History Of Cryptocurrencies | Everything That You Should Know

It is unlikely that Laszlo Heinitz, American programmer and one of the creators of the world’s first decentralized network, could have imagined that the 10000 bitcoins he spent in May 2010 to buy two pizzas would make him a multi-millionaire in 10-12 years. Laszlo does not regret this act at all. Still, the point of the situation is that it was the first case of acquiring a tangible thing for cryptocurrency, which was considered at that time to be the mad concept of freaks and ridiculous. So, Now we will dive into this article to explore the History of Cryptocurrencies. Click here for the top 5 best Plex Plugins in 2023.

History Of Cryptocurrencies

So, Now we will dive into the article to explore the History of Cryptocurrencies. Let’s go and explore the major timeline or, say, highlights of Cryptocurrencies.

World’s First Decentralized Cryptocurrency

We can use the first mention of electronic money outside the exisiting banking system. Cryptographer David Chaum described the idea of creating anonymous cryptographically protected electronic money in his work. After six years, he expanded his idea by introducing the concept of autonomous transactions and offered it a practical application – the detection of double expenses.

David Chaum is the founder of DigiCash, a company specializing in e-money of the same name. They require special software to process their transactions, and DigiCash was the first to encrypt transactions using cryptographic keys.


When discussing the virtual currency Bit Gold in 1998, Nick Szabo can use Proof-Of-Work cryptographic procedure for the first time due to the need for hashing transactions. It was a mining prototype, meaning mathematical computations were necessary for its application. However, the idea of Bit Gold had a drawback that limited its application range: no algorithm for removing double expenses was put out, which is necessary to use centralized computers. Click here for the 8 best secure Email Services for complete privacy.


When we talk about the History of Cryptocurrencies, it is worth knowing about the event which happened on 31.10.2008. A document on the network describing the technical aspects of a decentralized network for circulating Bitcoin digital money was published. The author of the first cryptocurrency in history, Satoshi Nakamoto Pseudonym, signed the essay (according to one version, an anonymous group of developers was hiding under a pseudonym).


Next year, on 03.01.2009, the theory was put into practice: the network was deployed, and the first block of the registry was mined, as a result of which 50 bitcoins were put into circulation. A limited circle of narrow specialists knew about the existence of the cryptocurrency, but six months after the launch of the blockchain, the cost of 1 BTC was $0.14. A year later, the milestone of 30 cents was taken, and the exchange rate fluctuated around this mark for a long time. Read this article to learn how to make money without doing anything.

Crypto Market Formation

Despite its low popularity, Bitcoin continued to rise in price, and in early 2011 it broke the bar of $1 for the first time. Thanks to a publication in Forbes magazine that dedicated it to the first cryptocurrency in the spring. And then, the BTC exchange rate jumped to $8.9, which was when enthusiasts worldwide started to wonder how to buy cryptocurrency.

In the summer, against the background of the publication on the forum of online drug dealers about the prospects of using bitcoin, its price jumped to $27, and the total capitalization was about $130 million. However, the excitement had subsided by the fall, and the rate returned to the previous indicator – $4.8 per bitcoin.

crypto market formation

But the process continued: in October, a fork occurred, resulting in Litecoin being born. And then, other cryptocurrencies (Namecoin, PPCoin, etc.) began to appear. At the same time, some of them were independent developments based on their own blockchains. The term “altcoin” quickly spread throughout the Bitcoin community.

Meanwhile, the value of BTC grew, accompanied by sharp spikes and subsequent falls. So, on 19.11.2013, the bitcoin exchange rate jumped to $755, but by the end of the day, it dropped to $378. On November 31, a fresh record high of $1163 was set, but a long drop overtook. Want to learn about the best tools for startups that will grow your company? Read this.

Wave Of Frauds

During 2014-2016, articles of this nature were trending in the world media headlines. Although using modern cryptographic methods guaranteed assured protection of transactions from hacking, the growth of the capitalization of crypto coins attracted hackers. The first case of mass theft of bitcoins was discovered in January 2014. As a result, the Mt.Gox crypto exchange crashed, and 850 Thousand worth of rubles were withdrawn from circulation.

wave of frauds

This and several other cases led to the fall of cryptocurrencies and decreased confidence in them. The security protocols for bitcoin exchanges, however, often see significant improvement. In particular, major market players have begun to create reserve funds designed to protect users’ crypto wallets in case of hacking. Click here for the best article writing software for buddying writers & hobbyists.

