3 Best Free & Paid PDF Password Remover of 2023

PDF Password Remover are technically the tools which crack the password of PDF documents and unlock pdf. They’re the tool which cracks the password of the documents either by finding the password right away or by passing the encryption by removing the password and in some cases changing the programming of the document to pass the password stage.

They’re basically used in case you’ve lost your password and ‘Forgot password’ wouldn’t work. They are also used to checking the security and programming of encrypted files.

Well, whatever the causes may be, here are some of the best PDF password removers which can help you.

Best Paid and Free PDF Password Remover

Here are the best paid and free PDF Password remover software.

PDF crack

PDF crack is one of the best free pdf unlock software. It decrypts the protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files restricting it from printing, copying, or editing and lets you recover your lost password. It is quick and decrypts the files instantly.

Here are some features of PDF crack:

  1. PDF crack can remove both user password and owner password from encrypted files.
  2. This software is compatible with all versions of PDF files including drag and drop files.
  3. It does not necessarily need adobe acrobat but supports PDF of even other PDF producing parties.
  4. PDF crack has a batch mode which allows automatic processing of multiple files.
  5. This software supports Adobe standard 40-bit encryption and even standard 128-bit encryption.
  6. All versions of Adobe Acrobat including Acrobat 9 is gets support from PDF crack.
  7. PDF crack is a command line tool and should be compatible with Windows 98, XP, Vista, 2000, 7, 8 and 10 with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

pdf crack

Visit: PDF crack

GuaPDF Demo

GuaPDF demo is again a free password remover although it has three different versions which are paid. It is also called Guaranteed PDF password remover. Unlike other PDF password removers, it can not only remove but recover your password too.

PDF crack

Here are some of the features that GuaPDF offers:

  1. As the name itself suggests Guarantee PDF guarantees to remove password from the PDF documents irrespective of the encryption type and password used.
  2. GuaPDF demo is compatible with any Acrobat up to Acrobat X, including 256-bit AES and 128-bit RC4 encryption.
  3. An unlocked document can be opened in any PDF viewer without any restrictions so that you may edit, copy or print the document.
  4. It works at high speed and it is optimized by a 40-bit searching procedure for modern Intel and AMD architecture.
  5. Accelerated GPU on Nvidia and AMD using CUDA and OpenCL technology.
  6. GuaPDF also has different versions for Quadcore and Multi GPU processor.
  7. GuaPDF is portable with Dos, Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.

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GuaPDF Demo is just demo version demonstrating the processing the security methods and helps to remove password from pdf, but it has certain limitations.

gua pdf software

For example, it can decrypt only small files, and it doesn’t contain distributed computing mechanism. But even though it has certain limits, it perfectly does its job and if you only want to crack the password of the GuaPDF is highly recommendable.

GuaPDF Restriction Remover:

As the name suggests this version of GuaPDF can only remove the restrictions from the PDF documents it is one of the best pdf unlocker, i.e., it can allow you to copy, edit and print. But it cannot decrypt the files with an open password. Its paid and it worth $/€25 (onwards)

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GuaPDF Password remover:

This version of GuaPDF can process with both Restriction and open password, it makes it easy to remove pdf password. That means it can Remove PDF password for both user and owner. It has fast 40-bit key searching and supports Quad core CPU. There is also a premium version starting from $/€39.

Distributed Unlimited:

This is the ultimate version of GuaPDF, and it has no restrictions. It supports any number of CPU or GPU and distributed processing. Again, it’s premium version starting from $/€150.

Visit: GuaPDF

VeryPDF Password Remover

PDF password generator is again one of the best-paid PDF password removers, and it works only on Windows OS and provides menthods to unlock pdf file. It decrypts the protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files and removes both types of passwords, i.e., Restriction password and Open password.

VeryPDF Password Remover

Here are some of the features of PDF password remover:

  1. Just as all the password removing software’s, PDF password remover also removes both User password and Open password.
  2. Unlike other software’s, PDF password remover does not necessarily require Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Supports both 40-bit and 128-bit R. C4 encryption.
  4. The software also supports 128-bit, and 256-bit AES protected PDF.
  5. PDF password remover automatically repairs some of the damaged PDF files.
  6. It supports PDF version 1.8 including Acrobat 9.
  7. Sometimes another password is removing websites slow down their process while working on a large file but PDF password remover is fast and does instant decryption even for the large files.
  8. One of the special features of PDF password remover is that it provides Command line and GUI application.

Visit: VeryPDF Password Remover


These PDF Password removers are one of the best password removers and can help you to remove pdf security, they can recover your password from any kind of PDF file. I hope this article was helpful to get unsecure pdf. If you are facing a problem with how to turn off google password manager, then read this article to fix it.

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