How To Switch Spotify From Facebook To Email? Complete Guide

This blog will provide a step-by-step guide on how to switch Spotify from Facebook to email. We’ll also talk about some of the most common questions people have on this subject. In this blog, you will also learn more about Spotify. 

You must disassociate your Spotify account from Facebook, establish a new Spotify account employing your email address, then individually import any saved data from your old account to your new one to switch Spotify from Facebook to email.

Due to privacy concerns or just because they don’t want to link their social networking accounts to their music streaming service, some customers may choose to convert their Spotify accounts from their Facebook accounts to their email addresses.

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What Is Spotify?

spotifySpotify offers a vast library of songs, podcasts, and other audio content users can access on demand through its website or app. 

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History Of Spotify

The idea for the service came from Ek’s frustration with the music industry’s lack of a legal and convenient way to access music online, as how to log into Spotify without Facebook. Ek and Lorentzon launched Spotify in 2008, offering users free access to a vast ad-supported music library.

historyThe company quickly gains recognition, and in 2011, it launched in the United States. The service has revolutionized the music industry, making it easier to discover and listen to music on demand.

Features Of Spotify

Several characteristics make Spotify a convenient option for music fans. The following are amongst the most prominent characteristics of the facility:

A Vast Library Of Nusic

One of the leading digital music services, Spotify has a sizable inventory of more than 70 million songs available.

vast libraryPop, rock, hip-hop, classical, and other types of music are accessible to consumers.

Personalized Recommendations

Spotify analyzes users’ browsing patterns and offers individualized suggestions for fresh music to find using advanced analytics.

personalized recommendationsThe system provides regular blends, albums, and radio broadcasting according to user preferences

Podcasts Or Other Audio Formats 

In contrast to music, Spotify also provides a variety of other multichannel audio, such as audiobooks, podcasts, and more.

podcastsOn the site, listeners may explore and discover different podcasts, and Spotify also creates unique podcasts.

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Social Features 

Using its social capabilities, Spotify enables users to interact with colleagues and share music with them.

social featuresIndividuals may follow one another, exchange playlists, and find out what music their acquaintances enjoy.

Cross-Device Syncing 

Using a multitude of gadgets, spanning iPhones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, Spotify customers can access their music.

cross syncMusic can be started solely on a single device and continued upon others, allowing individuals to listen to it fully.

How To Switch Spotify From Facebook To Email? 

Many users have the question, “ how to switch Spotify from Facebook to email?” and also complain that “Spotify is not letting me log in through Facebook” due to this, users must know how to switch Spotify from Facebook to email.

First, Separate Facebook And Spotify

Disconnecting Spotify from Facebook serves as the initial step when migrating Spotify from Facebook to email. Run the command to accomplish this:

  1. Incorporate your personal Facebook user credentials. credentials
  2. You should now navigate to the down arrow in the right-hand corner of the Facebook page. facebook page
  3. Tap the “Settings” icon after selecting the “Settings & Privacy” icon. settings and privacy
  4. From the menu on the left, select the “Apps and Websites” option.apps and website
  5. On the app listing, select Spotify, then lastly, click “Uninstall.” uninstall
  6. Verify whether you really would like to disable Spotify from your Facebook profile. removeYou won’t be able to obtain a Spotify web player Facebook login after disabling Spotify from your Facebook account.

Establish A Brand-New Spotify Account Using Your Mail ID

Implement these steps and establish a brand-new Spotify account using your mail id and change Spotify account from Facebook to email:

  1. Next, use whichever email address you like to create a brand-new Spotify account. 
  2. Access the Spotify web presence, then select “Sign Up” in the upper-right corner. sign up
  3. A unique password should always be your priority after entering your email address. 
  4. With your latest Spotify account, pick and choose a username. choose a usernameBirthdays and gender are the two things that are then entered into your Spotify account as Spotify keeps crashing.

Transfer Your Playlists And Saved Songs

The subsequent approach requires moving your stored songs and playlists from your previous Spotify account to your latest one. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to do this automatically, but there are a few ways to transfer your playlists and saved songs manually. Another way to transfer your playlists is to use a third-party app like SongShift or TuneMyMusic.

transfer playlistThese apps allow you to transfer your playlists and saved songs between different music streaming services, including Spotify as no email associated with Spotify

Update Your Spotify Account Information

The final step is updating your Spotify account information with your email address and other relevant details. Now you can log into Spotify without Facebook and use Spotify without Facebook.

upgrade accountThis answers the query “how to switch Spotify from Facebook to email?”


How can I disconnect my Spotify account from Facebook?

Open up your very own Spotify app on your desired device. Then, travel to the Settings menu. Further, scroll down to find the Social section. Toggle off the Connect to Facebook option and you are done. Your Spotify is now disconnected from your Facebook.

How to log into Spotify without Facebook?

Firstly,Disconnect your Spotify account from Facebook. Then browse through the Spotify website and tap on the Sign Up button. Enter your unique email id, unique password, and other personal necessary information. Go ahead and tap on the Sign Up button to further establish your brand new account. Log in to your brand new account using your email id that you previously entered. This is how you log into Spotify without Facebook.

If I change Spotify account from Facebook to email, will it affect my playlists and saved music?

Switching from Facebook to email will not affect your playlists and saved music. All of your saved content will remain in your account, and you can access it using your new email address login.

Can I transfer my Spotify data from my Facebook account to my new email address account?

Unfortunately, Spotify does not offer a way to transfer data from one account to another as now user has no email associated with Spotify . You must manually transfer any saved content, such as playlists and music, to your new account.

Will I need to pay for Spotify again if I switch from Facebook to email?

If you switch from Facebook to email, you will not need to pay for Spotify again. Your subscription will carry over to your new account, and you can continue to access all of the features and content you had with your Facebook login.


The user query “how to switch Spotify from Facebook to email?” gets easily solved by following the correct steps.You can convieniently change spotify account from Facebook. Spotify has revolutionized the music industry by making it easier to access and discover new music. The service offers a vast library of songs, personalized recommendations, social features, and more, making it a popular choice among music lovers. With various pricing plans to suit users’ needs, Spotify has something to offer everyone.