The Top 5 Best High School Math Apps to use in 2023

“The students of the future will demand the learning support that is appropriate for their situation or context. Nothing more, nothing less. And they want it at the moment when the need arises. Not sooner, not later. Mobile devices will be a key technology for providing that learning support.” -Dr. Marcus Specht. Technology is taking a leap every year, and with the prelude of online schooling, it has become handy to many juveniles. Various learners discover mathematics as one of the best but not a lenient subject. Click here, to get to know about programming learning apps. For now, we will be decoding some of the best high school math apps, which you can effortlessly search on the play store or apple store.

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Top High School Math Apps in 2023

Here is a list of the top 5 best high school math apps:

Microsoft Math Solver

With the aid of this application, you can easily figure out any equation just by scanning the question through your cell phone, and you would be able to get an explanation to the question that you were encountering difficulty with.



This application will enable you to snap and solve the equation quite conveniently, such as trigonometry or any problematic topic that you are not able to comprehend. You are only one snap away from understanding the question through this application. It also assists you to draw and exercise any figure on the screen and delivers you with a suitable solution as well by assessing your diagrams and graphs. Additionally, it also helps you to learn, understand and explore more.

Visit: Microsoft Math Solver

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If you are one of those students who are capable of discerning any theme through pictorial learning, then ‘BYJU’s – The learning app’ is the application that is highly advisable for you. This application is very prominent among minors. This is because of its visual learning and how manageable it makes everything from you just by bringing about you a fine perspective of the theme through visual learning.



Moreover, there are tutors who teach mathematics in BYJU’s application, and it is accessible from grade 4th to 12th. Also, it organizes test relatively often and maintains track of the student’s performance, and in order to convey a better standpoint of the theme, it organizes quiz as well, and parents can also keep track of their student’s performance through ‘ Parent Connect ‘ app. The list of the best math channels on YouTube is not exhaustive, but it provides some great examples of channels to follow.

Visit: BYJU’s

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This one of the finest high school math apps is another application that is incredibly popular not domestically but globally. Luckily we dwell in that year where there exist apps that are going to help you solve your homework if you are stuck in it. Brainly is not only exclusive to tutors, but it is accessible to all the learners globally who can figure out the problem after minutes of posting it.



It authorizes students to interpret with distinct students and helps them solve their queries. This app is regarded as the world’s largest community help for homework. It can solve the topic related to trigonometry, algebra, algorithm, and so many additional topics. I highly endorse this app because you not only get an explanation to a sole problem but also through ‘ internal thinking ‘ and ‘ search more ‘ you can discover hundreds of solutions to the exact problem. This app bolsters your knowledge in every facet. To know about the best vegan apps for android, click here.

Visit: Brainly


Formulated by teachers for families, Komodo creates a substantial institute in maths. An authorized maths instructor will personalize a learning scheme for your kid. A maths educator prepares each user’s baseline in the app, and parents define the rewards.



Kids then engage in little-and-often exercises to put up their maths proficiency and aptitude. Komodo’s emphasis is on triumphing arithmetic and mind math/maths because this is the crucial strategy for future success in mathematics. It puts up the learner through counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication – incorporating times tables, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, and several additional integral themes. It can work like a 6th grade math apps to a 10th grade math app, thanks to its versatility.

Visit: Komodo

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Number Sense

Number Sense app encourages teenagers to formulate fluency, quickness, and exactness in arithmetic and mathematical knowledge. It accomplishes this by utilizing an ingenious strategy whereby players are often challenged to refine their capabilities and are encouraged to rehearse more for continual growth.



Among various high school math apps, Number Sense is a fascinating geometry tutor app and gives beneficial means to understand math. It delivers reliable acknowledgment and valuable clues to champion numeracy skills through its AI-assisted virtual teaching assistant. This maths teaching app has an unusual dynamic user interface featuring a number board that pleas to optical, auditory, and tactile newcomers and motivates mental math, and aligns with Common Core Standards and Tasks which also makes it one of the best math apps for middle school(Age: 5 to 18).


So these are some of the best high school math apps for you to try this year. Make sure to check all these apps for mathematicians out!

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