Discord Keeps Crashing On PC | Fix It With This Complete Guide

Discord, a PC gaming communication software, helps users to communicate with their teammates, community members and friends. But, if Discord keeps crashing, which isn’t uncommon in this software, you might occasionally experience the app Discord freezing for no reason. Also, if rebooting isn’t enough to resolve the issue, you might consider trying a few more advanced solutions.

Fixing the issue involves removing Discord’s hardware acceleration, clearing the app’s information, and potentially getting the app back into a stable state.

Based on what we’ve learned, the cause of this issue is usually the installation files. It is possible that the service is unavailable temporarily or that your connection isn’t working correctly. This article will provide you with the most effective ways to repair the Discord app that keeps crashing on your computer. Let’s begin! 

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How To Fix The Discord Keeps Crashing Issue

Having regular app crashes feels like a persistent barrier to the smooth functioning of the system. So, how can you rectify the same? Possible options for rectifying the same are as below;

Update Discord

When you have a problem with any software, not just Discord, ensure that your computer is operating the most current version. With this, you can benefit from new features. However, it also could contain corrections to bugs.

Discord is different because it is updated every time you open the application. Most of the time, you can update the program by changing its settings. Therefore, right-click the Discord icon on your taskbar, and then click Quit Discord. 

discord update

Then, launch Discord. If needed, the app will get updated. Keep in mind that this action could be fast enough to go unnoticed. But it is an effective way to fix the issue of the Discord keeps crashing.

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Disable Hardware Acceleration In Discord

The Discord Hardware Acceleration feature utilizes the GPU on your computer to enhance your experience with the app. The quality isn’t always working well, so it’s best to disable it to determine whether it can stop Discord from going down.

discord hardware acceleration

Your Discord app experience should not change much. It is possible to enable Hardware Acceleration by going to your settings menu. The steps for the same are as follows;

  1. Z, use your Windows Logo key and then R simultaneously. Then type in %AppData% and press Enter.running discord data
  2. Within the Discord folder, double-click on the Cache folder to open it.discord cache folder on pc
  3. Within the Cache folder in the Cache folder, use Ctrl and A simultaneously to select the entire folder, then right-click and choose delete.delete cache
  4. Return to the Discord folder, then double-click the Local Storage folder and remove all file from it.cache
  5.  Now, open to see if Discord keeps crashing. If it does not, the issue is fixed!

Set Discord’s Legacy Mode In Discord

If Discord keeps crashing or freezing while you’re on a voice channel, then the issue might be because your device isn’t compatible with Discord’s audio subsystem. legacy

It’s most likely to happen if you use an older microphone or headset. You need to switch to a different audio subsystem if that issue occurs. How to do that:

  1. Select the cog icon at the lower left.discord's user settings
  2. Choose Voice & Video from the left-hand menu.voice and video
  3. Select the Audio Subsystem dropdown and select Legacy mode.legacy mode
  4. Select OK to quit the program and then relaunch Discord to apply the settings.

discord audio subsystem & relaunch

You can revert to using the Standard Audio subsystem if this doesn’t make a difference.

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Clean The Discord Cache

When you use Discord, it will build an archive as you make and receive media-related messages. The cache is helpful because Discord doesn’t need to load the data each time. If the cache gets damaged or corrupted, it may result in Discord failing or freezing.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile getting rid of Your Discord cache. For this, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows button + R to start Run and input the following information: %appdata% discord and click on OK.running discord data
  2. Go to the Cache folder, press Ctrl A and then press delete.delete cache
  3. Take the folder back out and repeat with the Local Storage folder.cache

Now your discord cache is cleared.

Remove Conflicting Software

Discord keeps crashing or may be unable to function or freeze because it conflicts with another program. It is particularly likely if the program communicates with microphone or your camera or provides an overlay.failed to connect


Examples of applications that caused issues in Discord are Xbox Game Bar, MSI Afterburner, Steam, and Google Meet. In general, these applications shouldn’t cause issues with Discord. However, it’s worthwhile to close them to see if they cause problems.

You can press Ctrl, Shift + Esc to complete the task quickly to launch Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab and highlight the program you’d like to shut down, Then click End task. Repeat this process until you’re happy, shut down Discord, and relaunch it. Most likely, it will solve the issue of Discord keep crashing. 

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Uninstall Discord And Reinstall It

As the final step, you must delete Discord entirely from your computer if Discord crashes while typing and begin from scratch. 

The first step is to clear your App data and the Local Storage folders using our instructions from step 4 above.

Next, uninstall Discord as below:

  1. Press the Windows keys + I for window settings and select applications.windows-apps
  2. If you’re running Windows 11, then select Features & Apps.windows apps & features
  3. Find Discord in the list. If you are using Windows 10, select it. If you are on Windows 11, click the three vertical dots.windows 11 discord uninstallation
  4. Click Uninstall, then go through the wizard to uninstall.unintsall

Afterward, go to the Discord website, download the client, and install it on your computer. In all likelihood, Discord no longer freezes or stops working.


Why does my Discord keep crashing?

Discord is able to restart randomly or even crash because of problems with networks. Conflict might continue at random if there is an unstable connection to the network. Hence, Discord keeps crashing. Discord app cache or corrupted Discord App cache: store for the app may become damaged over time and cause problems of this kind. You can fix the issue of Discord crashing by following the above methods.

Can you clear the Discord cache?

You can clean Discord's cache using the Mac or Windows PC by deleting the designated 'Cache' directories. You can delete Discord's cache using the Settings app using an Android device.

What does the word 'clear cache' mean?

If it's a Chrome browser, it stores certain information about websites' caches and cookies. Clearing them helps fix some issues that can arise, such as problems with loading or formatting on websites.

What's wrong with opening Discord in Windows?

Damaged or corrupted files are the primary cause of the system's failure, so the infected or damaged files might be the cause. It's possible that a game playing in the background did not permit Discord to launch.

What is the reason my Discord is simply an empty screen?

If you're seeing only the grey screen, it could be due to Discord trying to sign you in and getting stuck during the authentication process. Therefore, the application doesn't display any information on the screen because it cannot sign in.


If you’ve completed all the troubleshooting steps, I hope Discord is returning to normal and no longer  keeps crashing or freezing. If the issue occurs, it is best to reach out to Discord’s support staff via their website, who may give you additional guidance.

Discord may stop working and shut down for various reasons, just like other applications. If this happens to you and you aren’t sure what to do, follow the above guide to provide you with the most feasible methods to solve this issue.

When the root cause or underlying issues are resolved, your Discord app will function just as it previously did. If you’ve any concerns, questions or suggestions, please let us know by leaving a comment.