Haikyuu Watch Order: Guide To Enjoy Every Episode 2024

Being one of the classics, Haikyuu has a compilation of numerous seasons, OVAs, and movies. And that’s why the Haikyuu watch order is recommended for the best experience. 

The show has been divided into four seasons, five OVAs, and four movies. It is not a stick-to-the-sequence story, so save your time and watch it in the recommended order below.

Learn how to watch Haikyuu in order, and know more about the sequence, overviews, episode details, and FAQs to make your experience more exciting.

Unveiling Haikyuu: The Thrilling Volleyball Series

The flawless storyline with brilliant animation of Haikyuu salutes the creativity of Haruichi as he gives more sporty thrills than anyone could get in a stadium. The story revolves around the protagonist Hinata Shoyo and his unstoppable love for volleyball, whose credit should be given to the inspiring god-like player “The Little Giant.”

haikyuuWith his short height, Hinata tried his best to play but still had many moments of failure. But being a hard man, he never gave up, even when the pro-player antagonist Kageyama Tobio challenged him. Haikyuu, being the epitome of perfection, can be the first step to making you fall in love with the anime world. It is not just an entertaining series but imparts viewers a sense of motivation and self-believing traits. 

Haikyuu order as per the release date

TitleDurationTypeRelease dateIMDb rating
Haikyuu600 minutesSeason 1April 6, 2014 – September 21, 20149.0/10
Haikyuu: Lev Genzan!24 minutesOVAMarch 4, 20157.4/10
Haikyuu Movie 1: Owari to Hajimari89 minutesMovieJuly 3, 20156.7/10
Haikyuu Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha88 minutesMovieSeptember 18, 20156.7/10
Haikyuu Second Season600 minutesSeason 2October 4, 2015 – March 27, 20169.2/10
Haikyuu: vs “Akaten”24 minutesOVAMay 2, 20167.2/10
Haikyuu Third Season240 minutesSeason 3October 8, 2016 – December 10, 20169.0/10
Haikyuu: Tokushuu! Haru-kou Volley ni Kaketa Seishun23 minutesOVAAugust 4, 2017N/A
Haikyuu Movie 3: Sainou to Sense89 minutesMovieSeptember 15, 20177.5/10
Haikyuu Movie 4: Concept no Tatakai88 minutesMovieSeptember 29, 20177.6/10
Haikyuu: Riku vs Kuu44 minutesOVAJanuary 22, 20207.6/10
Haikyuu: Boru no Michi20 minutesOVAJanuary 22, 20207.1/10
Haikyuu To the Top Part 1312 minutesSeason 4 Pt 1January 11, 2020- April 4, 20209.2/10
Haikyuu To the Top Part 2276 minutesSeason 4 Pt 2October 3,2020-December 19,20209.2/10

Watch Haikyuu with this chronology

Haikyuu series, OVAs, and movies are undoubtedly fascinating, but the films can be skipped as they are the recaps of the Haikyuu show.

  • Haikyuu Movie1: Owari to Hajimari holds the recap of the First half of Season 1
  • Haikyuu Movie 2: Shousha to Haisha has the recaps of the Second half of Season 1
  • Haikyuu Movie 3: Sainou to Sense has the recaps of The match against Aobajosai High School of Season 2 
  • Haikyuu Movie 4: Concept no Tatakai has the recaps of The game against Shiratorizawa Academy is recapped in 

haikyuu orderSo, we have prepared the best chronological Haikyuu watch to save time while giving you complete story coverage. 

  • Haikyuu!!
  • Haikyuu!! Lev Genzan! (OVA)
  • Haikyuu!! Second Season
  • Haikyuu!!: vs Akaten (OVA)
  • Haikyuu!! Third Season
  • Haikyuu!!: Riku vs. Kuu (OVA)
  • Haikyuu!!: Boru no Michi (OVA)
  • Haikyuu!! To the Top
  • Haikyuu!! To the Top Part 2

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Haikyuu Watch Order: Storyline 

Have the gist while following the Haikyuu watching order:


The season begins with the protagonist, Hinata Shoyo, and his growing love for volleyball soon after watching his favorite player, ‘The Little Giant,’ playing on TV. haikyuu watch Hinata joined the mid-school volleyball club but could not win against his other favorite player, Kitagawa Daiichi. Without losing hope, he again joined a club at his new high school and found his rival to be his new teammate. It’s tricky for them to cooperate.

