Perform WIFI Key Recovery Without Root | Methods for 2023

Smartphones? Internet? WIFI? Thanks to the pandemic, these have become more important than ever. From attending online classes to working from home to buying and selling things online to avoid physical contact, these things have undoubtedly made our pandemic a little easy and acted as a catalyst for AI. A significant role is played by Wireless- Fidelity (WIFI), providing unlimited data and that too at a reasonable speed and affordable pricesNow, we also need to understand why it is necessary to perform WIFI key recovery without root.

A significant advantage of these smartphones is that it remembers your WIFI password once you connect, and you don’t have to enter the password every time you connect to the same WIFI network. You need to enter it once, and as long as it does not change, your smartphone will remember it. But the problem pops up when one device is connected to the WIFI, and you need to connect another device but don’t remember the password.

Though your smartphone remembers the password, it doesn’t show it to you. And to be honest, it is not an easy task to remember the password of everything as most of our transactions, shopping, and many payments are made online through these smartphones, and remembering all these passwords is already a great deal, making WIFI key recovery a necessity. There are apps that can recover WIFI Key Without Root.

However if you would like to have fun by hacking your WiFi on your iPhone, there are apps that can do that. Check out the article on them and find out how.

wifi key application

There are many simple methods to recover your saved passwords, but most of them require you to root your device and let me tell you that rooting your device is a complicated process and can result in device breakdown if done incorrectly. Thus, it is necessary to perform WIFI key recovery without root.

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Perform WIFI key recovery without root:-

Here we will discuss some ways to perform WIFI key recovery without root:-

1. Using a third-party application for WIFI key recovery:-

You can use applications like WiFikey, Wi-Fi WPS WPA Tester, or Router Setup Page. Wi-Fi key recovery without root access using an app is a simple method of recovering your lost Wi-Fi keys. It is not a complex process, and even a novice can recover a lost Wi-Fi password without root access. The app uses the data on the SD card on your device to find out the missing Wi-Fi password.

You need to download the application and follow the instructions given.

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2.QR Scanner:-

These days, smartphones come up with an option to share your WIFI network.

qr scanner

 Here are the steps:-

  • On your phone, open settings and look for the WIFI option.
  • Turn on your WIFI and connect with your WIFI network.

wifi network WIFI Key Recovery Without Root

  • After successfully joining, click on the option ‘show password’, and a QR code will be visible.
  • Take a Screenshot of this QR

qr scanner WIFI Key Recovery Without Root

  • Download a QR reading application from the play store.
  • Use the application to scan and decode the QR screenshot, and you will see your WIFI password displayed on your screen.
  • WIFI password recovery without root has been made. Root Checker Apps are very useful in the world of Android. If you want to know whether your device is rooted or not, you can use these apps for checking.

3. Recovery of WIFI key for the router:- 

  • Firstly, open the settings of your phone and select WIFI.
  • Select WIFI network
  • Your phone will connect to ‘tap on the Manage Router.’

manage the router

  • Enter your user id and password.
  • Enter the default user id provided at the back of your router.
  • Finally, click on the forgot password option, and using the user id, you will be able to renew your password.


In conlusion, here were some ways to perform WIFI Key Recovery without root. By following any of the above methods, you would easily be able to recover your passwords efficiently, without actually having to break down your device. That was all for your personal guide to perform WIFI key recovery for now.