause a problem since installing windows with Ubuntu can lead to the boot loader being overwritten, which leads to problems booting up Ubuntu.

Along with the dual boot, several other options can also corrupt the boot loader, such as an unsuccessful upgrade or improper system shutdown.

To Open the grub bootloader, hold shift and restart your PC. You will see a list of the installed OS pop up. Use the arrow keys to navigate the boot menu.

If you are still not able to boot the Ubuntu OS, then the GRUB boot loader may be broken or overwritten. You can follow the next section to repair the GRUB boot loader.

If you are using a machine with dual boot, you’ll still be able to access Windows.

If you see the GRUB boot loader loading, you can skip to the next section. These steps will help you to Repair Ubuntu Easily. 

Repair The GRUB Boot Loader

Until the GRUB doesn’t load, the Ubuntu won’t boot. Though we can easily repair the boot loader using the installation media device. First, restart your system with the USB or CD plugged in and wait for it to load.

repair grub boot loader

As mentioned above, you will need to change the boot order.

Once the installation media are successfully booted into the environment, ensure that you have a good network connection and then open a terminal. Enter the following code-  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair  >> sudo apt update >> sudo apt install -y boot-repair >> boot-repair

This code snippet will install the boot repair tool and run it. The boot repair tool will scan the system and recommend repairs.

Select recommend repair and click apply. You can now restart your system and boot up Ubuntu. These steps will help you to Repair Ubuntu Easily. 

GRUB Is Loading, Yet Ubuntu Won’t Boot

If the bootloader is available, you won’t need to work through the previous section since there is an in-built recovery tool.

In the boot loader menu:

  •   Select Advanced option for Ubuntuselect advanced option for ubuntu
  •  Use the arrow key to navigate through the recovery menu. Select enter to recovery mode

In the recovery menu, try the following these options in order-

try the following these options in order

  •   fsck- this tool checks file system and repairs and errors it can find.
  •   Clean- This tool frees up space which helps if the problem with the bootup is lack of memory.
  •   dpkg- This tool repairs broken packages.
  •   failsafeX- This tool is to be used when there is a problem with the graphics driver. This problem arises in the initial bootup of ubuntu sometimes

These steps will help you to Repair Ubuntu Easily. 

If All Fails; Reinstall

If the problem-solving is proving to be time-consuming, you might just reinstall Ubuntu. You need not worry about overwriting or losing your existing data since this is one of the simplest solutions to the Ubuntu bootup issue.

reinstall ubuntu

  •   Boot into the USB or CD drive as explained above
  •   Start Ubuntu installation
  •   The installer will detect Ubuntu as pre-installed, select the reinstall option
  •   Select the option “Docs, and other personal files will be kept.”
  •   Continue with the reinstallation.

If all fails and you have your data backup, then you can opt for the Erase Ubuntu and install option.


Can I repair Ubuntu with a live USB?

Your filesystem can become so corrupted that you can't repair it quickly. In that case, you can fix your Linux filesystem with a live USB or DVD.

How do I force Ubuntu to boot?

With UEFI, click (perhaps several times) the Escape key; the grub menu shows up. Choose the line which begins with 'Advanced options.' Enter Return and your machine will start the boot process.

What is GRUB boot loader in Ubuntu?

GRUB is a multi-boot boot-loader, is a program that runs at the system start and allows you to select what Operation system you want to start. If you wish to Ubuntu and windows on the same computer, with GRUB, you can choose those at the system start.


These process should have Repair Ubuntu Easily if it won’t boot. If it doesn’t work, there may be a more serious problem with your computer’s hardware or its system drive. For example, if your computer says it has no internal boot device and you can’t see its internal drive when you boot to the Ubuntu live media, the system drive may be physically damaged.

If nothing happens when you boot your computer — not even a boot logo or some sort of BIOS or UEFI start-up message — the computer’s hardware may be damaged. If it’s a laptop, its battery may just be dead.

Even though these steps are formulated for Ubuntu users, they can be applied to any Linux-based OS if you are not using disk encryption. I hope this article on How to Repair Ubuntu Easily will help our readers.

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