How To Turn Off Roku Express? [Complete Guide]

In this article, we’ll look at the Roku Express streaming device – its benefits, uses, installation, and most importantly, “How to turn off Roku Express?”

To turn off Roku express: Unplug the power cord from the Roku Express. Wait a few seconds for it to power off fully. Optional: Turn off the TV.

The best way to turn your TV into a smart TV is to use Roku Express, a device that, on being plugged in, Turns your TV into a smart one, allowing you to access different OTT platforms and indulge in your favorite TV shows. It is the cheapest streaming device offered by Roku and is readily available on Amazon; about the size of a deck of cards, it can be easily installed and hidden behind the TV itself. All you need for Roku Express to work is high-speed Wi-Fi. Let’s learn about How to turn off Roku Express? 

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Why Roku Express? 

  • Easy to set up – Many people avoid using new technology for fear of setting it up; on the contrary, Roku Express is very easy to set up as a plug-and-play device.roku express
  • No hassle of cables – Gone are the days of cables and wires which took an eternity to sort and later sabotaged the look of one’s room; Roku Express is simply a plug device that needs no cable.
  • Unlimited streaming – The device gives you access to unlimited free and paid subscriptions on a monthly charge.
  • Access to platforms like Youtube and Netflix – Roku started as a device to stream Netflix but now is a leading streaming device.
  • Cheaper than its competitors – It is reasonable, giving better value than its competitors.

Further adding to the many benefits of Roku Express is the remote-enabled control of the device. If you lose the remote, you can just simply download an App and control the device right from your phone. 

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How To Set Up Roku Express?

Stick – You can simply plug in the Roku Express, which is ready to use after the TV installation.

stick and device

Device – If using the streaming device instead of a Stick, all you need is an HDMI cable to connect the device to the TV and just some standard TV installation procedure before streaming.

How To Turn Off Roku Express?

There isn’t any power switch on most current-gen Roku players. Except for the ones bundled with Roku TVs, none of the Roku remotes come with a power button assigned to Roku devices.

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Method 1: Manually 

Once you unplug the Roku device, all the update processes will occur the next time you turn it On. If you have connected the Roku Express to your television, disconnect it. Remove the cable from the HDMI port if you’re using an HDMI cable. Now detach the AC power adapter from your Roku Streaming Player. To turn off USB-powered Roku players, unplug the AC adapter from the Roku device. Another way to Turn Roku Express Off is to disconnect all the cables from the device and the wall outlet.turn off roku manually

Unplugging the Roku power cable from the plug is the best way to turn off the device. If you have plugged into a power strip, you can turn off the strip instead of unplugging it. In Roku, you can not turn it off physically.

Following these steps will be fixed for your How to Turn off Roku Express.

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Method 2: From the TV itself

  1. Click the System menu and select the Power option.go to system to turn off roku express
  2. You will see a list of options on the Power screen.
  3. To shut down the Roku TV for 30 minutes, select Auto Power turn off
  4. Another easy way of Turning Off the Roku is by connecting the device to a Wi-Fi-enabled outlet.
  5. Now, you can power Off your Roku device using your mobile phone.

These steps will be fixed for your How to Turn off Roku Express.

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Method 3: From settings 

  1. Go to the Settings menu, select Systems, and click Power.go to system
  2. You will find the Auto Power savings option on the Power power
  3. In the Auto Power savings tab, you can see a few options.
  4. Click the Standby LED option to Turn Off Roku the standby led option

You can use your Smartphone or Amazon Echo to turn off the plugin case you have plugged the Roku into a smart plug.

These steps will be fixed for your How to Turn off Roku Express.

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Does Roku Express turn off automatically?

No, Roku Express don't turn off automatically as they don't have any power button. They are turned on until the TV is turned off, to which they are connected. Furthermore, you can deactivate them by disconnecting them from the electrical outlet.

How do I turn off my Roku on my TV?

To turn off Roku on TV, follow these steps: Click on the Home button on Roku remote> Settings> Home Screen> Shortcuts> TV Off> Click OK.

Does Roku have a sleep mode?

Yes, Roku devices have a power-saving feature called 'Auto Power Off.' You can activate it within the settings menu under 'System' and 'Power.' This functionality automatically transitions the Roku into sleep mode following a designated period of idleness, aiming to conserve energy.

How do I turn on my Roku Express?

To turn on your Roku Express, simply press the power button on the Roku remote or any button on the remote. The device and the TV should wake up, and you'll see the Roku logo on the screen. The device should initiate within seconds when adequately linked and supplied with power.


Overall, Roku Players are designed to use very little power, and most are now built with systems in place to use even less electricity when idle. You’ll have to decide whether it’s more critical to quickly access your streaming content or to save some energy and a few bucks.

Therefore, we hope this article is about How To Turn Off Roku Express? It will be helpful for our readers.