How To Get The Maximum Zoom Recording Resolution Easily

Although Zoom has been in the arena of online video conferencing since 2012, it was in the pandemic era – the post-January 2020 – that Zoom became a household digital meeting platform. With the absence of any possibility to meet physically, Zoom became an asset for schools and office-goers alike. However, as the platform rose to popularity, several of its flaws also came under highlight. Shortcomings earned Zoom brickbats in comparison to its counterparts. One major drawback is the resolution quality of the in-app recording of Zoom meetings, with a grade of 360p (640pX360p) being the best-attained parameter. That leads to the question: Is there a way to maximize the Zoom recording resolution?

Through customer support and community discussions, there are suggested solutions – both in-app and external – to solve the problem of Zoom recording resolution not being up to the mark. These solutions include certain alterations in the Zoom settings and the use of third-party recorders. Some have also suggested using individual recorders locally for all participants. Also, you can use online video editing software like VistaCreate to improve the quality. All these four methods are effective and easy to execute.

This article will show all four solutions to improve the resolution. You will also see a compiled list of factors affecting your Zoom download quality. Here, you can also check Zoom’s resolution requirement chart. So, let us get on it.

Factors That Affect a Zoom Recording Resolution

Some factors that impact the quality of your Zoom recordings are:

Account type – Within Zoom, a free account can reach the maximum resolution of 640p X 480p. You can only enable the HD resolution with a pro account. That, too, requires a preset threshold of bandwidth and Mbps speed.

zoom account type

Recording type: The resolution for Zoom is always better when recorded locally (using the device) rather than in the cloud.

Quality of camera (and mic) of participants – The individual camera and mic quality of the participants also determine recorded video quality.

camera for zoom

Internet bandwidth: Zoom entirely depends on the internet quality of all participants. A slight glitch, slow-down, or disruption can easily affect the resolution. So, a standard and stable internet bandwidth speed is very important.

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How To Get The Maximum Zoom Recording Resolution Easily

Now, we have finalized the best 4 methods to get maximum Zoom recording resolution. We’ll go one by one and see each method thoroughly,

Method 01:

In case you are using a Pro-account, you can improve your resolution easily up to 720p (theoretically) by following certain steps:

  1. Open your Zoom app or sign in to your Zoom account through the browser.
  2. Click on ‘Settings’ and then the ‘Recording’ option.
  3. For the option ‘Local Recording,’ toggle the switch on.

local recording zoom setiing

  1. Save and continue.
  2. Start a meeting (real or trial).
  3. Go to the Videos option from the meeting page by clicking the small arrow beside the camera icon (titled: Stop Video).
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Video Settings.’
  5. Under the ‘Video Settings,’ search for the ‘My Video’ title, and select the enable HD option in it.

my video setting zoom

  1. Make sure always to record the meeting ‘on the Computer.’

This setting allows your Zoom recording resolution to attain HD quality at 720p.

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Method 02:

The above-discussed method is good for those who have a Zoom subscription. But what if you use a free account? In a free account, only the host is allowed to record the conversation. That, too, can have the highest resolution of 640p. 

In that case, we might have a perfect solution for you! The third-party softwares and programs are a great way to record your Zoom meets in high quality. In addition, these screen recording programs do not notify the other members, and the host, that you are recording the meeting. 

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Third-Party Apps To Maximize Zoom Recording Resolution

Let us now see some great screen recorders that ensure a higher Zoom recording resolution:

Bandicam Screen Recorder: One of the most vouched-for screen recorders, Bandicam is a free software for Windows that allows you to record your screen in high quality. It will let you record the meeting with sound and capture only a particular screen area. Bandicam also has a feature for real-time drawing.

bandi cam

Windows 11 Game Bar: If you are using an updated OS of Windows 11, you need not look anywhere outside. Windows 11 comes with a Game Bar feature – originally designed to record games, but it can record other applications too. The Windows + G keys of the keyboard are the shortcut.

QuickTime Player – An application limited to Mac, QuickTime is simple and easy to use, with reliable features and satisfactory output.

quick time player

VLC Media Player – Yes, the ubiquitous VLC Media Player also has the feature of screen recording. To enable its screen record feature, open ‘VLC Media Player,’ go to ‘Media’ and select ‘Open Capture Device.’ From the drop-down, choose ‘Desktop.’ Remember to enter a suitable frame-rate value to the ‘Desired Frame Rate’ option. Finally, convert using the arrow beside the ‘Play Button.’ 

vlc media player

EaseUS RecExperts: A software designed for both Windows and Mac, it has free and paid subscriptions. EaseUS RecExperts is another great alternative for recording your Zoom meet screen.

Method 3:

A bit different from the other two, this method requires you to record the Zoom meeting locally. This process means you record your screen and audio individually, rather than focussing on all participants baked in together. This process is often deemed the best for a high Zoom recording resolution.

This function allows each participant to record themselves in the native resolutions of their webcameras and mics using QuickTime (preferably for Mac) or other recorders, in place of getting limited by Zoom’s restrictions. The process will also save the meeting from internet issues, glitches, buffering, and whatnot.

quick time player screen recording

To use this method, you need to use the QuickTime Player and adjust the setting to Movie mode. You can similarly get your audio recorded if the screen recorder only captures graphics. They are editable, so both can be combined and enhanced as well.

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Method 04:

Online platforms like VistaCreate are a great way to improve the quality of your recordings. Since this platform corrects the resolution and resize video online, it has limitations.

vista create

However, if the quality of your recorded video is workable, these platforms can improve it to be better and more refined.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Zoom support a 1080p resolution for its meetings?

Yes, Zoom does support a 1080p resolution. However, it is accessible only by Pro-account or paid account users. In addition, such resolutions are achieved only with stable internet and a fast processor of the device you are using.

Does the Zoom resolution differ if I record and download locally vs. the cloud?

Yes, the quality differs. Zoom has mentioned on its community forums that the recording resolution is better when the user uses the local mode, i.e., the computer/device. However, the quality deteriorates when recording through the cloud.

What is the highest Zoom recording resolution I can achieve using a free account?

The highest resolution for a free Zoom account is 640pX480p. It does not matter if your internet meets the bandwidth requirement and uplink/downlink Mbps suitable for high-definition. Only pro-account users can enable the HD screen recording for Zoom.

What is the best way to record a high-resolution Zoom meeting?

The best way to record a high-resolution video in Zoom is by using third-party recorders like Bandicam or VLC or locally recording individual videos using QuickTime Player. These two methods always allow a far better resolution than the in-app recording of Zoom.


In this article, you see four easy solutions available for poor Zoom recording resolution. The first suggested that you can improve the pixel quality by using the ‘Enable HD’ option within the application. However, this option is available only for paid subscribers. The use of third-party screen reorders the following method you can avail yourself of for free. It includes using screen recording programs that record your screen zoom meeting screen in high quality. 

The third method suggests using Zoom as a talking medium where all the media work of recording video and audio is done locally, i.e., by the participants individually. And the final method is resizing the resolution through online websites. All these three methods are the trusted ways to improve the Zoom recording resolution you might be facing. I hope you found this article able to solve your queries.