WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Problem – [FIX]

Address WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration Error. A typical organization blunder in Windows is the WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Problem. At the point when this blunder is accounted for in the Network Diagnostic Tool, it is dependent upon you to address it, as it is one of a handful of the windows organizing mistakes that doesn’t accompany a robotized fix.

The most well-known causes and fixes for this blunder are examined beneath.

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What Causes The “WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” Error?

This mistake is accounted for when the IP Address Configuration on the Router doesn’t coordinate with the IP announced by your WiFi Network Adapter.

wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration.png
wifi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration.png

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It can happen after refreshing Windows or when organizational changes have happened that haven’t been pushed to the Network Adapter. Likewise, it can be brought about by driver mistakes, failing switches, or DNS issues.

To make a pass at fixing the blunder yourself, follow this aide.

Reset IP Configuration On Network Adapter

  1. The Network Adapter has an IP Configuration that is typically set to identify the organization settings naturally. Part of the organization settings conveyed to the Adapter will be the gadget explicit IP address appointed by the Router.
  2. To fix the issue, you need to eliminate the current IP design and solicitation the new settings.
  3. Start with Opening a raised Command Prompt window. To do this, hit the Windows key and type “cmd” in the pursuit box. The CMD application ought to show up in the Application List. Right snap on the symbol and select “Run as Administrator.”
    cmd run as administrator
    cmd run as administrator

Tip: To guarantee you are running the Command Prompt with raised advantages, ensure that the root way is the windows catalog and not your client registry.

For example:

C: WindowsSystem32

What’s more not:

C: Users <username>

At the point when the Command Prompt is open, type the accompanying into the order line:

ipconfig/ discharge

The above order will eliminate the current IP Configuration from the Network Adapter.

windows command prompt (solve wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration problem)
windows command prompt (solve wifi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration problem)

Then, type the accompanying to recover the new IP Configuration settings from the Router:


Close the Command Prompt and check to assume the organization is presently working. If you are yet getting the “WiFi Doesn’t Have a Valid IP Configuration” blunder, proceed to the following stage.

Reset Your TCP/IP Settings

  1. Once more, open the Command Prompt with raised advantages. When the Command Prompt is open, type the accompanying to reset your organization arrangement: netsh Winsock reset. Winsock is a Windows Socket API that determines how windows should manage networks.
  2. When Winsock has been reset, type the accompanying to reset the IP design on the Network Router: netsh int IP reset
    reset tcp ip (solve wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration problem)
    reset tcp ip (solve wifi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration problem)
  3. This will allow new IP arrangement settings to the Router and Network Adapter. When complete, close the Command Prompt application and restart your PC.
    restart windows
    restart windows
  4. After the PC has restarted, check to assume that systems administration has been reestablished. If still not working, proceed with the subsequent stage.

Check If Network Service Is Running

Windows utilizes a Service to consequently oversee network changes on your PC. The Service ought to be hurrying to guarantee any progressions are figure able and tend to by the product.

To check in case, your Network Service is running,

  1. hit the Windows Key and type “administrations” in the pursuit box.
  2. The Services Application will be in the Application list. Click on the icon to open the application.
    services application
    services application

    Contingent upon your PC, it might set aside some effort to stack.

  3. In the rundown of administrations, look down to WLAN AutoConfig Service, right snap, and select properties.
    wlan autoconfig service
    wlan autoconfig service
  4. Guarantee the Status of the assistance is “Running” and that the Startup Type is set “Programmed.” Assuming this isn’t true, roll out the improvements and restart your PC. Check assuming systems administration are reestablishing. If still not working, continue to the subsequent stage.

Update Your Device Drivers

Network Adapters require gadget drivers to work accurately. Refresh the drivers and again to address security and dependability issue like WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration Problem. Windows might refresh your driver to a nonexclusive organization connector, and this may likewise be the reason for systems administration mistakes.

Producers consistently assess and update their equipment drivers. The best arrangement is consistently to have the first hardware maker’s drivers introduced on your PC.

update device drivers (solve wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration problem)
update device drivers (solve wifi doesn’t have a valid ip configuration problem)

Driver Support makes this simple by making a stock of your equipment, checking the drivers that are to be introduce, and permitting you to refresh your drivers to the right ones across the board place.

Rather than going to the Device Manager to eliminate the flow Network Adapter Driver and physically attempt to introduce the right one, essentially introduce Driver Support and let it deal with every one of your drivers for you.

Visit: Network Adapter Driver

Assuming Nothing Unless There Are Other Options Arrangements Work

Check on the off chance that another PC can interface with a similar organization. It might highlight defective equipment. Assuming this is the case, you should take your PC to a help specialist and have the Network Adapter checked for issues.


In this Article, you will get to know about solving a commonly faced error i.e. “WiFi Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration” Problem. Above listed are the ways you can resolve this issue. Hope it helps you solving the problem. Thank You!

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