How To Pause Location On Find My Friends | 6 WAYS

If you’re a person who likes to keep track of your friends and family, then you know that having a way to find them is an important part of life. But sometimes, people can get lost or confused by the technology they use. So here are ways to help you understand how to pause location to find my friends.

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If you’re wondering how to freeze the ‘Find My Friend’ location, some of the easiest ways are simply using airplane mode or adjusting the date and time and disabling your Wi-Fi connection.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to master: how to pause your location to find your friends so that no one gets lost in cyberspace!

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Pause location on Find My Friends

Understanding how to pause location to Find My Friends comes in handy when you need to pause your location, and you should be aware of it. 

Use airplane mode.

Turning on airplane mode will prevent the app from tracking your location, which is handy if you don’t want anyone to track you down. In addition, turning on airplane mode will keep the feature from being activated when you return home. Or go out of town for a few days (or weeks). This way, if someone calls or texts you in an unfamiliar place and asks where they can find you now that they’ve lost track of your last known location, you can tell them just about anywhere. 

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You can turn off your phone’s location services and wireless connections to save battery power.

  • Turn on airplane mode: finding my friend’s airplane mode will prevent apps from accessing the GPS or cellular data. And reduces battery usage.
  • Turn off all wireless connections: You can also turn off Wi-Fi if you don’t use it very often. Or don’t want to pay for data that isn’t necessary for you (like streaming videos).

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Disable location services.

Understanding how to pause your location involves disabling location services. This option instructs Find My Friends how often (every 30 minutes) and where its data should come from; managers can see exactly where it needs updating based on current hardware speeds.

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Many people have found that disabling their phones’ built-in GPS helps them avoid being tracked down by Find My Friends users when they go outside without turning this feature back on after being away from home for an hour or more. However, we do not recommend doing this in some situations. For example, if someone needs their car serviced at a particular time, do not lose track of any important documents while driving around town. In those cases, we recommend using another method, like turning off Mapquest instead, since those maps aren’t based solely on cameras, so they won’t always show accurate locations anyway.

Adjust The Date And Time

If someone calls or texts while traveling internationally (or domestically), they may need to learn what time zone their phone is located in. Adjusting these settings might fix this issue by showing only those calls/texts from other countries instead of America itself!

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If you don’t want to use Find Your Friend, you can adjust the date and time on your device. You can do this by going into Settings > General > Date & Time, then choosing a new date and time. To change these settings on an iOS device (iPhone/iPad), go into Settings > Calendar and choose “Set New Date” or “Set New Time.”

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Turn Off “Set Automatically”

If you are looking into how to pause location on finding your iphone but have an older version of the app.  You can still see the location feature. Try turning off this setting and see if it helps. Keep an eye on your phone for notifications about where you’ve been. Since it can help track purposes (though not recommended). 

set automatically


If you’ve been using the app for a while and still need to see this location feature, try updating to the latest version of Google Maps. You can also try clearing your cache or data from the app. Go into settings and tap the “Storage” option.

Disable Wi-Fi

To disable Wi-Fi, turn it off.

You can turn your cellular data off by going into Settings > Cellular Data Options & Restrictions > Change Network Mode (in several different places, depending on your phone). Scroll down and select Off from the dropdown menu below “Data Plan.” 

off wifi

You’ll then see a prompt asking if you’d like to activate or deactivate cellular data; choose to deactivate if you don’t want any apps accessing this feature! Note: If your phone doesn’t have an app for changing network modes—like most Android phones—you should wait until this feature becomes available later on in its lifespan so that these steps don’t matter much anymore anyway; however, if they do matter, then follow them anyway because they’re important too.

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How do you freeze my location on Find My Friend?

To freeze your location, you can open the Find My Friend app on your iOS. And choose the 'Stop sharing my location' option.

How can I pause my location on Find My Friends and keep it secret from other customers?

You can do secondary things such as using airplane mode or disabling location services.

How do I temporarily disable finding my friends?

You can select ‘stop sharing your location on Find My Friend.

How do you modify your Find My Friend location?

Change your location using a VPN on Find My Friend.


Turning off Wi-Fi, adjusting location, adjusting date and time, and using airplane mode are easy fixes to disable Find My Friend on your iPhone. We hope you found your answer: how to pause location on finding my friends in this article. 

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