What Is Flair On Reddit? How Can You Use It To Stand Out From Others?

If you have come here, you might be thinking, what is Flair on Reddit, and how to use it? Then it is the right place for you. 

Using the Reddit Flair system is a wonderful approach to provide more context for a post you’ve made on a particular subReddit. Regular posters, subReddit moderators, and Reddit administrators may also choose to distinguish themselves from other members by adding user Flair, shown next to their username. To know more in detail about Flair on Reddit. Continue reading the article.

“Flair” is one of these characteristics. Perhaps you haven’t heard of it. You may have noticed it on the website, but be unsure what it is or how to utilize it. In any case, it’s a very simple feature with occasionally tricky implementation. So to know more about the process, keep reading. You may also like to check out how to report someone on Reddit.

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How To Add Flair To The Posts On The Reddit?

A fantastic approach to provide context for your post on a particular topic on Reddit post Flair. Consider that you are an ordinary Reddit user, a subReddit moderator, or a Reddit Administrator. In that scenario, you could also wish to set yourself apart from other users who have added flared users only by doing so by adding a Flair to your username.

Check the guidelines of your preferred subReddit before adding Flair to a post on Reddit. Although some subReddits prohibit post Flair, others could require it for specific post categories. You can add your Flairs, or you can change Flair Reddit. 

  1. You must write your post before utilizing the new online interface to add Flair to a Reddit post. First, login into the Reddit account. login into reddit account
  2. After logging in, browse the subReddit you choose using the search bar or manually open it by adding the subReddit /r/ link to the address bar (Reddit.com/r/news, for example). Choose the Make Post button to start a new post after you’ve logged into the subReddit. choose to make post
  3. Choose a good post title and content body from the Create Post menu. In order to add a new Flair, click on the Flair drop-down menu followed by one of the existing Flair choices. You won’t be able to add Flair Yourself when this option is grayed out; a moderator will need to do it for you. Post Flair may occasionally be included automatically when a post is generated.choose a good post title and content body
  4. If the subReddit permits it, you may modify the Flair wording by changing the text in the Edit Flair box just beneath the Reddit Flair you chose. After selecting it, tap the Apply button to add the Flair to the post.click on publish
  5. When you’ve given your post some Flair, click Publish to publish it to your chosen subReddit.
  6. After logging in, utilize the search bar to browse the subReddit of your choice or manually open the subReddit by adding the subReddit /r/ link to the address bar (for example, Reddit.com/r/news). After entering the subReddit, click the New Post option to start a fresh new thread.use search bar
  7. Choose the Flair you wish to add to your post from the Select Flair option, then click Apply for adding Flair to Reddit. Alternatively, you may choose Clear Flair to remove any Flairs you’ve already applied, then choose Apply to save your changes. So we hope it is getting clear what is Flair on Reddit.choose flair

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How to Add Flair to The Username on Reddit

Reddit Flairs are helpful for posting, but you can also use them in some subReddits to customize your username. For each post and remark you make, the Flair you (or a moderator) choose will appear beside the username. You may also find out why is score is hidden on Reddit

On Reddit, username Flairs are banned in some subReddits, much like post Flairs are. Some subReddits forbid the addition of any username Flairs, but others could only permit moderator additions. Before posting, check the subReddit’s rules to determine whether adding Flairs is allowed.

If moderators prohibit user Flairs, you must mail a moderator in your preferred subReddit to ask them to add one for you. The moderators for your subReddit may be found in the Moderators tab, which is displayed in a panel on the right. To submit a request, use the Mail the mods option (if appropriate).

  1. Nevertheless, if your preferred subReddit permits individual users to upload Flairs, you may do so by going to the subReddit using the search bar or manually typing the Reddit.com/r/ address. Under the About Community section on the left, select the Edit button next to the User Flair Preview text. Choose the Community Choices drop-down menu first if this isn’t displayed.select edit button
  2. Choose Display my user Flair in this community from the list of available options in the Select Flair menu, ensuring it is checked.choose display my flair
  3. Clicking the Apply button will save your selection.
  4. Choose Clear Flair instead of Adding Flair, then click Submit to save the modification if you wish to remove the extra Flair. choose clear flair

Adding Flairs Usernames and Posts on Mobile Devices

You may also give posts or users Flair if you use the official Reddit application on Android or ios devices. Installing the app and logging onto your device are prerequisites before proceeding.

  1. Open the relevant subReddit and choose to Add Flairs to an existing post in the Reddit app.open the relevant subreddit
  2. Fill up the necessary post data in the Text post menu and the post’s title, subReddit location, and post content. Click the Add Flair icon underneath the title box to add a Flair (if the subReddit permits it).fill up the necessary post data
  3. From the option under Post Flair, choose an appropriate Flair. Selecting the Flair before choosing Edit in the upper right will allow you to alter it. Just choose None to get rid of a Flair. Choose Apply to apply Flair to your post.
  4. Choose the Publish button in the top right-hand corner after applying the Flair.choose publish
  5. To add a post Flair to the current post, visit it first and then choose the Add post Flair option from the three-dot menu icon. If a Flair has already been applied to a post, this option will change to Alter post Flair.
  6. Open the subReddit by typing its name into the search bar to add user Flair to the username. To modify the settings, choose Change user Flair from the 3 menu icon.open the subreddit
  7. Choose one that fits your needs from the list of available Flairs in the User Flair menu. However, if you already have a Flair selected, click None to delete it. Selecting a Flair before choosing the Edit option in the upper right will allow you to alter it. To make your Flairs accessible in all comments and posts within the subReddit, ensure the Display my Flairs in this community slider remains turned on and click the Apply button. We hope everything on what is Flair on Reddit is clear to you.choose one that fits

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What is the Reddit Flair system?

On a subReddit of the Reddit website, threads may have a Flair attached to them. They assist users in understanding the category the articles fall under and assist readers in selecting particular types of content depending on their preferences.

What is the Reddit verification process for Flair?

You must provide them with a photo of a document containing your Reddit username, the date, and something that may attest to your identity to be verified.

After posting to Reddit, can you alter your Flair?

If the subReddit permits, you can update or remove your Flair after submission if you realize you forgot to include one. To do this, use the three-dot menu icon > Edit Flair.

Can you search Reddit using Flair?

Choose the Plus in the upper right after tapping Post Filters. Choose the subReddit you want to filter from, choose the Flair you want to use, and then type its name.


There are many ways to utilize Flair on Reddit to enhance your experience. You might use it to express your interests, demonstrate your membership on the site, show that you thoroughly understand a subject, or respond to queries from other Redditors. Also, it’s simple to identify information that interests you by exploring the list of available categories and adding Flair to your account profile.

When utilized properly, Reddit Flairs may facilitate relationship-building and significant community engagement. We hope that now you understand what is Flair on Reddit and how to utilize it.

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