Top 5 WiFi Booster Apps to Improve Your Internet Speed | 2023

WiFi networks and connections are a crucial part of our daily lives nowadays. In corporate offices, public places, restaurants, and even at home, people are using and relying heavily on WiFi connections. While WiFi connections provide us with more excellent connectivity and effective internet services, having a good network connection is always a priority for all the users using the particular WiFi connection. That is why in this article, we will talk about a new technology, popularly known as WiFi Booster Apps. Prank your friend by Hacking his Wifi on your iPhone, and have fun seeing him lose his mind.


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However, any WiFi access point or router is not located near to every user, which results in lower signal strength of the WiFi. As a result, users experience lesser internet speed and range of the network. With the growing technology, there are many apps available for android as well as Windows platforms, which can improve the WiFi connectivity up to a specific limit. This may offer a maximum number of users to get benefits from a particular WiFi access point.

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5 Best WiFi Booster Apps to Use in 2023

Here are the 5 Best WiFi Booster Apps

  1. NetSpot
  2. WiFi Analyzer
  3. Wireshark
  4. Acrylic WiFi Home
  5. Net Master


It is one of the best WiFi booster apps available in the market at present. This app is a perfect combination of various professional features that can be used by users. The app is simple and easy to use for almost all users and is compatible with many devices. NetSpot is available for macOS, windows, and also an android platform.

This WiFi analyzer app can run on PCs using a standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless adapter. If you are looking for software that can optimize the performance of your WiFi network, this app is a perfect choice for you. NetSpot provides users with two modes through which users can perform quick scans as well as in-depth surveys. These two modes are discovered mode and survey mode.


Apart from general users, professional users like IT administrators can also get many benefits from this powerful software. This app is easy to use, has powerful features, is affordable, provides excellent customer support, and, most importantly, is very reliable.

Visit : NetSpot 

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WiFi Analyzer

It is one of the incredible WiFi booster apps available on Android platforms that you may use to discover the best WiFi network around any user. There are many instances where the traffic on any particular WiFi network gets results in many users facing speed and connection issues. This app evaluates and provides users with the details of the least cluttered WiFi networks so that users can enjoy high speed and connection.

WiFi Analyzer

This app is available on Android 6 and newer operating systems. It is an open-source app. Although this app does not have many features, the convenience it provides to users is what makes it quite useful software. The app allows users to discover and find the areas where the signal strength is maximum of the network. This app is free, easy to use, and is suitable for general users to improve WiFi experience. Learn about the DU Speed Booster tool that helps you find the most profitable keywords for your PPC campaigns. Click here for a complete review.

Visit : WiFi Analyzer 

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It is an open-source and one of the free WiFi booster apps which is generally used by IT professionals like system administrators, network troubleshooters, and analysts. The software is available for platforms like Windows, Linux, OS X, Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and others. Wireshark is, however, a much-sophisticated tool that you may use to rectify more significant issues. The software supports few communication protocols and is compatible with almost all modern operating systems.


However, general and regular users may find it challenging to use this platform as it follows a few complicated steps to execute and produce results. Wireshark possesses powerful features, is available for free but is quite challenging to use for regular users.

Visit: Wireshark

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Acrylic WiFi Home

It is another network scanning app and a best in many WiFi booster apps available for platforms like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista. This software can scan 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac networks on frequencies like 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Acrylic WiFi home provides various tools and information on wireless networks like encryption, MAC address, channel strength, and others.

Acrylic WiFi

This tool effectively draws the signal and strength level graphs of WiFi networks, which gives the users a real understanding of a network’s activity near the user. The app is free, easy to use but lacks several features.

Visit : Acrylic WiFi Home 

Net Master

Last but not least, Net Master is one of the best WiFi booster apps available for boosting wireless networks. This app provides the user with detailed information about the WiFi network with data and facts. The user can quickly scan the speed, the strength of the WiFi network and can check the number of users connected to the WiFi network.

Net Master

Net Master also provides security and password protection features through which users can check if there is any fishy user connected to the WiFi. The app is available for download on Google play store for free with more than a million user downloads. The tool is easy to use and is a complete package with almost all necessary features.

Visit : Net Master 

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The above mentioned are the best WiFi Booster Apps you must try using to know the analytics of your home and organization WiFi. As you have now gone through all five, you must have chosen the right choice for you. If downloaded any, we’d be happy to know about your experience.

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