How To Stop Bumble Location Stalking [Best Methods]

The article discusses How to stop Bumble location stalking. The Bumble app is a fantastic way to meet people for dating and socializing, but it depends on access to your location to connect you with local singles. There are a few ways to hide or mask Bumble Location Stalking if you don’t want to share it on Bumble. This article will go through the simplest choices and a few workarounds for Bumble’s location service limitations.

To stop Bumble location stalking, go to your device’s settings, select “Privacy,” then “Location Services.” Find Bumble in the app list and change its location permissions to “Never” or “While Using.” This will prevent Bumble from accessing your precise location.

Changing your location permission settings for the Bumble app is the simplest approach to concealing your whereabouts. Once you’ve done this, you won’t be able to find new matches, but you can still communicate with your existing ones. There are a few ways Bumble won’t update location, depending on the type of device you’re using. So go on reading! We have an article on how to delete your Reddit account too. Take a peek if you need that information.

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Methods To Stop Bumble Location Stalking

Bumble is a fantastic tool for finding locals that might have the vibe you’re searching for! Bumble is a platform for connecting people.


It’s not just for people looking for love in Date mode; it’s also for people looking for new friendships in Bumble and new business mentors in Bumble Bizz.

Modify The Location Permissions On Your Device

You should be aware that you cannot create new matches. Changing your location permission settings for the Bumble app is the simplest approach to concealing Bumble location stalking. 

Once you’ve done this, though, you can still chat with your recent matches even if you won’t be able to locate any new ones. Depending on your device, there are a few different ways to do this.

  1. If you’re using an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, open Settings, select Privacy, then Location Services.
    location services
  2. Pick no location on Bumble from the list of apps, then select the option to disable location sharing on Bumble (such as Never, Ask Next Time, or While Using App).bumble app
  3. On an Android device, swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap and hold the Location icon (which looks like an upside-down teardrop with a dot within) at the bottom of the display. Bumble may be found in your list of apps by selecting App location permissions. You can modify your permission settings by tapping the Bumble icon.
    app location permission
  4. You may modify your location permissions on an Android device by touching and holding the app’s icon, then hitting the App info button.  Choose Location, Permissions, and the desired access level from the menu.

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Put Snooze Mode On Your Profile

You can momentarily hide your profile or stop Bumble location stalking with Snooze. Snooze Mode is a simple choice whether you want to relax or take a break.

Your current matches won’t be able to see your location while this mode is on, and possibly new matches won’t be able to access your profile. To use Snooze mode:

  1. At the bottom left of the screen, select the profile symbol, which resembles a head and shoulders silhouette.
  2. Choose the Android7settings.png version of the Settings icon. Select the amount of time you’d want to sleep by tapping Snooze. You can select from 24 hours, 72 hours, one week, or permanently.  You can set an away message to inform your established matches of your impending return.
    snooze mode

Make Use Of A Location-Spoofing App

You can avoid the Bumble Location Stalking requirement by using this technique. A spoofing program will fake your location rather than conceal it. You can avoid Bumble’s location-sharing requirement by using this technique. 

  • A spoofing program will fabricate a location using phony GPS data rather than concealing your actual position. 
  • Install the app of your choice, activate it as directed, and then continue making matches without revealing your true location.fake gps 
  • Fake GPS Location, Mock Locations, Fake GPS, and GPS Emulator for Android devices are some examples of well-known location-spoofing applications.
  • Use the Magellan app on your phone or tablet in conjunction with Virtual Location for Mac to create fictitious locations on iOS devices.
  • Unfortunately, iOS devices have very few reliable location-faking methods. 
  • Before using one of these apps, always proceed with caution and pay close attention to the reviews.

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Set Up A VPN

Bypassing your activities through a secret server, VPNs conceal your location

  1. Install the VPN on your phone, tablet, or computer to establish a false location. VPN
  2. Next, pick a server in your preferred location—it can even be in a foreign nation. Once you turn on the VPN, Bumble sets the location, and other applications will appear to be used in your chosen location.  CyberGhost, NordVPN, and Express VPN are a few well-known VPNs.  A few VPN applications, such as Surfshark and ExpressVPN, include built-in GPS spoofing features.
    express vpn
    Now, you are familiar with methods to prevent Bumble location stalking.


Bumble uses your location; does it?

Bumble matches you with other users nearby based on your location because it is one of the location-based online dating applications. Bumble differs from other dating apps in that it only uses the most recent location you used while you were online. When using the app, Bumble uses your WiFi or GPS to determine your location. How exact is Bumble's location? It does, but only while you currently use the app can it display your precise position.

How does Bumble alter its location?

Go to the photo on your Bumble profile. Search for the location option under Settings. The refresh button will show the city's name. Bumble location settings will update your location if you click the refresh button. You can change your location using a VPN service, GPS data, or Bumble's Travel Mode feature. You can manually learn how to change your location in some of the sections above.

How does Bumble handle location updates?

The previous section covered how it can manually alter your location on Bumble. When you open the app, Bumble Location Stalking might automatically update your location. Bumble will recognize your new current location, and it will be updated.

Does it update your location even if you don't open Bumble?

In rare circumstances, it may update your location if you don't open it. A swipe to the right on your profile is one of them. Your location will still be updated without you having to launch the app. The second scenario is when you receive a message from someone.

Why is the location I'm in on Bumble incorrect?

Bumble occasionally has trouble detecting your present location using WiFi or GPS data. In that situation, you must ensure your browser lets you view the location. You ought to be able to notice that the last location has been updated if all goes according to plan.


Do you want nobody to know your area? When you’re online, it’s wise to utilize a VPN to further protect your security and privacy. Using a 3rd party system to simulate your GPS location, you can hide your area Bumble Location Stalking. 

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