Best Xbox 360 Singing Games To Vibe Together [2023]

We have been stuck inside our homes without a lot of options to enjoy ourselves. But the singing games of Xbox 360 make things a little bit better and the time spent cooped in is a lot more fun because who doesn’t enjoy singing and dancing? These games can be enjoyed with anyone, be it friends or family, and are sure to make you get around the monotony of being inside. So here are a few of the best Xbox 360 singing games that will give you some time well spent and enliven your life. And click here if you want to know the steps to install Xbox games faster.

Top 10 Best Xbox 360 Singing Games

Rock Band 3

Part of the famous Rock Band series, which Harmonix developed in 2010. The RB3 soundtrack has around 83 songs from some of the best brands worldwide and provides access to a library with more than 2000 songs.

rock band 3

It is one of the best Xbox 360 singing games and allows up to 7 players and provides all the pre-existing musical instruments with some new ones like a keyboard. It also has a unique ‘Pro mode,’ which includes development for fundamental instrumental skills. So, if you want to have a casual fun time with a friend or a severe competition, this game will cater to both.

About: Rock Band 3

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Lips: Party Classic

A follow-up of the first and the original Lips, this one has been developed by iNiS and released in 2010. It’s a karaoke video game and includes some 40 upbeat and exhilarating songs.


It also features the use of motion-sensitive wireless microphones. Around four people can play together and win diamond, gold, silver, or bronze prize cups. This game will liven up your day, making it one of the best Xbox 360 singing games.

About- Lips: Party Classic

Guitar Hero Smash Hits

The fourth expansion game in the guitar hero series is a music rhythm game developed by Beenox. And released in 2009. It features around 48 songs that have been redesigned from the original songs featured in the past five games in the series.

guitar hero smash hits
guitar hero smash hits

It allows the players to rock to their favorite Guitar Hero tracks through the drum kit and mic controllers available, individually or as a band. Moreover, it will enable up to 4 players for online and offline gameplay and eight players for competing against other bands online. So, if you enjoy rock n’ roll, this one is your game.

About: Guitar Hero Smash Hits

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AC/DC Live Rock Band

Track Pack- Developed by Harmonix and Pi Studios and released in 2008, it has 18 tracks from AC/DC’s Live at Donington DVD with 99 minutes of gameplay available on the instruments. This is another one of the best Xbox 360 singing games.

ac dc live band

Therefore, if you are a fan of AC/DC and would love to rock in a band, this game will give you that much more.

About: AC/DC Live Rock Band

Disney Sing It

High School Musical 3 senior- Third in the Disney Sing It series, it has been developed by Zoë Mode and released in the year 2008 in Europe and the year 2009 in North America.

disney sings it

It is a karaoke game and the second to be based on the High School Musical franchise. It includes 25 songs from all three High School Musical movies and artists like Miley Cyrus, Jonas Brothers, etc.

About: Disney Sing It

Yoostar on MTV

Developed by Yoostar Entertainment Group and released in 2011, this game allows the players to be transported directly into the MTV shows and events and perform with the original actors with Yoostar’s Virtual Green Screen technology, VGS 2.0.

yoostar mtv

It has more than 80 video selections available from award shows; news; interview sets; classic, reality, and original programming TV; and music videos. And You can also post the performances done by the players on sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other popular video sharing sites.

About: Yoostar on MTV

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The Voice

Released in 2014, this game allows you to select from chart-topping hits spanning Rock, R&B, Pop, and Country. You can also impress the coaches and then have them compete for you to join their team.

the voice game

This is one of the best Xbox 360 singing games. Finally, it provides some learning tips and techniques to help improve your performances, including breathing, singing runs, and harmonizing in Voice Coach Mode. It allows seven players to sing in Party Mode.

About: The Voice 

Karaoke Revolution

Developed by Harmonix and Blitz Game and initially released in 2003 in North America, it attempts to detect the pitch of the singer rather than the words. It is a karaoke game and contains covers of music that are especially popular in karaoke bars.

kareoke revolution

It has over 50 songs, 16 venues, and unique online modes. Allows up to 16 players in party mode. It also has a compatible library with more than 200 downloadable songs. Therefore, if your jam is karaoke, then this game is for you.

About: Karaoke Revolution

Def Jam Rapstar

Developed by 4mm Games and Terminal Reality and released in 2010, it is a music-based game based on rapping. And focuses exclusively on Hip Hop.

It has more than 40 songs available and judges the performance based on the accuracy of the lyrics, the performer’s tune and pitch, and the timing. It also has a freestyle mode available. If you like to rap and enjoy Hip Hop, you should not miss out on this one.def jam rapster Xbox Singing Game

About: Def Jam Rapsatar

Disney Fantasia

Last one in the list of the best Xbox 360 singing games. Music evolved- Developed by Harmonix and released in the year 2014, it is a motion-controlled music rhythm game. It is primarily based on Walt Disney’s animated film Fantasia (1994) and Fantasia’s sequel (2000).

disney fantasia

In addition, it scores on the performers’ timing and can create streaks by opening up composition spells or even switching tracks. Players can also share their final mixes on the game’s official YouTube channel if they wish to. This is again an excellent game for Disney fans.

About: Disney Fantasia

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Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes Karaoke Revolution from other services?

The best Xbox 360 singing games are more authentic karaoke experiences offered by Karaoke Revolution, which tries to determine the singer's pitch rather than just the words. It supports up to 16 players in Party Mode and features over 50 tracks and 16 locations.

In Rock Band 3, can I use the current musical instruments from previous Rock Band games?

All existing musical instruments from previous Rock Band games and some new ones, like the keyboard, are accessible in Rock Band 3.

What is the 'Pro mode' unique feature of Rock Band 3?

Rock Band 3 has a 'Pro mode' function that emphasizes improving essential instrumental skills. It makes gaming more difficult and aids in players' instrument-specific skill development.

How do you find Guitar Hero Smash Hits gameplay?

Using the drum set and microphone controllers in Guitar Hero Smash Hits, users may jam out to their favorite Guitar Hero songs. A band or a person can perform it. Eight players can compete against other bands online in the game, supporting up to four players online and offline.

What number of songs are present in the AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack?

18 songs from AC/DC's Live at Donington DVD are included in the AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack.

What musical categories of songs does Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 Senior contain?

All three songs from Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 Senior includes.


 In conclusion, we cannot say one of them is the best. Meanwhile, we hope you find these games exciting. Buy it now and enjoy it with your friends and cousins.

Thank you for reading!