Haikyuu!! Lev Genzan! (OVA)

Lev Haiba, a half-Russian half-Japanese, got enrolled in the Nekoma High School volleyball team. lev With his fascinating height, he had been a topic of discussion among others until they knew that he lacked basic volleyball techniques. To match with him, this was a problem for Kenma, the team setter.

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Haikyuu!! Second Season

The Nekoma High Volleyball team had invited famous team players of Tokyo- Fukurodani, Shinzen, Nekoma, and Ubugawa to join their training camp, which Karasuno also joined.  haikyuu secondWhile preparing for the spring nationals, every team is practicing harmoniously. At the same time, Hinata and Kageyama plan for better attacking techniques. But before that, they need to resolve interpersonal issues.

Haikyuu!!: vs. Akaten (OVA)

While being lost in volleyball practices, Hinata and Kageyama did not do well in exams and so had to take a re-exam.  haikyuu akatenThe major problem is the alignment of the exam schedule with the training camp schedule.

Haikyuu!! Third Season

Following the Haikyuu watch order, the next thing that happened was that Karasuno finally got its place in the Spring Tournament after earning a victory against Aoba Jousai High.  haikyuu threeThe suspense arises when Karasuno has to play against Shiratorizawa High, which has Ushijima, one of the top three aces in Tokyo.

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Haikyuu!!: Riku vs. Kuu (OVA)

Only three spots are left in the Spring National tournament. The competition gets tense between Nekoma High School, Nohebi Academy, Itachiyama Academy, and Fukurodani High School.  riku vs kuuOne of the four teams will be eliminated, so they all have to give their best. The final judgment will be of the Tokyo Qualifiers.

Haikyuu!!: Boru no Michi (OVA)

It is the last chance for Nekoma to be in the tournament after being defeated by Fukurodani.  boru no michiNow, Nekoma has to fight against Nohebi. It was challenging for Nekoma until the most reliable player of Nohebi got injured in between the games.

Haikyuu!! To the Top

The hard work paid off, and Karasuno High got its national position after defeating Shiratorizawa High. On the other hand, it took a lot of work for Hinata as Kageyama joined an all-Japan youth training camp, got into a prestigious rookie training program, and Hinata was left behind. to the top But his soul never lost hope, and Gate crashed the rookie camp as a ball boy. Taking it as an opportunity, Hinata practiced his techniques against actual opponents. As the days passed and the national championship came closer, the Karasuno Volleyball team worked harder to overcome their weak points.

Haikyuu!! To the Top Part 2

The Karasuno High defeated the Tsubakihara Academy, but that too very thoroughly. The suspense became intense when Karasuno had difficulty facing the Miro brothers. to the top 2 Following the fans’ cheering, Karasuno finally attacked Hinata, but an unexpected thrill came as Inarizaki High played their moves.


Can I skip the Haikyuu movies?

Yes, as the Haikyuu movies are recaps of Season 1 and famous matches against the teams, they can be avoided. The entire story of Haikyuu is included in its seasons and OVAs.

Is Haikyuu finished?

According to the information, Haikyuu's story will end in two upcoming theatrical films.

Can we watch Haikyuu in sequence on Netflix?

Yes, Haikyuu is available on Netflix, but its access is limited to the countries that grant it access.

Haikyuu, to watch online, which platforms are the best?

Haikyuu can be viewed in any order on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Amazon Prime Videos.


That was the best ‘Haikyuu watch order’ in the sequence that would compile the overall storyline while giving a joyful experience to the viewer. Why wait, because when the shocked direction collides with brainstorming characters, it’s time to grab the popcorn bucket and spree-watch it as soon as possible.

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