How To Change Caller Id Name On Verizon | 4 Easy Methods

If you have been thinking about “how to change caller ID name on Verizon,” you have come to the right place. Verizon’s caller ID is the number displayed upon being called. To know everything about it in detail, keep on reading.

You must speak with customer support at Verizon to update your caller ID name. They can assist you in updating any related records and changing the name shown on your Account. Read on to know more about Verizon caller ID change.  All Verizon mobile phones’ caller IDs only show the caller’s phone number by default. Verizon landlines make the account holder’s name visible.

You must speak with Verizon customer care directly if you prefer that your name appear if you want your name and number blocked or another form of identification on your outgoing calls. You may alter how your name displays on other people’s phones when you place outgoing calls as long as the mobile plan is in your name. Let us read more to know how to change caller ID name on Verizon.

Change Caller ID Name On Verizon

Both a Caller ID and a Caller ID blocking function are included with the Verizon Calling plans. Making decisions about how, when, and with whom to talk is made simpler by these qualities. You may determine whether to answer a call by looking at the caller using the Caller ID function.

This function may be helpful in various circumstances, such as when you want to put an unknown caller on hold or when you want to welcome a friend who is calling personally.hide caller idAlso, you can block the recipient of your call from seeing your Caller ID by turning off the function on their end of the call while placing an outgoing call.

The caller’s phone number is shown by default on Verizon mobile phones. You may examine the individual’s name linked with the Account for Verizon’s landline phones.

Now, while placing calls, you might wish to:

  • Stop your name and number from showing up on the recipient’s phone.
  • Change the display so your name appears in place of your phone number.
  • Add more information to make your outgoing calls appear.

Direct communication with Verizon customer support is essential in each of these situations. Being still listed on the plan is the only prerequisite for requesting these revisions.

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Method 1: By-Default Name and Number

Your number will be the default caller ID if you don’t contact Verizon to seek these changes.

Area codes and phone numbers are also given for those with the $1.99 monthly subscription.default call idFor instance, if you call or live in New York, it would automatically display the appropriate area code, such as “555-555-5555.”

Regarding landlines, the name associated with the Verizon account will also be displayed on the ID.

Method 2: Modifying the ID with Verizon customer service

Contact Verizon’s customer service division to change the displayed identifier while placing a call. You may call (800) 922-0204. After that, you can ask the representative to modify the called ID that is now shown.verizon customer serviceYou can get help from the customer service person with the necessary ID change. Changing a caller ID name to a private number is also an option if you are the account holder. Naturally, the person will verify this by requesting certain information about your Account. This is how to change caller ID names on Verizon.

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Method 3: You may modify the Caller ID by using My Verizon.

  1. Start by opening the My Verizon application.verizon site overview
  2. Next, locate the Account by scrolling to the bottom. Enter the password, Face ID, or fingerprint when prompted.verizon homepage
  3. Choose to Manage Device by tapping the button next to the mobile number on the right. After that, Click Share Name ID under the “Preferences” heading. If asked, enter your My Verizon password; press Sign in.change caller id
  4. Once you change Verizon caller ID, tick the box to indicate that you agree to the terms.caller id in verizon
  5. Click Update to change caller ID on Verizon.

Method 4: Modifying the computer’s caller ID

  1.  Log into My Verizon with a web browser.verizon homescreen
  2. On the My Verizon Home page, select Account (at the top), then select Apps & Add-ons, then select Apps & Add-ons Overview , then Under “My Add-ons & Apps,” select View All.verizon share name id
  3. Click Product details after swiping left to reveal the “Share Name ID” option and Choose the proper line to handle.verizon products
  4. Choose the option you want to display while dialing, then click Save Changes: The request processing might take up to 24 hours. These were all the methods on how to change caller ID name on Verizon.

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How to Utilize the ID Blocking and Caller ID Features on Verizon

Consider some of the options you can investigate using the Verizon caller ID name and Caller ID blocking features:

Ignore incorrect numbers and telemarketers

You may see the caller’s number on your mobile device, thanks to Verizon Caller ID. Not acquainted with the mentioned number? Then don’t bother answering that. Further, if you still want to check a private number, refer to this article.verizon call filterThe voicemail would alert the caller if they dialed the incorrect number. If the individual is only attempting to sell you anything, you don’t even need to start a discussion with them. They might leave you a message if they are calling urgently. Thanks to this, you can return to it as needed.

Screening calls based on names

If you store the number in your address book, you may see the caller’s name when they dial your number. Doing this means you may avoid picking up your mother’s phone during a date or meeting.avoid callsIf the dog walker or babysitter phones, you must answer immediately to see whether there’s an emergency.

Returning calls even if no one has left a message

Caller ID systems can record calls from numbers and contacts you choose not to pick up. You may use this to examine the calling frequency and determine whether to use it again. returning callsFor instance, you may look up when your closest buddy calls you while exercising. If no message has been left, you can still call back. If you ever encounter an ‘Unknown Address Message Not Found,’ you can check out our top 4 fixes by checking out here.

In the previous hour, have you repeated it five times? You ought to contact them right now.

Share your Name ID with the rest of your network

Moreover, Verizon lets you let the call receiver see your name. When you call someone, they can see your set name and phone number on your Verizon account if you have activated the Share Name ID function.

share your caller id

This feature is a good option for anyone starting a business because it offers more details than a number. Also, while looking for new employment, seeing a name on a Caller ID is ideal.

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How does a phone's Caller ID work?

Before the call is answered, Caller ID lets the recipient see who is calling by displaying their phone number on their phone. The phone number, location, and related billing or subscriber name are displayed on the handset's display or another caller ID box linked to the phone.

Verizon Caller ID cost – what is it?

The Caller Name ID service from Verizon has been available for a while now, and it lets you know who is calling in full, along with their city and phone number, whether or not you have them on your contacts list. With the option to report and prevent numbers from contacting you, the $3/month service now offers warnings for suspected spam, robocalls, or fraud.

How can I solve my Verizon FIOS Caller ID?

Choose 'Menu' > 'Settings' > 'Notifications' > 'Caller ID' > 'Check Availability,' When Caller ID is either accessible or unavailable, a message will appear to let you know: When asked, choose Yes to activate Caller ID if it is available, then click OK.

An ID Verizon shared name is what?

With the free Share Name ID feature, you may personalize the name that other Verizon customers with Caller ID will see when you call. You can provide a custom name of up to 15 characters or choose the default 'Wireless Caller' label.


With the help of Verizon Caller ID, you can control how the person receiving the call will see your name, cell phone number, and other personal details. When your line rings, Verizon Caller ID automatically displays the caller’s number on your phone. You may also utilize Verizon Caller ID Blocking to prevent Caller ID on your outgoing calls.

We hope this article on how to change caller ID name on Verizon has helped you solve your problems.