Why Is Score Hidden On Reddit? A Complete Guide

One of the most popular social media sites during the past ten years is Reddit. But recently, you have been thinking about why is score hidden on Reddit as Reddit Score Hidden.

Reddit claims that the score is suppressed so that subreddit moderators can lessen the “bandwagon” or “snowball effect” that unjustly promotes certain articles in the newsfeed by hiding comment ratings for a set period. Also, it stops new spammers from adding links and gaining large amounts of support. During a certain period following their submission, Reddit hide score can be done by the moderators on comments using this feature created by user u/Deimorz.

Among the most popular social media sites over the past ten years, Reddit still stands strong. Reddit runs a little differently than its more well-known competitors, though. For instance, a single upvote on a remark while viewing a new topic triggers further upvotes, significantly boosting the post. But to know more about why is score hidden on Reddit.

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What’s The Process For Reddit Comments?

The Reddit commenting system is appealing and annoying simultaneously because of something special and intriguing about it. Users can vote and remark, but it also encourages those individuals to act on their intuition. Commentators who view posts with many upvotes behave similarly to sheep following the herd. With this mechanism, the platform nurtures its community.

reddit commentsThe main problem is how Reddit chooses which information to emphasize in its newsfeed. Reddit’s sorting algorithms take into account several variables at once. Yet the main function of the upvote is that anyone may click the arrow that subtly suggests that they should pay greater attention to this. Both comments and posts are subject to the regulation in their entirety as Reddit Score Hidden. One gets more noticeable the Reddit upvotes bot one receives.Imagine that a remark has received two upvotes as opposed to one. Which does this imply? It indicates that a different user supported the comment. It obliquely implies that this is a wide opinion or statement. Hence, you now have a collective of people that upvote the remark and others that are similar such that their viewpoint dominates Reddit. Now let’s know why is score hidden on Reddit. You may also like to check out how to report someone on Reddit.

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How Are Reddit Scores Hidden?

A new tool, minutes to Reddit hide score, is active at the subreddit options web page’s footer. Once established, scores for comments in a certain subreddit can be concealed for a predetermined period. The result displays as the predicted value after the permitted time as Reddit Score Hidden.

hidden reddit scoresFor example, the minutes setting of “60” prevents comments from showing their score during the first hour. The regular subreddit activity then continues and still permits voting. Using the concealed scores, best/top sorting continues functioning as intended. If the scores are below your threshold, you can collapse comments, etc. Nevertheless, until the given time passes, the comment score hidden is not accessible.Moreover, moderators and administrators can conceal comment scores for almost a day with this setting on the Reddit account on app. They can still check the comment scores because the feature’s maximum value is 1440 minutes. You may also conceal comment ratings for users of RES, mobile devices, and other platforms. For phone devices, the default comment rating display is 1.

Now let’s jump into why are Reddit scores hidden. Let’s say you give this set a shot on your subreddit. In that case, seeking community input on the choice can be excellent. That won’t change how you use Reddit because you can examine the scores as moderators and comment scores hidden. So, it can’t be simple to evaluate a user’s viewpoint while making a decision.

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Why Is Reddit Score Hidden?

Snowball voting may have beneficial and bad impacts, and Reddit wants to minimize and decrease such effects. It isn’t always the case, though. Users frequently vote automatically for or against comments that have received a lot of upvotes or downvotes since the comment’s score implies the post’s merit.

Even said, the most popular remark after the first 60 minutes will continue to be read throughout the article. Hence, even if postings or comments of better quality were to come after the first ones, the top spot would still hold.It is now possible to see the comment scores. The ordering of comments unaffects hiding the comment score, unlike in “contest mode,” which randomly sorts comments and obscures the most recent or popular ones. You may still see more recent comments in the usual places as Reddit Score Hidden. While the time limit is still in effect, the comparison is based on net score differences between comments.

net score differences between commentsIn a perfect world, this may level the playing field during the first few seconds of the post, resulting in a few fresh new comments. This stops people from stealing top votes for karma or allows weaker comments to get to the top because they post first. Depending on the value and attraction to each individual, a remark is more likely to receive votes than having the general public’s opinion influence the comment scores. So this is the reason why is score hidden on Reddit.

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On Reddit, what does a comment score mean?

The percentage of upvotes a remark earns on Reddit determines its score. The default score is 0 and is hide for comments with no upvotes.

How does Reddit karma work?

There are several ways to get karma. They comprise: 1) Posting and leaving comments. When others upvote your comments and posts, you gain karma. As a result, posting and leaving nice comments is the best way to earn karma. 2) Awards. You also receive specific karma based on accolades you receive or give.

How can I, as a user on Reddit, conceal the comment score?

You may conceal voting buttons and results by selecting Settings -> Appearance -> Show Voting Buttons. After you've decided what you want, toggle the option.

On Reddit, how can I find out who voted for my comments?

You cannot. Reddit offers an anonymous voting option. Due to privacy considerations, the information is not accessible.

Does Reddit catch bogus Upvotes?

Reddit has a mechanism that regularly identifies Reddit users that upvote one another. If the algorithm suspects that a vote is a component of an upvote scam, it will cancel it. These users are eventually shadowing ban from Reddit such that their behaviour has no impact on the platform.

Can I have two Reddit accounts?

Using multiple accounts is OK if you do not use them to vote on the same posts (doing so deems vote manipulation and therefore prohibits) or violate any other guidelines in the Reddit Content Policy. You may confirm both of your accounts using the same email address as Reddit Score Hidden.

Does Reddit allow anonymous posting?

Establish a username when you join Reddit. Without disclosing your true name or identity, Reddit allows you to overshare. You can use your real identity if you'd like. Still, most Redditors choose a name that accurately describes them without giving away their identity.

Do other Redditors have access to my hidden posts?

The post enters into invisible mode and is no longer viewable in the newsfeed or the subreddit where it places initially. Reddit posts hide and vanish from view when you do so. Even if they follow you, other users' screens will no longer display your post or remark if you conceal it.

How to collapse comments on new Reddit?

Get out from under a mountain of comment chains by selecting the outermost column, which will collapse the entire comment section. By selecting the columns of the comment that you want to collapse, you may see the whole thread of comments and all of their responses. So this is how to create new Reddit collapse comments.


What gives, therefore, that Reddit scores are hidden? Ultimately, it’s to keep postings and comments at a high standard while allowing people to make decisions free from being influenced by ratings when Reddit Score Hidden. The functionality indeed needs some improvements and alterations. This function on Reddit, however, ranks as the least bothersome compared to others. The content should be Reddit’s only priority, not the points. We hope your doubt about why is score hidden on Reddit is solved.

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