Why Is My LTE Not Working | Know Everything About This Issue

Hey reader! Well, if you’ve reached this page, you’re probably wondering, “Why is my LTE not working?” Well, the reasons behind this problem can be many, and this article will not only enlist them but also guide you through them!

LTE may not work due to insufficient signal strength, network congestion, incorrect APN settings, expired data plan, or hardware/software issue. Solutions include resetting network settings, turning airplane mode on/off, restarting the device, checking for hardware issues, and removing/readjusting the sim card.

You need to read the article and learn all the information that has been provided here in the article. Don’t forget the FAQ section at the end too! Till the end of this article, you’ll be able to fix your LTE not working problem, and that too all by yourself. Also, click here on how to turn off read receipts on Facebook Messenger.

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Easy Solutions To Fix Your LTE Device

Below are some of the best and easy-to-follow methods that will fix your LTE not working issue instantly

To Restore LTE Service, Toggle Airplane Mode On, And Off 

Turning airplane mode on and off is one of the initial things you should do if your mobile data is giving you problems. The simplest solution is only sometimes the most effective one. To accomplish this, move the notification bar and press the symbol for Airplane mode.

toggle airplane mode on and offActivate airplane mode for at least a few seconds before turning it off. Based on your Android operating system and phone manufacturer, you can also locate this option under Settings > Network and Internet; however, the location may be slightly different. In many instances, the Why is my LTE not functioning problem will be resolved, and the phone will correctly latch onto a signal.

Restart Your Device

Try resetting your smartphone if toggling airplane mode on and off doesn’t resolve the issue. It frequently resolves any software errors that may be the root of why LTE does not work.

restart your deviceTry a few different things if you’re still experiencing issues. It would help if you held down the power button until the “restart” option displays to restart your device. Please wait for your smartphone to reset after tapping it. Use LTE once again when it has rebooted. 

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Check To See If The Right Network Mode Is Active

You should be able to connect through 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, or just LTE on your smartphone. Your device will often attempt to join the fastest connection that is available.

It’s a good idea to manually modify your settings if you’ve been fiddling with them or recently installed an update.

Here’s how to go about it:

  1. After selecting Settings, select Mobile Network. The Network mode option. There will be a pop-up menu of preferred modes.auto or lte
  2. Select auto or LTE (2G/3G/4G auto) by tapping on it.

Examine Your Phone For Hardware Issues

Sometimes the hardware or modem in the phone is to blame for Why is my LTE not working. You could have harmed your device’s antenna or other internal parts if you recently dropped it. Please take it to a licensed repair facility to get it examined.

hardware issuesGet in touch immediately if you purchased your smartphone through a manufacturer or carrier. To have your gadget examined, you must send it in. Before turning it in, be careful to back up your work. In most circumstances, if it is defective, you should receive a new device in a proper length of time. On the other hand, if your gadget is brand new and you still have persistent connection problems, your device can be defective. Check out the best free Samsung unlock code generator tools.

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Reset Network Settings

Your mobile network settings will all be reset to their defaults. You may choose Reset or Backup & Reset from the Settings menu. You can try resetting your network settings if you’ve tried everything mentioned above and are still experiencing why is LTE, not working issues.

reset network settingsOn the menu, select Reset Network Settings. The network settings, such as linked Bluetooth devices and stored WiFi networks, will all be deleted due to this process. Tap Reset Settings if you’re certain you want to proceed. A PIN entry prompt will appear if you have one. Verify that your network settings have been reset by doing so. Click here to fix the Chromebook key not working issue.

Remove And Readjust Your SIM Card

If none of those mentioned above solutions worked, an improperly positioned SIM card could be the culprit. With the SIM card removal tool, carefully remove it from the tray.

remove and readjust your sim cardWhen putting it back into your device, be cautious. Your LTE connection should normally be working once you’re finished. Contact your network provider and request a replacement SIM card if you notice any other problems. Is sound not working on Mac? Check it out now.

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Make Sure You’re Using The Right SIM Slot

Specific budget LTE fix is only supported in one of the two SIM slots on Android handsets.

right sim slotIn the opposite slot, try shifting the SIM card. Why is my LTE not working if you accidentally inserted the SIM in the incorrect slot?


Is 4G the same as LTE?

Which is superior, and how do 4G and LTE vary from one another? In conclusion, 4G offers access to a wider variety of online activities, more reliability, and a noticeably faster speed. Since LTE is just halfway between 3G and 4G, it performs worse than the fourth generation.

Why won't my iPhone from Verizon LTE work?

The problem might be with the strength of the signal, your SIM card, network settings, etc. you should take signal coverage into account first and foremost. Your phone either doesn't support LTE at all or doesn't support the Verizon LTE frequency bands.

How can you test the functionality of your LTE?

Select the highest connection speed under Settings > Cellular + Sim. Check to check if LTE is included in the list below. Your phone is 4G enabled if it has the no LTE option, in which case you can choose to connect to a 4G network. To access 4G services, you need more than just a phone with 4aaG capability.

Does LTE have a price?

Wireless carriers provide LTE services for a monthly cost-plus extra data and usage fees. Given that a substation consumes less than 10 GB of data per month and that recurrent costs for an internet connection are sometimes as low as $25 per month, the additional data bill should be negligible.

Is LTE data or WiFi?

Long Term Evolution, or LTE, is often called 4G LTE. With this wireless data transmission standard, you may download your chosen music, websites, and movies far more quickly than you could with the old 3G technology.


Wrapping up all the details that this article wanted to share, it’s time for you to check every alternative mentioned here until you solve the issue. Above all, If you follow all these methods, one of them or a mix of them is sure to help you, and you’ll never have to wonder why my LTE is not working. Go on and try for yourself now! Also, click here if you can’t receive incoming calls but can make outgoing calls.