Top 6 Church Accounting Software for Managing Transactions

Organizing the budget, the donation, the payroll listed correctly is a hectic job to do. The system involving pen and paper can make the job more difficult. The benefit of having accounting software, besides having a more comfortable and more reliable way to get the job done, that it provides specifically towards churches. That is why in this article, we will talk about the some of the best church accounting software to make your job easier.

The system includes membership data. This customized configuration signifies that donations are rolled into the accounting side of things, it has church specific terminology, and more customization established fit for particular purposes. These church accounting software packages are designed, keeping the accounting needs of churches and nonprofit organizations in mind.

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6 Best Church Accounting Software in 2022

Below are some of the best church accounting software you should try using in 2022. These software will help you to manage your work easily and efficiently.


It is one of the most reviewed church. It has two modules: a membership and contributions module, and a True Fund accounting module, costing each $99, respectively, which is a one-time price.

Critics almost universally accept that FlockBase is very easy to use and is a great value. Also, FlockBase’s customer supports sare reported to be very responsive and helpful. Even volunteers can use this without any training. 


However, FlockBase is for smaller churches. For quick and painless accounting of bigger Churchs, it’s outdated form can cause problems. Also, FlockBase cannot export to Excel.

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PowerChurch Plus

PowerChurch is one of the oldest and most famous Church Accounting Software. It has both desktop installed options and web-based versions. In addition to accounting, it also has membership, contributions, and events features, which make it easier for churches to keep track of everything all in one place. They serve churches of all sizes.

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It stands out from others because it has an all-in-one system, which includes accounting, donations, events, payroll, and membership management, also very reasonable.

PowerChurch Plus

Although The average church staff, who do not have a lot of accounting knowledge, could find the software difficult to understand as it needs to have a base level of accounting knowledge. Also, PowerChurch Plus is only available for Windows-based PCs.

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According to critics, FellowshipOne GO Complete has a Dallas church management and a complete church accounting software. It is one of the user-friendly church management solutions. It combines everything that a church accounting department needs, with advanced traits like fixed assets and purchasing management. 


The app’s pricing starts at $179 per month, but this price rate is customizable.

Visit : FellowshipOne 

Aplos Church Accounting

It is web-based, low-cost church accounting software for churches to help track donations and expenses. It is suitable for small and startup nonprofit organizations and churches. This application has three plans – basic, standard, advanced.

The basic plan – includes accounting and online donations, starts at $25 per month for one user. The standard plan costs $40 per month, adds contribution statements. The advanced program, for $120 per month, adds features such as recurring transactions and multi-site church accounting along with advanced reports. All of these plans include unlimited phone and email support, 1 GB of file storage, free updates, and open access to an accountant.

Aplos church accounting software

Also can add custom accounts, create reports, track contacts with custom fields, and set up funds for different ministries, check to print, budgeting, agreement, and contributions management. According to customers, Aplos is very user-friendly and demands no accounting experience to use it, is affordable, needs little training to set up, and has exceptional customer service.

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ACS Church Accounting 

Used by more than 50,000 churches, ACS Technologies is the most famous church management solution on the market. The company, based out of South Carolina, has been around for almost 40 years. ACS Church Accounting software is a flexible double-entry accounting system that provides accounting on either a cash or accrual basis. It equips and aims for larger churches with an average attendance of over 2,000.

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It can pursue budgets and spending by the fund, department, committee, project, and much more. ACS is a system that holds most of the instruments needed and has a complete help center for assistance.

acs accounting software

Although ACS is expensive as compared to some of the other applications on this list. As reviewed, it is difficult to use. It will necessitate training for someone who is not very tech-savvy—due to this complexity. It is more fitted for larger churches with a proficient IT team.

Visit : ACS Church Accounting


CDM+, part of Kentucky-based Suran Systems, establishes in 1986 when former Rev. Randy Clay has started working on software solutions for his group. The modern redundancy of the CDM+ accounting device serves more than 2 million users. Its focus is on producing useful reports and making them easy to share. CDM+ is available on various platforms such as desktop, mobile, and via the cloud. In the extension of accounting, the center suite also includes attendance, contributions, events, check-in, and facilities management. The premium options incorporate online giving, mobile apps, and website integration.

The cloud-based pricing rate of this church accounting software starts at $45 per month. CDM+’s cloud-based choice makes updates very much more comfortable than others. The extra features are a useful bonus. The application also combines quite an extraordinary customer support, and the pricing is very competitive.

CDM+ accounting software

Although there are some complaints despite the updates of the new features, nonetheless, the outstanding customer support makes that less of an issue. Besides these, the not so detailed pricing data or an online calculator makes the appeal of this application a bit limited undesired.

Visit : CDM+


Can a church use QuickBooks?

Yes! QuickBooks delivers discounted products for nonprofits via TechSoup. We advise that churches and other places of worship use QuickBooks Online Plus or QuickBooks Advanced. They can acquire all the tools, tracking, and reporting features.

Which Quicken is best for churches?

QuickBooks Premier Nonprofit Edition: Best customizable accounting software for churches with an experienced bookkeeper.

What is fund accounting for churches?

Churches need to follow their finances by funds, such as missions or building funds. Funds let churches assign tithes and offerings correctly. And track how much cash is obtainable in a particular fund at any given time. This is where fund accounting for churches comes into play.


Thus, by now you have gone through the various kinds of church accounting software for managing the inside operations carefully and easily. Perhaps, now is the time to make the right choice. Stay tuned for reading more articles like these!