How To Delete A Reddit Account On Iphone | Stepwise Guide

Reddit is one of the most used social media sites, which several “subReddits,” or communities and forums, where users can comment on and trade news and other content and post their articles. As of February 2021, the network had more than 430 million active members each month; however, many users want to delete their Reddit accounts and therefore look for ways to delete a Reddit account on iPhone.

This article provides easy and fast ways to delete a Reddit account on iPhone and Android. See howTo delete your Reddit account on an iPhone:

  1. Open the Reddit app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on your profile icon located at the top-left corner, then go to “Settings” and scroll down to find “Deactivate Account.” Confirm your decision and provide any additional information if prompted.

If you want to learn how to delete a Reddit account on the iPhone app, refer to this article. Give this article a read and find easy ways to delete your account.

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Delete A Reddit Account From Devices: Instructions

Once everything is put away, here’s how to delete a Reddit account on iPhone and Android:
delete reddit account

Reddit Premium Subscription Possession

Take these actions first if you have Reddit Premium because canceling your account alone won’t end your subscription, and then go to how to delete a Reddit account on your iPhone.

  1. Visit the Apple App Store’s “Manage Subscriptions” sectionmanage option reddit
  2. Choose from the list the Reddit Premium to cancel using your Apple ID. Alternatively, you can do it using the account settings on your smartphone.subscription option reddit
  3. Preapproved Payment is a choice under Payment Settings. 
  4. To cancel a credit card-based paid subscription, sign in to and navigate to the Reddit Premium area of User Settings. By the way, if you wish to know if Paypal is safer than credit cards, this blog will be a great help.

On Desktop

Follow the steps to delete your Reddit account from your computer:

Remove Your Comments and Posts

All the posts and comments will also be deleted if your Reddit account is deleted. On Reddit, your username will display in place of [removed], but your posted content will still be viewable. Delete any Reddit posts and messages before canceling your account.

  1. This process must be done individually for each post and comment.
  2. Register with your account.register account on reddit
  3. Near Overview, at the top of the page, select Posts.posts option reddit
  4. Click on the dots to access the Delete option’s overflow menu.delete option reddit
  5. You can delete the post by clicking it. Similarly, respond to any remarks.

To Remove Your Reddit Account

To remove your Reddit account and learn how to deactivate Reddit account, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Profile from User Settings.user settings
  2. Choose User Settings and click Deactivate Account option.deactivate reddit account
  3. On the dialogue, click Deactivate Account and enter your login details. Click the Deactivate button after selecting the checkbox next to “I recognize deactivated accounts are not recoverable.prompt usernaem and password
  4. You are asked to confirm your want to terminate the account pop-up. Select Deactivate to complete the deletion.
  5. Go to Connected Accounts and disconnect it.

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Use Mobile Device

The actions listed below tell you how to delete a Reddit account on iPhone or Android.

  1. Type in your Reddit login credentials.
    reddit login credentials.
  2. To display your profile, tap the emblem in the upper left corner of your on avatar
  3. Choose Settings. Read on and then click Help FAQ.settings on iphone
  4. On the Reddit Help page, a search input field may be seen.
    reddit help
  5. Enter “Deactivate” in the search field, then choose the relevant article. Click the link to read the article.
  6. You will be sent to the deactivation page, which resembles the one on a PC when you click the link provided in the post.delete account on iphone
  7. Provide the reason for deactivation and your login and password. Check the corresponding box to acknowledge that deleted accounts cannot be retrieved. Click the “deactivate account” link to proceed.confirm delete account iphone
  8. You receive a message from Reddit to confirm the deactivation. To deactivate your account, click the icon. Try login in with your credentials to see whether your account has been deleted. A notification about an error will appear.
    delete reddit account

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What is Reddit?

A social news aggregation, debate, and content-rating platform called Reddit. Users may vote on and socially choose content on the message board and social news website Reddit. Registered users, also referred to as 'Redditors,' contribute to the site by posting links, text articles, pictures, and videos that other users assess favorably or unfavorably. Registration as a Reddit member is free and compulsory to use the website's core features.

Are the deletion and deactivation of the term interchangeable?

In Reddit, deactivation and deletion are interchangeable; thus, the answer is yes. Reddit does not provide users with the option to deactivate their accounts temporarily.

Do You Remove Your Personal Information When You Delete Your Account?

Well, not quite, because comments and postings are not automatically deleted. Your personal information may remain on the platform if anyone has it. That is probably not the ideal situation.

Your personal information can you download?

You cannot do it alone. To receive it, you'll have to reach out to the platform.

Can I subsequently reactivate my account?

An account cannot be restored once it has been removed. The user cannot ever modify their username after selecting it. Because you cannot get your Reddit account back, you should be confident that you want to delete it.


You should know how to delete a Reddit account from the app to maintain your privacy. Identity theft and other crimes may come from the online sharing of information like age, location, and holidays.

Thus, this article provides how to easily delete a Reddit account for Android as well as IOS users. We hope that if you wanted to delete your Reddit account, this article was helpful for you and taught you how to delete a Reddit account on iPhone and Android, and you were able to delete the account successfully.

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