7 Best Trivia Board Games To Play With Friends In 2023 | Top Picks

Anyone can become a little competitive when playing trivia board games. Trivia board games guarantee a great game night for parties of all ages and sizes, whether you’re competing over song lyrics, global geography, or sports statistics. Even though many trivia games and tests are available online, playing a live trivia game at a table promises fun! And this is a factor in the continued appeal of vintage trivia board games today.

In case you’re looking for a fun game for family get-togethers or a game for kids. Then, you should participate in any lighthearted trivia party game; you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time! The most well-liked trivia board games are playable by people of all ages.

trivia board games

There are many different types of trivia board games available today. However, when people think of trivia board games, they typically believe immediately of general trivia.

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Top 7 Trivia Board Games to Play With Your Friends

The best trivia board games may be played for as little or as long as you wish. It is suitable for the number of players competing, and are age-appropriate. You can also play games similar to house parties. These are the new trivia games for 2023 which are discussed below:

Its Quiz Time Trivia Game

A fantastic brainteaser called It’s Quiz Time grows every weekend as more questions are consistently added. You will enjoy answering the more than 25000 problems on Its Quiz Time. For a child of eight, It’s Quiz Time is a treasure since they can learn more about their preferred subject.

trivia board games

Additionally useful for raising players’ intellectual capacity is quiz time. The game’s interactive streaming feature can broadcast your gameplay. You can host a quiz game in addition to participating on the platform.


  • To keep the work current, sync the data.
  • Allow it for online streaming.
  • Updated for fresh inquiries every week. 

Buy: Its Quiz Time

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Fibbage XL Trivia Board Game

You can play the offline trivia-type game Fibbage XL with your loved ones. To win, you must manage a poker face and engage in an astounding amount of lying.

trivia board games

While we oppose lying, we are okay with it when it’s used for fun and constructive purposes. Fibbage XL is ideal if you want to have a good time with your pals. In addition to being a great trivia board game for children or teenagers, Fibbage XL is also great for adults.


  • Rich gaming experience made possible by interactive UI.
  • Simple to understand and apply.
  • Available is an offline gaming mode.

Download: Fibbage XL

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QuizUp Trivia Board Game

In the straightforward trivia game QuizUp, you can begin to play by choosing the desired MCQ category where you can create Your favorite custom topics. 

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Think carefully before providing an incorrect response that could result in a loss of 20 points for the round. Your ultimate score will be increased if you correctly answer a question in less time. Your accuracy and speed are necessary to outscore your competitors in scoring for this trivia board game.


  • Games with timers.
  • Various categories to choose from.
  • 1000+ offline game categories.

Download: QuizUp Trivia 

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Trivia Vault

One of the top online trivia games is Trivia Vault. You may find the game’s most complex reasoning question on Trivia Vault. Playing several challenge levels with difficult questions will raise your cerebral capacity.

trivia board games

Numerous prizes are waiting for you, but they can only evaluate them when you’ve responded to all the inquiries. You can attempt to surpass your best score. Avoid wasting time on a single question; try your hand at several since the rounds are timed. After which, You’ll get one step closer to a surprise reward with every question.


  • Three lifelines or pointers to get by.
  • 25 levels to complete.
  • 250 special MCQs.

Download: Trivia Vault Mixed Trivia Game

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

The Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is a straightforward puzzle trivia game with beautiful HD-quality puzzles. Magic Jigsaw Puzzle game differs significantly from the typical trivia game in which you can skip answering questions.

trivia board gamesOne of the best family trivia board games is Magic Jigsaw Puzzles. It takes a lot of concentration to reassemble the simple picture broken into tiny bits in this brainteaser game. Don’t worry if you’re an adult; there are challenging options available for you as well.


  • New riddles to tackle every day.
  • Do new puzzles using the images in your collection.
  • Several levels of difficulty for grownups.

Download: Magic Jigsaw Puzzles

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Brain Fitness Trivia Game

Increase your capacity for a reason by becoming a strict mental trainer. With Brain Fitness, you can hone your cognitive abilities. You can play the minigames in Brain Fitness to sharpen your reasoning. The game has a daily score log that tracks your activity. And also a trivia board game for adults.

trivia board games


  • Quickly grabbing attention minigames.
  • Challenging questions that put your recall to the test.
  • Monitor activity utilizing the dashboard.

Buy: Trivia Quiz for Brain Training

Game Of Harry Potter Picture Trivia

Test your knowledge with this Harry Potter photo trivia game, which has received over 1,800 reviews and an aggregate rating of 4.7 stars. The game has 1,000 knowledge questions about Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, and players place bets based on their level of familiarity with the subject matter of each card.


trivia board games

It’s entertaining to play with friends and family because there are even questions where you have to guess the other players’ answers to see how well you know them.

Buy: Trivia Harry Potter

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Definition Of Trivia Board Games

In trivia games, participants compete by taking turns to properly answer inquiries on trivial, illegible, or otherwise unimportant facts on various topics. Players are given a time restriction to respond to questions verbally, in writing, or under the guidelines of the particular trivia game or competition in which they participate. After the allotted game time, the player with the right responses wins. Trivia Board games played at home with loved ones and friends, pub quizzes, and online trivia nights on Zoom are all examples of trivia games.


Which Is The Most Played Board Game Ever?

Chess is the all-time favorite board game. Players in this timeless game must move their pieces sequentially to achieve a checkmate. Just learning how the pieces travel on the board may take roughly 30 minutes.

Which Trivial Pursuit Games Are The Best?

Many people comment on how the game plays swiftly and has a range of difficulties, which keeps it entertaining. Favorite Vintage: Trivial Pursuit Hasbro's Trivial Pursuit, a well-liked and difficult board game that has been available since the 1980s, is one of the most well-known trivia games.

Do The Wedges In Trivial Pursuit's Game Give Trivia A Bad Rep?

It doesn't have to be this way; Trivial Pursuit's stale wedges have earned trivia games a terrible reputation among gamers. Numerous trivia board games have superior balance and fairness, more replayability, and game designs that keep players interested. These are straightforward skill games that everybody may enjoy at their finest.

What Are The Trivia Game Age Restrictions?

For players of all ages, there are trivia board games. Some quiz games feature explicit themes or complex topic matter that are geared toward adults. Others are intended to assess knowledge and develop abilities in children. Then there are family-friendly trivia games with questions of varying broad interest that doesn't so much test knowledge as they do the skill of the educated guess. Check the age restrictions and requirements before buying a trivia board game to determine whether or not it will be suitable for you and your family.


Some of the top trivia board games for PC include those that are already mentioned above. Download these trivia games to test your general knowledge with new daily questions.

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