How To Fix PS4 External Hard Drive Not Recognized?

Users would wish to link an external device to a PS4 to keep additional games in the console due to the PS4’s internal hard drive’s restricted storage capacity. If, however, your PlayStation 4 fails to recognize the external hard drive, it might be unpleasant. So here is how to fix the ps4 external hard drive not recognized.

It would help if you first verified that the external HDD, USB cable, and PS4 USB port are all functional and undamaged for the PS4 system to identify your external HDD. If so, you must initialize and reinstall the PS4 system software because it is the issue.

We know how simple it is to utilize portable disk drives like external hard drives or flash drives with USB ports, but in some cases, linking your external drive to a PlayStation 4 may be challenging. This may have caused the Playstation 4 external hard disk to cease functioning or not be detected. The PS4 USB storage device not connected, according to a warning message that the user may occasionally get. When the Playstation 4 system fails to respond to the external HDD linked to it, there may not be any notifications. This article will assist you in comprehending the causes of your PS4 External Hard Drive’s malfunction and resolving any related issues. Once the mistake has been fixed, you will also learn how to retrieve lost data from the PlayStation 4 External Hard Disk. We have also prepared a complete guide on how to fix PS4 LAN Cable Not Connected.

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Why Is The PS4 External Hard Drive Not Recognized?

Let’s know the potential reasons for the PS4 extended storage is not working problem before we move on to the comprehensive remedies. Any relevant elements, such as the state of the external HDD or SSD, the USB connections, any software problems, and the PS4 console, would be to blame.

external hard driveCorrupt external drives, incompatible file systems, faulty connections, out-of-date PS4 system software, etc., are typical causes. You can discover the relevant answers below, regardless of your situation. Just go to step-by-step troubleshooting for the Seagate PS4 hard disk issue. Let’s know more ways on ps4 is not reading the external hard drive

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How To Repair The PS4 External Hard Disk Showing Up But Isn’t Working?

Try these troubleshooting steps if the Playstation 4 external hard drive is identified but not functioning. Here are a few quick and efficient solutions to the problem so you can resume gaming:

Switch Your PS4 Between Off And On

Restarting your PS4 will fix the problem in the simplest yet most efficient method possible. As a result, all settings will update, and the problematic hard disk can fix. To accomplish this, disconnect the PlayStation 4 and external hard drives from the respective energy sources and turn them off.

power buttonBefore connecting both devices back in again, give them at least 10 minutes. This way can work if the ps4 external hard drive stops working and Connect Xbox With PS4

Install The Most Recent Software For The PS4

For your PS4 to continue functioning at its peak, it’s critical to update the system software often. The external hard drive isn’t operating since you haven’t updated it recently.

recent softwareGo to System Software Upgrade in the Settings section of your PS4. You can install any available updates and resolve the issue with your external hard drive not functioning. This is one of the ways to fix ps4 external hard drive not recognized problem.

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PS4 System Reinstallation

Another option for resolving this problem is reinstalling the PS4’s system software. The external hard drive won’t function. The problem could be fixed by doing this since it will reset your device’s settings and clear up any problems.

system reinstallationThis may be accomplished by turning off the PlayStation 4 and holding the power button down until you get the 2nd beep. You may choose Reinstall s Updates from the menu while the computer is in Ps4 safe mode with Gaming Routers For PS4. After you’re through, your PlayStation 4 should again identify the external hard drive and function correctly if it doesn’t, attempt the next approach.

Configure An External Hard Drive

To avoid problems, such as the “PS4 external hard drive not operating,” it’s crucial to format a new hard drive if you recently purchased one. How and where to format an external drive is here:

  1. To start File Explorer, click Win + E on the keypad while using the computer.file explorer
  2. Choose Format from the right-click menu when right-clicking on the external drive.
  3. Choose the format “exFAT” option from the pop-up menu that will display.exfat
  4. To start the formatting procedure, click the Start button one last time.choose format

Database Rebuild

Your Playstation 4 hardware and compatibility may occasionally have problems due to a damaged database. Rebuilding the PS4’s database will cure this problem. That would result in data loss. Thus, make a data backup.

  1. You must first set the Playstation into safe mode. Hold the power button to switch off the PS4 for a few mode
  2. When it completely switches off, click the power button until the 2nd beep hears the sound.choose power button
  3. Then, join your PS4 console and hit the PlayStation button to launch safe mode to update software.hit playstation button
  4. Choose Rebuild Data when in safe mode and push the X button.

Apply these procedures for “how to repair external hard drive ps4“, then wait for the process to finish before connecting the external device. It should now be possible to use an external hard drive with a PS4.

Setup The PS4

You may also attempt initializing your Playstation if none of the other fixes work. This will reset the device to factory settings and erase all data. It would help to start and get PS4 out of Safe Mode before using this technique. Use the primary method‘s procedures to enter safe mode.

set up ps4Choose Initialize PA4 once you’ve entered safe mode (Reinstall System Software). Reinstalling the software system will erase all previously saved information and settings. When the procedure is finished, attach the external drive to check if the “PS4 external hard drive not recognized” problem has been resolved.

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How can I fix a Playstation 4 external hard disk that is corrupted?

Fixing it might be simple or difficult, depending on how corrupted the Playstation 4 external hard disk is. Several factors contribute to this condition, so you must exhaust all options before locating the proper remedy.

What occurs if an external drive is unplug from a PS4?

Usually, the data on an external hard drive won't impact when you disconnect it from your PS4. Also, connect it to a different PlayStation 4 system and play the stored games as usual. Data loss could occur if any data were just being written towards the external hard disk when you disconnected it.

Why won't my PlayStation 4 read my external hard drive?

Several potential causes exist for the PS4's failure to read the external hard drive, including faulty USB ports, damaged external HDDs, or damaged PS4 system software. Please get in touch with us if you require any more help with your issue.

Why doesn't my PS4's expanded storage function?

There are several reasons why the PS4's expanded storage won't function, including a broken USB cable, a broken USB port, faulty Playstation 4 system software, and a broken PS4 power supply. We'll do our best to help you if you let us know what's wrong.


To increase the capacity of your PS4 and to fix extended storage ps4 not working, you may use external hard drives as an extended storage device. The console, however, might not recognize or detect the hard disk for whatever reason. You must ensure that your saved files won’t go away or be clean before resolving or correcting this problem. Using backups or data retrieval tools, you may save a pleasant time on the Playstation 4 console later with the functional external hard drive. We hope you can use this article on “ps4 external hard drive not recognized problem’ to your advantage.

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