Best Christian YouTube Channels To Follow | Top 9

Are you seeking the top YouTube channels for Christians? Look nowhere else! A complete list of the best Christian youtube channels can be found here.

Some top Christian youtube channels to follow are:

  • Jefferson Bethke
  • The Skit Guys
  • Katie Gregoire
  • The Bible Project
  • Heather Lindsey

The best resource for knowledge and enjoyment is YouTube. No matter what you’re looking for—new music, reviews, instructional films, or spiritual guidance—you can always find it on YouTube. If you are a devoted Christian, you naturally gravitate toward channels supporting your religion. Here are some best Christian youtube channels every believer should watch.

9 Best Christian Youtube Channels 

Here are the best Christian Youtube Channels to follow.

Jefferson Bethke

The most popular thing about Jefferson Bethke is his over a million subscribers to his YouTube account. His spoken word poem “Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus,” which went viral and has had over 40 million views, originally made him famous in 2012. Bethke utilizes his platform to address hot-button issues, including relationships, mental well-being, religion, and Christianity. This is one of the best Christian youtube channels

jefferson bethkeHe is one of the most well-known Christian channels thanks to his approachable personality and sense of humor, and he has been on several best-of lists, such as Feedspot’s “Top 100 Christian YouTube Channels.” Bethke is the author of the books “It’s Not What You Believe” and “Jesus > Religion,” in addition to his YouTube channel.

Visit: Jefferson Bethke

The Skit Guys

An online comedy sketch channel called The Skit Boys releases quick comedic pieces and is one of the best Christian youtube channels. Two buddies who came across each other at a summer camp, Kevin Hanlon and Eddie James, launched the channel. With over two million followers, The Skit Boys have a sizable fan base on YouTube. This is one of the top Christian youtube channels one can watch to humor themselves. 

the skit guysIn their skits, they frequently use comedy to address current events, which several major news organizations have highlighted. The Skit Boys also have a YouTube channel and a lot of other tools for churches and youth organizations. These materials come in the form of skits, videos, and blog entries. Watch out for this channel if you’re searching for some humor.

Visit: The Skit Guys

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Katie Gregoire

Vlogger on YouTube By expressing her distinctive viewpoint on style and beauty, Katie Gregoire has gained a sizable following. Gregoire’s channel ranks as one of the Christian youtube channels. Also, it is one of the most well-liked fashion channels, with over 500,000 followers.
Gregoire’s eagerness to try new looks sets her different from other fashion vloggers. Gregoire prefers experimenting with different styles rather than adhering to a single style. She has a loyal following due to her boldness, which has helped her stand out in the congested YouTube fashion scene.

katie gregoireGregoire has not only the best Christian youtube channels but also a popular blog and has been published in various magazines. Katie Gregoire is swiftly establishing herself as one of the most fashionable YouTube stars because of her vibrant attitude and distinctive style.

Visit: Katie Gregoire

The Bible Project

There is a Christian youtube channel called The Bible Project that uploads Bible-related videos. The movies are brief, often under 10 minutes, and usually cover a variety of Bible-related subjects. The educational and amusing nature of the films makes them appropriate for viewers of all ages. Almost 100 million people have viewed The Bible Project, which has become well-liked. This is among the best Christian YouTubers right now. 

the bible projectTwo buddies, also pastor Tim Mackie and Jon Collins, administer the channel. They launched the channel in 2014, and since then, it has developed into one of the most well-liked religious YouTube channels. The Bible Project is unquestionably worth checking out if you’re seeking a fun approach to learning about the Bible.

Visit: The Bible Project

Heather Lindsey

One of the best Christian youtube channels recognized for her fashion and beauty videos is Heather Lindsey. Almost 1 million people have subscribed to Lindsey’s YouTube channel since she launched it in 2010. Lindsey tackles lifestyle subjects like traveling channels and partnerships on her YouTube channel and beauty and fashion.

heather lindseyShe has a strong following base because of her upbeat demeanor and accessible material, making her a favorite among viewers. Lindsey has dabbled in different forms of internet media. However, she is most recognized for her YouTube channel. In addition to launching a line of cosmetic goods, she also established a popular blog. Given her rising popularity, we should expect to see more of Heather Lindsey in the future.

Visit: Heather Lindsey

Jon Jorgenson

About 2 million people subscribe to the prominent YouTube video producer Jon Jorgenson. He is one of the best Christian YouTubers. He began his career in the entertainment business as a musician with the band E.S. Posthumus, but he quickly began to go into other fields.

jon jorgensonHe started his personal Christian youtube channel in 2010, and due to his excellent films and likable attitude, it rapidly became well-known. The content on Jon’s channel is quite diverse, ranging from reviews of the newest tech gadgets to travel and lifestyle advice. He has also appeared in sponsored films and commercials for companies like Samsung and Uber. Jon has established himself as one of the most well-known figures in the Internet video industry due to his success on YouTube.

Visit: Jon Jorgenson

Grounded, From Revive Our Hearts

Grounded offers a motivating look at the news, perceptive conversations with women worldwide, and a chance to share God’s Word with others.

grounded, from revive our heartsEvery day at nine in the morning, hosts Erin Davis and Dannah Gresh go live with various guests to offer you a boost of optimism and perspective.

Visit: Grounded, From Revive Our Hearts

Morgan Tracy

Watch Morgan’s YouTube channel as Morgan shares how her faith in Christ has helped her succeed in the real world.

morgan tracyMorgan provides Christian ladies’ daily must-haves, prayers, relationship advice, and more through devotionals, Biblical studies, and sincere behind-the-scenes looks at real faith lived out…encouraging healing in all facets of life. She has Christian youtube channels and is one of the best preachers on youtube

Visit: Morgan Tracy

Kacie Nicole

When you first visit Kacie Nicole, one of the Christian channels, you immediately sense calm. She and her friend recently moved away from the safety of their California residential properties to discover someplace unique for a month-long trip in one of her recent “vlogs.” Kacie Nicole also works remotely and volunteers in her church’s high school youth group.

kacie nicoleShe has various Biblical studies and series and playlists on lifestyle, Christian singleness, developing your spiritual life, and many other topics.

Visit: Kacie Nicole

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Is it possible to monetize a Christian YouTube channel?

YouTube views this as having a religious theme. Content with a religious theme is not monetizable since it is not appealing to advertisers.

Which Christian television network has the most viewers worldwide?

Being the largest religious television network in the world, The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is a global broadcast television network with a Christian foundation.

What's YouTube's equivalent for Christians?

The content on Yipee TV goes far beyond the same Christian cartoons you can get on many other streaming sites since it is made for Christian families looking for a genuine YouTube alternative.

Can you utilize YouTube videos in your church?

Consent would be given if the owners or publisher's description of the film allowed for its usage in a church. Before showing the video, ask the creator or copyright holder for authorization if there is any uncertainty.


Even though there are many best Christian youtube channels to pick from, the ones we’ve mentioned above offer a selection of material that will interest you. These channels contain something for everyone, whether you’re seeking music, style advice, or religious messaging.