Top 6 Best Motorcycle Apps for Frequent Bike Riders

A motorcycle rider is a person who rides a motorcycle or a bike. Generally, people who are obsessed with bikes and bike riding call themselves riders. These people who are obsessed with bikes even go a long distance by bike. They have made bikes their soul mate, companion, and best friend. A lot of companies offer different applications concerning the people’s criteria. Maximum companies have set up their motorcycle apps featuring their services for the riders.

The 6 Best Ever Motorcycle Apps for Riders

The following are the tremendous six motorcycle apps for riders. Along with navigating your way, these apps will help you in finding the gas pumps around you. Moreover, you might get a chance to read the passenger’s review whenever visiting a new place.


The main motto of any rider would be proper foot, ample amount of rest, and a wide-open road for a comforting ride. For the first two priorities, other motorcycle apps take care of them. The last part, i.e., the open road, the road with less traffic, and better navigation, are provided by an app called Waze. This road companion offers the best navigation for avoiding the office time rush.


The structure of the app categorizes reports from drivers and riders going the same way and taking the particular path. And having such a broad commuter base, the information is seldom incorrect. To its pro, it can be downloaded and installed for free.

Download : Waze

Diablo Super Biker

This app amomg many motorcycle apps is deviled and brought to you by Pirelli. It provides you useful information like road conditions, the maximum lean angle for a curve, and the width of the tire of your bike, the center of mass, and the maximum achievable acceleration of your vehicle.


It also provides you with valuable info like the altitude and the weather conditions. On the plus side, this application can run on places with no network coverage and work just fine. 

Download : Diablo Super Bike 

Gas Buddy

The essential requirement for any biker would be gas and oil. And unknown roads can give a lot of pain for refilling. Thus, to save you from this dismay, Gas Buddy is there. It has the information in it for the best refill stations near you. Also, the app shares the customer’s review of that place. Thus, it helps to keep it safe and trusted. It has several passengers registered to it; therefore, all information is shared on review and experience.

Gas Buddy

From current prices to the best and nearest refilling stations, you can get it all here. You also end up having a chance to win gifts from lucky draws that you participate in while giving reviews and accomplishment of challenges. On the plus side, it also helps you find parking spots with the best discount. And this motorcycle app has no paid services.

Download : Gas Buddy


Like any other app, Riser is a community-leaning application. This application focuses on providing valuable tips to the riders of the motorcycle of modern days. Riser prioritizes safe big rides. The application (like few other similar apps) allows you to check remote places, share a new experience with your near and dear ones. Apart from this, you can even document the whole trip. You are set free from planning your destination and choosing the correct path.


Among many motorcycle apps, this app does the entire required thing for you. If you love a location and want to mark it, then you are given the feature of tagging locations. Sharing good vibes with other like-minded human beings will increase the chances for them to discover new paths and roads. This feature makes this app different from other motorcycle apps.

Download : Riser 


This app has a unique feature when compared to other motorcycle apps. It solves all the purposes of the rider. This application will have your back at any time, starting from tracking and ending with the safety purpose. Why would you enjoy everything alone? You may share your whereabouts experience with your friends and family through this application. It provides you with the facility of tracking yourself through whichever path you go.


Moreover, the most important and unique thing which this application enables is the feature of discovering routes. Lastly, the special feature of EatSleepRIDE is to alert the rider with automatic detection of the accident. 

Download : EatSleepRide 

Google map

In today’s world, nobody is unaware of Google maps. Any Android device consists of Google maps. Whether you are riding to the local store or a trip to a different district, Google Maps is always at your service.

Google Maps

There are frequent updates about the traffic density, accident-prone areas, and even the right turns that need to be taken. Google maps serve a complete and effective service. This is the most trusted among many motorcycle apps.

Download : Google Map


Several technological advancements have come into use for making this passion for riding a bit more comfortable. Instead of feeling puzzled with the unknown roads, this app provides full knowledge of your opponents, way, and climate. Conquer roads and your dreams of bike riding by making these motorcycle apps your best friend. 

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