Top 15 Firstrowsports Alternatives To Try Out [Updated 2023]

A sports fanatic knows the importance of live updates of games or tournaments. Firstrowsports is one of the best live streaming websites available. You can view live games from any part of the world. But what if Firstrowsports server is down? How to watch live matches now? Don’t worry? We got you covered. We bring you the best Firstrowsports alternatives available online for free.

Techyhost brings sports lovers some fantastic alternatives for Firstrowsports available online.

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Firstrowsports is an online live gaming streaming website. The website covers live matches from all sports, countries, and leagues.

Every sports geek is in love with Firstrowsports for its exclusive content. Firstrowsports provides football, cricket live everything.


With the overwhelming amount of traffic on the website, you may occasionally experience the platform not working. So we will provide you with some exceptional Firstrowsports alternatives to use.  

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15 Best Firstrowsports Alternatives 

Enjoy your favorite sports live gaming like never before with these fantastic resources. These platforms work fine on all devices. Ensure you have at least 5.0 MBPS internet speed to have a seamless experience.

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Fox Sports Go

This is one of the most premium alternatives of Firstrowsports alternatives. You get to watch live streaming, highlights, and live updates, all for free.

fox sports go
Fox Sports Go

Expert analysis of each game and trivia makes it a special sports platform. But the ads may hinder your experience a bit. Contents from NHL, NBL, MBL are all available here for free.

Fox Sports Go is available on all platforms, including Android, iPhone, iPad, Android.

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If you are a Firstrowsports enjoyer, you will definitely enjoy SportsLemonTv. SportsLemonTv is a lot similar to Firstrowsports with its multiple links.


From cricket to F1 racing, you get streaming and highlights of everything. Some links work best with external applications. If you like Firstrowsports live streaming you will enjoy SportsLemonTv.


The online platform is known for providing exclusive streaming of live matches. It is absolutely free. You just need to find the link to the sports match you want to see.


But the website contains excessive ads, which can hinder your experience a bit. We will highly recommend you to try this fabulous alternative of Firstrowsports.

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Probably the most worthy alternative of Firstrowsports is VipBoxTV. It is a very fantastic website providing live streams of all possible sports. Without mentioning VipBoxTV this list of Firstrowsports alternatives would be incomplete.


The user interface of VipBoxTV makes it better than any other platform on the list. You can simply choose any sports from the layout provided on the home page. But remember to bare the ads,

Visit: VipBoxTV


One of the best Firstrowsports alternatives, SportsSurge is a one-stop solution for all sports geeks. It offers various modes of entertainment, from live streaming to complete match schedules. 


The HD live streaming feature keeps it ahead of others in the game. For having an amazing experience, follow SportSurge.


The live streaming and update feature makes it fabulous.

The intricate match schedules are simple and most comprehensively provided. You get to choose your favorite sport from the layout above.

Facebook watch

The Facebook watch is the easiest way of watching live streams. It is completely free to watch on Facebook watch. But you have to adjust to the poor quality of the video.

The live chat feature gives a stadium-like feel to watch. Do definitely try it.

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The best platform for watching live streams is SlingTV. It works fine on Xbox Smart Tv. This versatile website costs around 35 $ a month.


With a phenomenal record of more than 2.5 million subscribers, this is beyond doubt the perfect replacement for Firstrowsports. But the price being high may stink a bit.

Check it out from here.


Unlike other platforms, Espn does not provide any free streaming. But if you are a sports geek, you will enjoy this encyclopedia.


You can follow Espn for post-match analysis and fixtures. Though it doesn’t provide free streaming, it is still convenient for getting updates and research.

Visit: ESPN 

Reddit news

A sports channel freely available online delivering live streams from sports all over the globe. Reddit News has a fantastic feature of public interaction, which makes it stand out among others.


reddit news firstrowsports-alternatives
Reddit news

The live update feature in the platform has made it even more enjoyable to use. It is much better than the paid app and websites. You can also watch highlights of the games you missed. 

DAZN: Stream Live Sports

DAZN is an incredible platform that provides tonnes of online sports content from different parts of the world.

The user interface of the app is straightforward to use. Moreover, you get to see all the latest pay-per-view matches.

dazn: stream live sports firstrowsports-alternatives
DAZN: Stream Live Sports

The app is available on the Google Play Store for free. There are currently 10 Million Downloads of DAZN. Overall, the platform is an excellent Firstrowsports alternative. This is one of the most trusted Firstrowsports alternatives.

Download DAZN: Stream Live Sports

SportsEM – Stream Live Sports

The SportsEM – Stream Live Sports is another incredible app streaming thousands of live games 24/7. You also get highlights of all events.

Installation of the app is absolutely free from the Google Play Store. However, you have to go for the premium plan for more content.

SportsEM – Stream Live Sports firstrowsports-alternatives
SportsEM – Stream Live Sports

The app has an excellent user rating of 4.4. So, you can definitely consider SportsEM as an alternative to FirstrowSports.

Download SportsEM – Stream Live Sports


ESPN+ is the premium version of ESPN. While the regular ESPN provides game highlights, ESPN+ provides all live matches and Pay Per Views.

There are presently more than a 21Million users of ESPN+. The monthly subscription is only $6.99. So, considering other platforms, the subscription is also relatively less.

ESPN+ firstrowsports-alternatives

So, if you are a sports buff, you should definitely try ESPN+.

Visit: ESPN+

Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a British sports channel that streams games like cricket football. You get all detailed analysis of each game.

Moreover, Sky Sports is available in different languages. Along with live matches, you can visit their blogs.

Sky Sports firstrowsports-alternatives
Sky Sports

Therefore Sky Sports can be considered as an encyclopedia of all sports. You can have the subscription at only £33.99 p/m. Without a doubt, Sky Sports is among the top Firstrowsports alternatives.

Visit: Sky Sports

SonyLiv: Entertainment & Sports

SonyLiv has been providing some fantastic sports content lately. Both their app and website are amazing to use.

You get access to all HD live games. Moreover, pre and post-match analyses of each game are also there.

SonyLiv: Entertainment & Sports firstrowsports-alternatives
SonyLiv: Entertainment & Sports

The app of SonyLiv is available on the Google PlayStore.Installation is entirely free. However, to see exclusive matches, payment is required.

Download: SonyLIV:Entertainment & Sports

Experience seamless live streaming from today. Please make sure you have a good internet connection and VPN to watch live streams without hassle.


Here are some FAQs

Is It possible to live stream sports for free?

ESPN provides free live streams for many matches.

How to get rid of ads on Firstrowsports?

There is no simple way to get rid of ads in Firstrowsports.

What is better than Firstrowsports?

Sportslemon and some of our recommendations are pretty better than Firstrowsports

Which app is the best for live streaming?

Twitch is presently the best live streaming Android application

Are all the Firstrowsports alternatives free?

Most of our recommended Firstrowsports alternatives are accessible.

Is Firstrowsports and its alternatives safe?

Yes, Firstrowsports and its alternatives are safe. But don’t watch unnecessary ads to be safer.


We believe you will have an excellent experience with our recommendation of the best Firstrowsports alternatives. Since our content is proofread, you can count on these resources. We look forward to hearing your experience with our blog through the comments. For more tech solutions, please follow Techyhost.   

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