How Many Professional Sports Teams Are In California

There are numerous professional and amateur sports teams in California. Everyone can find something to enjoy in California, from the large professional sports teams to the minor college and amateur teams, using California online sportsbooksHow many professional sports teams are in California? The article cast the spotlight on the professional sports teams in California.

California has 27 top professional sports teams. Remember, the costs related to maintaining a professional sports club are high. It is a lot, given that only New York has two or more teams in the four major sports. Every year, player contracts generate and include investments worth billions of dollars.

Addressing the population point, communities in California can house individual teams. For instance, there are 11 professional sports teams in Los Angeles alone. How many professional sports teams are in California? Read below to learn in detail.

Why Does California Have So Many Professional Sports Teams?

One may wonder how many professional sports teams are in California and why it is home to many teams. Cities like California can support a large number of sports teams. Hence, it is perhaps due to California’s abundance of huge towns and its generally moderate climate. Professional sports teams move to areas where the population will support adequate attendance to support the teams, and California is viewed as an attractive place for people to live, save for its government. Here are a few factors leading to many professional sports teams in California:

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  • The population density of California is one crucial aspect. In terms of the most populous states in America, it now ranks first.
  • Another critical factor is the weather. California has delightful weather, making it a desirable area for many people, even though living expenses there are pretty expensive compared to those in other states.

How Many Professional Sports Teams Are In California?

How many professional sports teams are in California? California is home to about 27 professional sports teams from different national leagues. Additionally, there are four significant professional sports leagues present here. An incredible 39.5 million population live in California—the ranking for the most populous state in America.

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Here, a large population only sometimes implies successful sales. It is still far preferable to a state having a small population. Even if only some people are interested in supporting sports entertainment, having a population like Los Angeles ensures that those who are will generate revenue. More people means more people who will buy tickets, season passes and sports memorabilia. Consequently, more individuals are joining professional sports teams.

List Of Some Professional Sports Teams

When it comes to creating the wealthiest athletes, California is best. Being the most populated state has benefits, and it also benefits from excellent weather for year-round sporting activity. How many professional sports teams are in California? Here are a few professional sports teams.


The Angels play baseball professionally in the United States. Then under Walt Disney’s ownership, it took the moniker Anaheim Angels. Later in 2005, when new owner Arturo Moreno felt it appropriate to rename the team, they adopted the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim moniker.


Despite fierce legal arguments between the government and the supporters regarding this name change, the decision was maintained by a court ruling, and it has been the recognized name ever since.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers is one of the professional basketball teams. The Lakers have a long history and are well renowned. In 1949, they achieved their first championship.


The Lakers also hold several significant league records, such as the most wins in a row, the highest season field goal %, the most NBA Finals appearances, etc.


The Los Angeles Clippers are another NBA team with a Los Angeles home. This NBA basketball team was established in 1970. In 1978, the team relocated and changed its name to the Clippers. Donald Sterling bought the team in 1981. Under questionable circumstances, Sterling relocated the team to Los Angeles in 1984.


The Clippers have not been a highly trophy-rich team; their first significant awards, the division titles, didn’t come until 2013 and 2014.

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Anaheim Ducks

The Disney Company formed the Anaheim Ducks in 1993. The 2006–2007 season saw them overcome the Ottawa Senators for their lone Stanley Cup victory.

anaheim ducks 

The Honda Center keeps hosting Anaheim Ducks games ever since they began.


This professional baseball team is a success story and has a vibrant history. The decision paid off because this was the team’s most prosperous period. Before embarking on a protracted run of trophy-less seasons, they won the championship in 1959, 1963, 1965, and 1988.


The Dodgers’ most recent championship ended a 32-year trophy drought in 2020. Team pioneers like Pee Wee, Duke Snider, and Jackie Robinson are responsible for the success narrative documented. Recently, players have come to the forefront.

They have won a World Series first for a Western club. The Dodgers are ranked as MLB history’s sixth-most successful team.

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Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings are very competitive, especially in recent years, even though they may differ from the genuine kings of the NHL. The only time Clippers and Lakers supporters put aside their hatred to cheer for their local club is when the LA Kings are playing in the Staples Center.

la kings


Although the team is still quite competitive, they are looking to superstars to help capture a second championship.


What kind of sport is prevalent in California?

Baseball, football, and basketball are the most prevalent sports in California. Genuine sports fans and a robust sports culture are well-known in California. However, many other sports, like soccer and surfing, are swiftly gaining popularity.

What's the reason behind so many professional sports teams in California?

It is because Los Angeles alone has around 9 million avid sports enthusiasts or 50% of the city's population. It is superior to Nevada's 50% population, only 1.5 million. Not that smaller states can't field their own sports team.

What is California known for?

In addition to sun, sand, surf, and mountains, it is famous for its professional sports teams. California, a state on the West Coast, is known for its many things. This diverse state is ideal because of its well-known attractions and abundant recreational possibilities in the Golden State.

Is it safe to travel to California?

Yes. California has magnificent landscapes, lovely beaches, and vibrant cities. It is a safe place to travel all year long. Even though there is crime in some areas, many popular tourist destinations have low crime rates and are secure for visitors.


In conclusion, it was about how many professional sports teams are in California. At the professional and collegiate levels, California’s sports teams can look back on a long history. Hence, discussing the history and the number of California sports requires bringing up these teams.