How To Update The Latest Ps4 Firmware? Complete Guide

The most recent software updates for the Playstation 4 are quite simple to find. You are at the right place if you want to update the ps4 firmware the right way. Let’s look further into the article to know more. 

To do the ps4 firmware update, Make sure your machine is running the most recent system software by choosing (Go to Settings) > [System Software Upgrade]. If a newer version update file is available, it downloads automatically. While the download is happening, you may still use your computer.

Users receive a variety of repairs and additions with each new firmware update that boosts the overall system performance. The upgrade may be modest at times but be relevant to security concerns at other times. The most recent version is necessary if you want to keep playing online, and if it doesn’t update automatically, here’s how to maintain and update the ps4 firmware update.

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On The PS4, How To Upgrade The System Software?

If the update for your software system is not working, you should erase it and try again.

  1. Restart your PS4 and use a wired internet connection, not wifi, to update.
    restart the ps4
  2. Choose update under the IP address for Playstation 4 function area under Notifications. To choose Delete, click the choices button.choose update
  3. Choose System Software Update from the Settings menu now.system software updateIf the installation process stops, your PS4 might sustain harm. As such, you should not switch it off at that time. Download the latest version of ps4 easily. 

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How To Upgrade PS4 Manually Using USB?

This manual update requires a USB cord, a DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller, and a PS4 system. You also need a FAT 32 USB storage device with a minimum of 460 MB of free storage space and a Personal computer or Mac with a stable connection to the internet. Also, click here to learn about How To Use PSP Custom Firmware.

  1. Use your PC or Mac to create the PlayStation 4 folder on the FAT 32 USB.create ps4 folder
  2. Next, create an UPDATE-titled folder inside the PS4 folder.manual update
  3. Next, click Update System Software on the Playstation 4 system software upgrade updates
  4. Download the updated PlayStation reinstallation files from there, then paste them into the UPDATE folder and ensure that the file’s name is PS4UPDATE.ensure file name
  5. For this procedure for ps4 firmware to go smoothly, it is crucial that now the folder and document titles are precise. Now, insert the USB device containing the update file into your PS4.insert the usb device
  6. To begin the Playstation 4 in Safe Mode, press and retain the power button until the second beep, then release it.
  7. Choose Update System Software in Safe Mode, option 3.update system software
  8. After that, choose to Install the USB Storage Device and press OK.usb storageThat concludes the discussion about the latest ps4 version upgrade.

Why Aren’t Updates Downloading Or Installing On Your PS4?

Your Playstation 4 didn’t launch an upgrade for a few different reasons. Discover more about them below on the latest ps4 update

Slow Or Erratic Internet Connection

Your PS4 requires a respectable internet speed to provide uninterrupted PS4 game and update downloads. On your system, ensure the speed is at least 3Mbps. You may run a network speed test to check the connection speed on your PS4s.

slow internet connectionEnsure the wifi signal isn’t abruptly cutting off if you use it at home since this might prevent upgrades. Consider using a network cable to link the consoles to the router if needed for ps4 firmware.

Sony’s Servers Are Offline

Periodically, servers may go down. If you attempt to update and receive an error message, a server outage may remain.

serversYou should avoid upgrading and wait for the problem to be repaired because server issues usually disappear independently.

Problem-Solving For PS4 Update Problems

PS4 update issues are frequently simple to resolve.

update problemThe solutions are listed below for you to attempt for the system software update ps4

Fix The Issues With Your Internet Connection

Before continuing, check if your PS4 has sluggish or erratic connection issues.

internet problemTest the speed with a speedometer to check whether it is appropriate. If you use a wireless setup, ensure you handle any wifi problems.

Manually Or Remotely Update Your PS4

Attempt performing an offline ps4 firmware update if there is no internet connection issue.

remotely update your ps4Yet your console won’t let you directly get upgrades from the web.

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Removing Notifications

A notice bug may momentarily prevent the installation of updates, according to certain PS4 owners. See if it will work by removing your notifications. As follows:

  1. Click on on notifications
  2. On your controller, press the Options all
  3. Choose Erase from the menu. Choose All is an option. Click delete

Try manually installing the update again once you’ve eliminated all the alerts.

Use Safe Mode To Install An Update

You can use your PS4 in safe Mode to accomplish several tasks, including updating the operating system, just as you would on a standard Windows PC. The most fundamental elements are functional when the computer is in Safe Mode. Therefore upgrading the program in this state can fix a problem with one of the more complex features. To start the console in standby mode and upgrade from there, perform the following steps:

  1. Completely shut down the PS4.turn off
  2. Hold down the PS4’s Power switch until you hear three beeps after the system completely shuts down.hold ps4 power switch
  3. The second beep, which ought to come about 7 secs after the initial one, should signal you to release the Power button.release the power button
  4. Press the Ps key on the controller after plugging in your USB connection to the game system for ps4 key
  5. Select Option 3, Update Software Program, from the Safe Mode drop-down updatesSee Also: How to connect PS4 to a laptop with HDMI | Complete tutorial

Get Assistance From Sony

After trying the fixes mentioned above, if your ps4 reinstallation file still won’t download an update, the cause must be an unidentified hardware defect or software flaw.

get assistance from sonyGet in touch with Sony and arrange a time for them to fix it.

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How can I upgrade my PS4 firmware manually?

Holding the power button while the PS4 system is turned on will launch Safe Mode. Go to Safe Mode and select option 3 to ps4 reinstallation file upgrade. To update, choose Update from the USB Storage Device > Select okay.

How significant is PS4 firmware?

Many new functionalities and security features are often added in update processes. The PS4 firmware should thus be updated often. The internet features won't function properly if you don't.

What does a PS4's system firmware entail?

The operating system and updatable firmware of the Ps4 are both part of the system software. Orbis OS, a variant of FreeBSD 9, serves as the operating system.

What is the primary objective of firmware?

The hardware can work and connect with other software programs running on a device thanks to firmware, which gives fundamental machine instructions. Hardware is controlled at a low level via firmware.

What is a custom firmware for the PS4?

For devices like video game consoles and different embedded device types, custom firmware, usually called aftermarket firmware, is an unapproved new or modified version of the firmware generated by third parties to add new features or unlock hidden features capabilities.


Upgrading your PlayStation 4 gives your console better stability and keeps your experience fresh. Your device’s features and operation are enhanced with a firmware upgrade. It can offer solutions for any performance problems that could arise. A ps4 firmware upgrade also aids a device’s ability to compete with more recent versions in the ever-evolving world of technological advancements.