How To Watch Pay-Per-View On Kodi: Tips And Tricks (2023)

Thanks to the great open-source program Kodi, you may stream a limitless number of films, images, and other content on your device. Adding PPV to Kodi enables you to watch HD channels with various live sports channels, elevating your experience. Read on for additional information on how to watch pay-per-view on Kodi.

To watch PPV on Kodi, try adding the add-ons like SportsDevil, Planet MMA, UK Turk Playlist, Live Hub, Zen TV, DigiTele Sports, and Rising Tides, etc. To know about these add-ons in detail, keep on reading.

Millions of individuals worldwide use Kodi, among the most popular media streaming programs. Kodi is only an open-source media player. We require Kodi add-ons for PPV to see the material. On the internet, there are countless Add-ons. Movies and TV shows are mostly found in these Kodi add-ons. Several add-ons broadcast Kodi IPTV channels live. Just a small number of Kodi add-ons stream PPV. Hence, you have arrived at the appropriate location if you’re looking to live-stream PPV on Kodi. A list of add-ons for watching PVV on Kodi will be provided in this post. Let’s first comprehend the idea of pay-per-view.

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How to Watch Pay-Per-View on Kodi: Tips and Tricks (2023)

PPV, commonly called Pay Per View, is a recent idea in which viewers must pay to view the material. This PPV strategy is incredibly profitable because of how quickly the streaming business expands.

kodi addonsHere are some add-ons to stream your favorite sporting events, like Kodi PPV, with high-definition sound and acceptable quality. Let’s proceed to this page, look at the Kodi PPV add-ons, and appreciate the benefits of each add-on, including the sports add-on.

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sports-devil-kodi-add-onThe SportsDevil is a well-known and top-rated UFCW Kodi pay-per-view add-on. It offers streaming for all of the well-known channels on Kodi. Moreover, it has several sections, including Live Television, Highlights, Blogs, Live Sports, and Sports TV. It lets you stream PPV events, including NFL, WWE, UFC, boxing, and many more.

If you’re using SportsDevil, don’t forget to update it to ensure you can access the latest features and improvements.

You may also watch live games of many other sports. The SportsDevil’s most significant feature is the ability to stream live events every day and miss live events. Is this not the sports devil’s most notable feature? You may watch the film at various quality levels. Even if it may be 720p or 480p, choosing that particular standard is entirely up to you.

The Chromecast can also be used to view movies but to do so. You must first learn how to download Kodi on it. It is one of the first ways how to watch pay-per-view on Kodi.

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Planet MMA

Another excellent Kodi addon for PPV is Planet MMA, which makes it possible to watch UFC live events without a doubt. And this covers every facet of UFC in great detail.

planet-mma-kodi-add-onAlso, you can view every live game, regardless of how old or new they may be. There are other documentaries there as well. This add-on allows you to watch PPV on Kodi.

UK Turk Playlist

uk-turk-playlists-add-onWatching all live sports anytime is possible using the popular Kodi PPV add-on, the UK Turk playlist. It is regularly updated with all the ongoing live events worldwide.

It also offers live action in high-definition resolution without producing any form of disruption. The addition of sports channels from the UK, USA, Canada, Russia, and several other connected countries is also noteworthy.

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Live Hub

kodi-logoLive Hub is another pay-per-view add-on for Kodi that effectively supports IPTV and Kodi ufc ppv. Using these add-ons, you may watch pay-per-view on Kodi. You may always watch your favorite programs and the sports channel.

In addition to UK Geolocked, Android API, Online scrapers, and IPTV scrappers, there are more choices. Finally, you will undoubtedly appreciate broadcasting successfully with Live Hub. It guides you and greatly aids in smooth streaming. This is one of the ways how to get free pay-per-view on Kodi.”

Zem TV

zeem-tv-add-onZem Tv is another well-known Kodi pay-per-view add-on offering a wide range of sports channels of top-notch quality, particularly in south East Asian regions. Ultimately, this is among the best add-ons. Kodi’s finest PPV is this one.

There is no question that you can discover your local sports channel if you are from Pakistan or India. Moreover, several sports networks also pertain to other locations. You may use this to learn how to use Kodi to watch pay-per-view content.

DigiTele Sports

digatele-sports-kodi-add-onWith the help of the Digitele add-on, you can watch all the major events and the live games of your favorite sports channel on Kodi. It is one of the greatest ways to watch or stream PPV. The most well-liked sports channels for this pay-per-view add-on for Kodi are.

Also, you will be able to get live TV updates and streaming channels thanks to the PPV add-on for Kodi. The UFC, WWE, NFL, and other sports are available here as pay-per-view. To get greater outcomes, this PPV battles on Kodi.

Rising Tides

rising-tide-kodi-add-onRising Tides was a well-liked addition a year ago, but things have changed. As a result, it now only has a few films or pieces of content, but it nevertheless offers some imitation. You may view live sports networks, TV shows, events, and more when you activate this add-on. These list the “Live PPV Events” that are most in demand.

Nevertheless, because this add-on takes a while to load an event, it is best to start using the app at least 30 minutes before your watch so your internet can calm down. We hope it is clear to you “how to watch pay-per-view on Kodi.”


How can I access free pay-per-view content on Firestick?

One of the many free live TV applications accessible online is one method to view PPV for free on a Firestick. On your Firestick, these applications can offer free PPV and live channels. Although they can lack dependability and are notorious for annoying buffering, they make a solid backup option.

Can Kodi feeds be recorded?

Indeed, it is the solution. You might also catch live TV by using Kodi. You must realize that Kodi runs on a few third-party programs to work. These apps resemble those you download for your phones and other devices.

Why can't Kodi add PVR?

The PVR add-on must be enabled: Activate PVR clients by going to Settings > Add-ons> My Add-ons. Check out the PVR add-information on page. Choose Enable.

Do sluggish streams exist in Kodi?

Your Kodi experience may be slowed down by a build or a ton of add-ons you use on various devices. This may even affect how quickly Kodi streams load and play.

Is PVR there in Kodi?

You may watch Live TV channels with PVR Easy Client, a Kodi add-on. This add-on provides no original content. It is compatible with the IPTV plans you currently have. To stream channels on Kodi, you only need to combine this add-on with your current IPTV subscription.

What does streaming Kodi mean?

Using an intuitive interface, Kodi lets you view and record live TV. It functions with well-known backends, including MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend, and many others. Games. Kodi is useful for more than just watching videos for leisure. In Kodi, games are also playable.


We hope you are now informed of the Kodi pay-per-view add-ons which assist and direct you on how to obtain pay-per-view on Kodi or how to view pay-per-view on Kodi and stream all of your favorite sporting events with excellent quality in the best way possible. In light of this, feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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