Top 3 iTunes Alternatives In 2023 | Must Check Out

Let’s face it: iTunes was a good nifty piece of software while it lasted because we did not have any potential iTunes alternatives!

And it seemed like iTunes did just what had to be done, but in reality, we were limited to most certain things.

For the past few years, there have been many amazing applications for the ease of an iPhone user that made things more manageable than they were 4 to 5 years before. 

Apps like an iPhone ringtone maker, a YouTube converter MP4 for iPhone, and some other exceptional applications have completely changed the game of convenience.

And the same is the case with iTunes.

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Now that iTunes’ so-called reign is over; we are left with a choice to find an alternative that can excel at iTunes in every aspect. Providing us with the ease that iTunes failed to do!
Most importantly, it should be easy to use for newcomers.  

That all can be done effortlessly when you are operating the right iTunes alternatives.

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Best iTunes alternatives in 2023

Let’s talk about the top 3 iTunes alternatives that have been popular for a while now. 


Oh my!
At number one, we have WALTR Pro – the best of the best I’ve found!
Wondering why? Read along to know why it’s always the first on my list – whenever I need an iTunes alternative!

The popularity of WALTR PRO showcases how it can be the best file transfer alternative of iTunes; it provides you with the options and features you wish you had before, and life would have been a lot easier. 

Want to know more details? Here you go! 

 Know-how, this piece of software, can be your best choice!

Minimal Design 

A simple-operated UI is what we needed from the beginning, but it was always a complicated task in iTunes to get the things done accordingly. 

WALTR PRO comes in a UI that even a newbie can master on the first try; with its easy navigation and menu to menu design, you get the most of it without having to scratch your head. It was never this easy to transfer the files in a few clicks!

Just drag and drop the file in the specified box, and there you have it in your iPhone.



WALTR PRO does everything behind the scenes for you while you just need to look at it go!

Supports The Unsupported. WOW! As said before, you can transfer files into any of your devices without breaking a sweat. 

But what if the file is unsupported? Argh! When this was the case with iTunes, we would just move on – right?  But WALTR PRO is your savior here.

You can transfer any files into your iPhone, and WALTR PRO makes it iOS-supported for your device,
But how? With the help of its Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) feature and built-in converter, you can now toss any file and make it supportive for your device. 

Be it a picture, video, audio, or podcast, drag and drop it into the spot and enjoy afterward!

And do you know the best thing about ACR? You will find the transferred file in its native location, like a picture in the Photos application, a video in the Video’s application. 

Likewise, everything is kept where it should be. Amazing! Isn’t it? 

Wireless Connectivity 

We always needed the wireless connectivity feature in iTunes, agree? Having a data cable with us was always annoying and unasked for. 

But with WALTR PRO, you can rest easy; it lets you transfer files to your iPhone through the air! 

The application searches for iDevices when opened, and once connected, you can transfer big files like movies in a matter of seconds (no strings attached).

The cherry on the top of the cake here is that WALTER PRO lets you make custom ringtones just browse through the internet, find any tune/song you wish to set as your ringtone drag and drop it over to your iPhone, and you will find them in their native location to set it as your current ringtone! 


  • Quickly transfer files to your iOS device.
  • It supports almost every file format.
  • Wire and wireless connectivity.
  • Built-in file converter.
  • Ringtone maker.
  • Easy to use.


  • It’s a  little pricey but absolutely worth it!

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AnyTrans App

If you are in for iTunes alternatives that transfer your files between your Mac/PC and iOS devices, also let you backup your data safely and securely, AnyTrans is that one application you should be looking for. 

Thanks to its straightforward UI, you can backup your photos, music, videos, and whatnot, with nothing knotty to be worried about.

AnyTrans is your backup partner!

anytrans App
AnyTrans App

You can manage your different iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Mac, and more. 

Device cloning helps you backup your files and media safely with absolutely zero data loss if you lose your iDevice or want to change it to the latest one. 

Being an iTunes alternative, it comes with a completely rebuilt iTunes library, which lets you manage your media effortlessly and even better than iTunes did. Plus, you can even make a ringtone out of music with AnyTrans.

If you want to leap from an android device to an iOS device, AnyTrans has got you covered since it also supports backing up files from Android and making them iOS supported.


  • Best used for backing up files for an iPhone.
  • iTunes alternatives.
  • Make files iOS supported.
  • Simple UI.


  • It costs a little much for what it offers.
  • Some bugs might appear when backing up files.
  • iTunes library cannot be edited. 

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MediaMonkey – Best To Manage Music Files

MediaMonkey is one of the powerful iTunes alternatives that you can get; you can sync and transfer files from your Android or iDevice to your PC and the other way round. Although the android files transfer is not as good, our primary focus is on iOS devices.

It is designed to handle files no matter how big or small. 

MediaMonkey searches for the missing track number and album names to add and complete your music collection. 

media monkey
Media Monkey

However, if the song has multiple results, it can sometimes give wrong information to its details. That happens rarely but still needs a fix as it gets confusing for the listeners. 

Its interface is similar to that of iTunes’. The letters and words are compact, and it has a larger window with numerous options to deal with, which can be a little too much to navigate. 

But once you get a hold of it, everything keeps working great!


  • Let you convert media files easily.
  • Finds relevant files and information from various sources.
  • It can handle pretty much any size of a file.
  • Supports a variety of files.


  • Dense UI.
  • Expensive.

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iTunes never brought to the table what we always deserved, but then, we didn’t have alternatives to switch to. Fortunately, as of now, tons of iTunes alternatives are there which could meet our expectations just right or at least be better than iTunes. 

Each application mentioned before serves a unique purpose and stands out exceptionally in its own category.

If you ask for an alternative that can be a full package with everything iTunes had and even more, you should direct your way to WALTR PRO since it is the best one on our list like we just talked about!

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