How To Recover Stolen Cryptocurrency | Top 7 Ways

Digital money, known as cryptocurrency, makes it possible to transact over the internet. This payment method is practical and safe; the query is raised about how to recover stolen cryptocurrency; robbers can still steal it, just like any other tangible asset. Therefore, it is important to know the best ways to buy cryptocurrencies.  No laws prevent theft if someone uses your secret key or hacks the computer. Hence, the best practice is to trade them on secure platforms like the bitcoins circuit app.

One-way transactions are the intended use of digital assets. When someone has your digital wallet’s private keys, it’s typically impossible to recover stolen cryptocurrency or bitcoin. This is the direct answer to how to recover stolen cryptocurrency. The same level of security applies to legitimate and unauthorized transactions involving stolen money. We can avoid this in the future with security procedures.

digital wallet private key

But hold onto your hope. This manual will give you advice on what to do if you end up a victim of fraud as well as how to avoid it in the future. We’ll explain how to recover stolen cryptocurrency in this article. Continue reading to know more.

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Why It’s Difficult to Recover Stolen Cryptos

It is doubtful you’ll be able to get your stolen virtual money back. Theoretically, you can track your stolen cryptocurrency by looking at the blockchain. But in reality, this is challenging given the system’s anonymity and the likelihood that the thief would use a bitcoin exchange to immediately transfer the money to cash.


However, there are many users of cryptocurrencies; there are few possibilities for retrieving the money, even if you successfully trace the information through public ledgers.

Assess Whether Recovery Is Worthwhile

Whether to employ professional treatment or let it go depends on the individual. A great place to start is Bitcoin Bounty Hunter & other websites of a similar nature. They are paying the fees for a course on how to hold and handle cryptocurrency properly.

bitcoin bounty hunt

These services, though, can be pricey and typically provide information already available to the public.

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Inform The Cryptocurrency Exchange

You must act quickly if you discover that your cryptocurrency has been taken, perhaps due to an attempt to hack into your account.crypto hacked

To hide their tracks, hackers may be able to move your money toward a cold wallet before sending it to other exchanges if the tracing process is delayed.

Observe The Money

Before exchanging cryptocurrency or conducting a trade, traders must provide KYC information, including names and addresses. Transactions leave a trace that may be followed.

kyc crypto

Additionally, locating the thief’s wallet address is relatively easy. You can monitor the wallet address where your funds were transmitted and the transactions made. Inform the cryptocurrency exchange immediately if the fraudster tries to transfer money to an exchange. 

Dial The Helpline

If your exchange is more significant and well-known, you have a higher chance of getting help. Depending on the stage or level of the theft, the exchange could freeze your money if you move soon.

crypto cold wallet

Though many exchangers aren’t required to help, keep that in mind. Some exchanges are located in countries with little limitations on cryptocurrency. Additionally, several countries do not view cryptocurrencies as assets, which reduces the likelihood of receiving official support.

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Try To Clean Your Computer And Recover The Account Once More

Use an antivirus program to rid your computer of viruses and keyloggers completely. To keep track of your login credentials for various websites, use password management software like Keepass.


You have done two-factor authentication and then created new passwords.

Use a Service For Recovery.

This method of recovering stolen cryptocurrency is dependable. Tell the service provider what happened with cryptocurrency by contacting them. The most frequent problem is that people lose their private keys, which are held in exchange. To verify your claim, the majority of services require identity documentation. This will solve your problem about how to recover stolen cryptocurrency.

cryptocurrency services

The business can send verified coins back if you use a password, email address, or two-factor authentication (2FA) to connect to the exchange. Try contacting your local police enforcement to report the loss of your account if there is no redress available on the exchange.

What happens If Someone Steals Your Wallet?

If someone steals your paper wallet & tries to withdraw the money immediately, they can only complete one transaction before understanding it isn’t yours. A recovery seed phrase is a string of letters and numbers that you can use on any computer, regardless of the operating system or hardware it uses, to recreate your private key & cryptocurrency address. 

recovery seed phrase

As opposed to having one piece of information maintained just on your computer’s hard disc, this significantly increases the security of your coins. If thieves steal your paper wallet, you can recreate your paper wallet & cryptocurrency address on a fresh sheet of paper using the recovery seed phrase. In this manner, even if somebody tries to sweep your coins after stealing your wallet, they will be secure!

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Cybercriminals can only steal your money if they have a copy of your private key or bitcoin address. By taking the appropriate security precautions, one can prevent the loss of their cryptocurrency. Always check the authentication needed to get into a trade or wallet, use strong passwords, and use a hardware wallet for added security. Remember to follow the appropriate security precautions and attempt to keep your digital cash as secure as possible. 

Take appropriate action to prevent having to inquire about “how to recover stolen cryptocurrency?” A USB that you keep offline should also contain backups of your private keys & any recovery seed phrases. If the device is stolen, it will stop hackers from taking its data.

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What are cryptocurrencies?

A digital currency that has been encoded (coded) to protect transactions. Although they only exist in digital form, real currencies like Gold, Silver, and Fiat have many of their characteristics.

When were Bitcoins first introduced?

They first made them available in 2009.

Who launch Bitcoins?

Two individuals who go by the aliases Satoshi Nakamoto & Martti Malmi are the founders.

What’s the fact behind Cryptocurrencies?

The most crucial fact about cryptocurrencies is that they use blockchains, a data structure linked together with records (blocks). Each block refers to the one before; once data has been entered, it cannot be changed.


We have covered all the points related to cryptocurrency and how to recover stolen crypto. Cryptocurrencies are a fantastic way to make online transactions without letting websites trace your identity. But what if you misplace all of your bitcoins? Not to worry! There is a possibility of obtaining them back and restarting your cryptocurrency investments. We hope this blog post gives you the knowledge necessary to retrieve your lost cryptocurrency.