Amazon Echo vs Dot vs Tap [Comparison]

Technology has virtually demonstrated no limits in its growth and pace in a market as diverse as the one present in the modern world. Accompanied by an ever-increasing demand (and personal scope for improvement) in commerce and consumerism. It is no surprise that Amazon, one of the largest conglomerates in the world, is also one of the very few at the forefront of this dynamic industry. Among well-received IoT innovations such as Alexa and AWS, a cloud hosting giant, three other small-scale products powered by Alexa stand out based on utility and design. The Amazon Echo/Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap. In this article, you will see the comparison between Echo vs Dot Vs Tap. And click here if you want to know how to view Amazon Prime Video on Chrome Cast

echo vs dot vs tap
Echo vs Dot vs Tap

There’s no denying the value of these smart speakers, especially when you uncover some of the things it could make easier or more productive. In this article, we will be looking into a comprehensive comparison between the ‘speaker triplets,’ detailing budgets, your love for music, as well as the pros and cons of the products along with what may make one product more appealing in contrast to the other.

Firstly, let’s focus on Alexa.

The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and the Tap come with Amazon’s smart voice assistant Alexa. Alexa offers a variety of features, such as being able to read the news, solve queries, play music, control your lights and other appliances, report on the weather, and a whole lot more. The assistant also can create and recommend routines for your smart devices. List out shows or movies matching your current mood, and catch you up on various sporting events around the globe.

amazon alexa
Amazon Alexa

By simply calling out its name, a user can access the vast dearth of features the device has to offer. No matter how loud of an environment you might find yourself in, Alexa will make sure you are always heard. Apart from these three products, Alexa is also compatible with tens and thousands of products from the fields of IoT and the Smart Home range.

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The Comparison: Echo vs Dot vs Tap


A light-weight Echo Dot, weighing around only 340 grams (up to one-third of Echo’s), is 3.9 inches in diameter and has a height of 3.7 inches.

amazon tap
Amazon Tap

Meanwhile, the third-generation Echo is 5.7 inches in diameter with a height of 5.2-inches. It is significantly taller and heavier than the Dot, weighing just over 970 grams. After crunching the numbers and measurements, it is quite apparent that the current Echo series of Amazon speakers aren’t exactly known for their portability while on a trip.

Instead preferring to be kept stationary on a table at home. This is where the Amazon Tap steps in. While it remains to be discontinued for over three years and counting, the portable speaker had a diameter of 2.6 inches, along with a height of 6.3 inches which is taller than any of the other products. It also weighed around 470 grams, with the charging cradle weighing an additional 100 grams. 


The current range of Echo and Echo Dot products have almost come to resemble each other as a techno-sphere with a bottom LED lighting rim. Usually available in Black/Blue/White/Grey or a palette combination of the three colors.

amazon echo dot
Amazon Echo Dot

The Tap, cylindrical in its structure similar to the older generation models of the Echo, had an indentation around one side of the circumference of the top control panel, providing a sense of bevelment. 

Quality of Sound

While the three devices have built-in speakers, the Echo boasts a larger, higher-quality 360-degree speaker. The 4th Gen Echo has even better sound quality than its predecessors and increased volume. The newer-model Echo speakers also come with Dolby processing for crisp vocals. And dynamic bass response for even better sound quality.

amazon echo
Amazon Echo

A special feature is that it borrows from Echo Studio by automatically sensing the acoustics of the surrounding environment to fine-tune its audio. On the other hand, the fourth-generation Echo Dot has improved its sound quality over the older Dots. The Tap contained dual stereo speakers with Dolby processing for crisp vocals and extended bass response, providing 360° omnidirectional audio. The three devices feature a 3.5 mm output jack, so you can connect them to an external speaker using an audio cable to boost the sound quality. When comparing the three, there’s no question the Echo has better sound. 


As the Tap is no longer available for purchase. We will solely be comparing the prices of the Echo and Echo Dot. When deciding which Amazon Alexa device to purchase, the cost is many people’s key factors that are taken into consideration. The Dot usually costs half the price of the Echo while offering the same functionalities.

echo vs dot vs tap
Echo vs Dot vs Tap

The fourth-generation Dot costs $30, but you can expect discounts and package deals in the coming months (especially during the Prime Day sales) that should considerably reduce prices. If you opt for an Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock, it’ll cost you $40. While the Kids Edition costs $40 as well. As for the Echo (4th Gen), it sells for $70.

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The only difference between the three devices, other than size and cost, is actually the quality of sound. All in all, the Echo Dot is an ideal choice for most people. With people only going for the Echo with surplus money available to spend. The Tap, while discontinued, offered a variety of features expected from a modern portable speaker.

While the inclusion of Alexa was a strong suit, other portable speaker brands also have started to include the same audio-controlled technology, while smaller in size and lesser in costs. This effectively nullifies the future that was envisioned for the Tap. While Amazon consumers can only hope the company doles out something extraordinary later on through a revival of this lost product, at the peak of the battle between these speaker siblings.

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