Where Can I use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon? | 2023

Have a spare Amazon gift card, but do you want to use it elsewhere? You can always share it with your friends or family if you’re not using an Amazon gift card. But if you are wondering where I can use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon, we got you covered. This article’s destiny is to find out who accepts Amazon gift cards other than Amazon itself. Later on, you can also try generating an Amazon receipt on your own if that is something you want to do.

We have compiled a list of where you can use Amazon gift cards besides Amazon:

  1. Sell it on eBay
  2. Cash it on Amazon
  3. Selling on Reddit or FB marketplace
  4. Exchange Bitcoin
  5. Shop for someone Important
  6. Buy google play credits
  7. Purchase online subscription 
  8. Grocery Shopping
  9. Pay for an Amazon Prime subscription

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Sell Amazon’s Gift Card on eBay

Do you know some Websites accept Amazon gift cards in a swap for money? eBay can be the best place for this. Usually, Amazon’s gift cards are listed at 2% to 15% off the card, which means you will get $90 for a $100 card. If people need to purchase from you, you must trade it for a lesser price. The lesser the price, the more likely you will sell it.

These pages are approvingly protected and trustworthy since they manually affirm each user’s registration. For instance, Gameflip requires signers to upload a government-approved identification with a pic; plus, it’ll take 2 to 3 days to confirm all the details manually.

sell amazon card on ebay

Once the customer acquires your gift card, redeems it, and finishes the trade, the cash turns up in your wallet, which you can withdraw.

Now you know how to sell on eBay when you don’t know where I can use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon.

Cash it on Amazon.

You can trade your Amazon Gift card for cash directly. Like Gameflip, Clipkard, and Gift Card Granny, many websites let you sell your card for money. The procedure of marketing gift cards on these platforms is almost identical.

cash it on amazon

Here is what you ought to do:

  1. Sign in to any websites that use Amazon Gift cards and locate the category.
  2. Enter your Gift Card balance.
  3. View your offers. You can exchange it for a new gift card to gain revenues within days to acquire a considerably increased payout.


Usually, gift cards are sold at 2-15% less than their original value. So, you can hope for around $90 cash for your $100 gift card. Also, since these websites are approvingly safe, you don’t have to stress about your information. For instance, Gameflip requests its signers to upload a selfie with a government ID, and the verification process takes approximately two or three hours of your time.

benefits on cashing

Once the buyer receives your gift code, redeems, and completes the transaction, Amazon will deposit the money into your account. Recollect that these web pages will charge you for the deal you construct.

Selling Amazon’s Gift Cards on Reddit or FB Marketplace

Social media like Reddit and Instagram can be the most profitable way to trade your Amazon gift cards. Reddit has a detached subreddit known as r/giftcardexchange for exchanging gift cards. You can create a post that includes all the card details and hopes interested individuals will contact you.

selling amazon card on fb marketplace

This method can be treacherous because the customer buying your card might not be honorable, and there is a chance that they might not pay you. A more secure option is to post this FB Marketplace listing on your timeline and let the close ones on your friend list know about the deal. This will make the trade much more protected as you deal with someone people know.

This is how you can sell on Reddit and Facebook Marketplace if you don’t know where I can use Amazon gift cards besides Amazon.

Exchange Amazon’s Gift Card With Bitcoin

If you do not require banknotes, exchange your Amazon gift card with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. This can be the best way to begin investing in crypto, and you can start financing a small amount regularly to build an investment portfolio. Before doing this, bookmark the websites allowing you to exchange your Amazon card for cryptocurrency.

exchange for bitcoin

It works because both the partakers agreed to the exchange, and the broker charges a tiny commission on each transaction. Using person-to-person transfer, you can transfer your Bitcoins to a reputed wallet. If not, you can still sell your Bitcoin for dollars or use it to purchase other stuff, as it is evolving widely as an accepted payment mode. 

Exchange Bitcoin if you don’t know where I can use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon.

Shop for Someone Important

Another uncomplicated and influential course of using Amazon gift cards and converting them into dollars is contacting our close ones. You can offer them a discount on your card if they plan to purchase on Amazon. Also, you can deliver a 10% deal to form an all-win standing, which’ll be a vast, secure alternative to selling to some stranger.

shop for someone important

There is always an option to share it with people you know if you don’t know where you can use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon.

Buy Google Play Credits

If you frequently spend money purchasing apps, games, books, audiobooks, movies, and DVDs, you can use your leftover Amazon gift card to make these buys. All you ought to do is purchase a Google Play gift card using your Amazon gift card, and you can find your google play card in the Amazon catalog. 

buy google play credits with amazon card

With the Play card, you can purchase audiobooks and even rent flicks on YouTube. You cannot directly buy apps on google play using the Amazon gift card. For example, as I cannot pay for Audible with my Amazon gift card, you can use your Play Credit to spend audiobooks on Google’s PlayStore.

Although, if you are in Apple’s ecosystem, you can do the exact thing by buying an Apple Gift Card.

Purchase Online Subscription 

Like the GooglePlay credits, you also can buy gift cards for streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. It will be helpful to pay your subscription fees every month.

So, next month rather than paying with a credit card, you can exchange Amazon gift cards with Netflix. Likewise, you can do the exact for all different platforms like Hulu, Spotify, Disney+, etc. Above all, Amazon Prime services do not have this option.

purchase subscription

Paying for a streaming service is the best option if you are wondering where I can use my Amazon gift card.

Grocery Shopping

If the overhead techniques are excessive for you to endure, you can consistently use your Amazon gift card to purchase from your favored websites. What stores take Amazon gift cards? Although Amazon’s gift card is not an accepted payment method on most websites, few retailers still accept Amazon gift cards rather than cash. 

grocery shopping

So, you can use your Amazon gift card balance to pay for the products when you’re shopping online next time. This way, you’ll get complete worth for your capital and avoid the hassle of heeding tiresome steps. If you want to shop for garments and accessories, check out stores similar to A’gaci.

Pay for Amazon Prime Subscription

If you are unsure what to buy with your Amazon Gift Card, you can use it to purchase or renew the Amazon Prime Subscription. Besides purchasing Prime for yourself, you can even grant it to someone using the “Gift of Prime.” It is an Amazon Prime rendition of the gift card, using which you can give Amazon Prime membership to your buddies and relatives.

pay for prime

You’ll get two options in Gift of Prime: a 3-month Prime membership and a yearly membership. Choose one from the two and checkout. Please enter the friend’s or the relative’s email address and the date you want it to reach the recipient before checking out. As long as the validity does not end, the balance will not disappear. The recipient will receive a mail with instructions on the stated day. The individual can follow the steps to obtain the reward. 

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Finally, you have figured out where I can use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon. With the abovementioned techniques, you can use your Amazon gift cards without wasting them.

Thank you for reading!

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