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New Rise Of Bitcoin

At the end of 2016, the value of bitcoin began to grow rapidly again, returning to the $1,000 mark at the beginning of the next year. Along with this, the question of how to buy cryptocurrencies was gaining popularity on the Internet. Today, there are a lot of crypto platforms offering their cryptocurrencies for beginners’ guides. Various courses like cryptocurrencies for beginners have become widely spread. One of the most useful blockchains is DecimalChain, which offers operations with Decimal coins and provides complete guidelines on investing in cryptocurrencies. In August, after the network update, BTC was trading at $2,700. But the real boom happened on 17.11.2017, when bitcoin soared to an unprecedented level, about $20,000.

new rise of bitcoin

The launch time of the Ethereum project in the summer of 2015. Due to the focus on using decentralized applications (smart contracts), ETH quickly became the #2 crypto coin. The Ethereum blockchain became a universal platform allowing other altcoins to use the network. The model was so successful that similar projects were not long in coming. And almost simultaneously, the Cardano, Tezos, and Neo crypto coins entered the market.

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Capitalization of Cryptocurrencies Growing

The “Swings” that have become familiar to bitcoin have spread to the most popular altcoins. Against the background of problems with frequent hacks of cryptocurrency exchanges. And the shortcomings of the blockchain began to manifest themselves, and the BTC exchange rate fell to $3,700 by the end of 2018. The bar of 20 thousand dollars was not there. The same was the case with ETH, which at its peak cost $1400.

The landmark hit in the history of cryptocurrencies by bitcoin was in November 2020, when its services at an affordable price of almost $69,00, ushering in a bull market for all tokens.

capitalization of cryptocurrencies growing

And again, not for long. The decline was did cause by demonstrable macroeconomic factors (the Coronavirus Pandemic and the fall of global financial markets).

And yet, the advent of blockchain technology is happening almost constantly, expanding not only in-depth but also in terms of capitalization. And also in breadth, capturing all new areas, and lastly, partly far from purely financial. The introduction of stablecoins and the Defi market handle this in significant part. Currently, the number of cryptocurrencies, according to CoinMarketCap, is approaching the 18 thousand mark. And the number of startups in different areas of blockchain use is beyond any calculations.

That’s it for the History of Cryptocurrencies topic, and Now we are moving to the next section i.e. some top Cryptocurrencies that you can purchase in 2023.

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Top Cryptocurrencies For Buying

If you want to make significant earnings in the world of cryptocurrencies, you need to be aware of the most promising projects. For each of them, you can find recommendations on how to buy cryptocurrency on Internet resources and crypto forums.


The top 1 cryptocurrency from the very beginning of the existence of digital money. It has no equal in terms of capitalization despite using the PoW consensus mechanism.bitcoinThe bar of 21 Million BTC set by the blockchain code suggests a deflationary model of the behavior of the crypto coin in the future.


Here, the consensus-building strategy is applicable. Initially, smart contracts immediately put into the blockchain can be used as programmable apps.

The community is waiting for the transition from the PoW algorithm to an alternative Proof-of-Stake mechanism. And does not require miners to have high-performance and expensive equipment. The effectiveness of his work will depend solely on the amount of Ethereum in his wallet.

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The company named Tether Limited Inc. launched the Tether coin in the year of 2014. This coin is among the stablest cryptocurrencies in the market. tether coinToday, it is one of the most successful stablecoins in the world. On top of it, 1 USDT is algorithmically rigidly tied to the dollar, and this ratio is maintained automatically by reserving the required number of assets.


The popularity of BNB is due to the fact that this cryptocurrency is internal to the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance. binance coinAnd its exchange use provides traders with several discounts. So, If you have just started to wonder how to invest in cryptocurrencies, Binance is one of the helpful resources.


Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano. After that, he launched blockchain platform in 2017cardano aka adaIt is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies whose blockchain initially functions using a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. Its primary or, say, the main coin is “Ada.”

DecimalChain (Del)

Like Cardano, this is also a relatively young and developing project based on smart contracts and the native Decimal token. The DecimalChain platform is a perfect option for users wondering how to start investing in cryptocurrencies.decimal chain

The platform offers a mobile application that allows beginners to create their own NFT/SFT and operate them on Decimalchain/Ethereum/Binance networks. That is if you are new to the industry and have little idea how to buy or exchange cryptocurrencies. Such projects, along with manuals like “Cryptocurrencies for beginners” or “Investing in cryptocurrency,” can significantly facilitate your task.


If you’ve read this carefully, I hope you have understood all the major historical events in the world of Cryptocurrencies that occurred from the beginning until now. And with the last note, We have provided some Cryptocurrencies buying recommendations. So, that was the end of this History of Cryptocurrencies. Make sure you go and check them out.