What Does The Blue Dot On Apple Tv Mean? Get To Know

Apple TV, no doubt, is an invaluable asset to one, and they would always try to use it carefully, but what happens when a blue dot under the app on apple tv appears? Users get confused and try to search for it online, but when they can’t find any solution, they get panicked. Do not worry about anything. We will clear all your doubts on “What does the blue dot on apple tv mean.”

Your Apple TV’s blue dot indicates new media is available for viewing. This can be a brand-new film or television program you haven’t seen before, or it might be something you’ve wanted to see but haven’t had the chance to. Either way, the blue dot lets you know something new and exciting is waiting for you to watch

This article is your detailed guide on what the blue dot on apple tv means and what to do when it appears, so read the article till the end to find the solutions. 

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What Is Apple TV?

The company, known for its devices like the iPhone and Mac, offers a streaming service called Apple TV+. Despite having a delayed start, Apple TV+ has made a name for itself in the streaming industry because of its compelling original programming.apple tv app on samsung tv The Apple TV may be used to watch movies and TV shows stored on your computer or the cloud, play music through your television’s speakers, and browse photographs and videos in addition to streaming content. You can use the Apple TV to manage your lights and thermostat thanks to the device’s ability to serve as a hub for smart home gadgets.

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With Apple TV, what does the blue dot mean?

We now know what an Apple TV is, but you might still be perplexed why an Apple tv blue dot appears. Because of this, whenever you play, install, or do something new, a blue dot appears. What does that blue dot signify today, and why does it keep appearing, you ask?

It’s just a notice, the straightforward answer to your query. To avoid spending money in a panic because you believe it could be broken, don’t panic.blue dot youtube

Apple TV applications may notify you of new material or upgrades by sending you notifications. A banner containing a brief description of the notice will show at the top of the screen when one is received. You may see or ignore the notice by selecting the banner, which will soon vanish.

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With your Apple TV, you may change how alerts are shown

  1. To accomplish this, open the “Settings” app and choose “Notifications” from the menu.settings on apple tv
  2. From this point, you may disable notifications for specific or all apps.notifications on apple tv
  3. You may also select whether you want notifications to appear as banners or alerts, in which case the notice will be displayed on the screen, and any current video will be paused.notifocation banner

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Set up notifications in addition to banners and alarms

You may set up notifications for your iPhone or iPad in addition to banners and alarms.

  1. Launch the “Settings” app on your Apple TV first, then choose “Accounts” from the list.users and accounts apple tv
  2. From here, you can pick which devices you wish to get notifications from apple tv and enable notifications for your iCloud account.icloud account
  3. Overall, Apple TV alerts are a practical way to keep up with your favorite applications and learn about new content or upgrades. You may choose how and when alerts are sent based on your preferences by modifying how they are displayed.notification on iphone

If you’re using an Apple TV, you might have seen a little blue dot under some applications on your home screen. This blue dot indicates fresh material or notices you haven’t seen in the app. This is what the blue dot on apple tv mean. In detail, then.

When downloading a new TV program episode, movie, or game update, an app displays a blue dot. Notifying you when new material is accessible within the app for viewing or interaction is useful.

tv program

Clicking on the app will launch it to see the new information or notice. The blue dot should vanish after seeing the new material or noticing it. You can ignore the blue dot, which will stay there until you open the app and read the new fabric if you do not want to see the latest content or notice. Shut off the blue notification dot.

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Turn off the blue dot.

If you don’t want to see it, you may turn off the blue dot notification indication in your Apple TV’s settings.

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your Apple TV to do this.settings on apple tv
  2. From the menu, choose “Apps.”select apps on apple tv
  3. You can turn off the blue dot notification indication for specific or all apps.
    blue dot notification indication

The blue dot on Apple TV is a suitable notification sign that lets you know when new material is available in an app. It is a practical method to keep up with your favorite apps and pass the time on your Apple TV. So this is what the blue dot on apple tv mean and what to do in such a case. Check out Movie Apps For IOS.


How do I eliminate the blue dot that just appeared on my screen?

Can the blue dot function be turn off permanently?

Unfortunately, disabling the blue dot function on iOS devices is not feasible because it serves as a notification reminder.

Why do my apps have a blue dot next to them?

If you see a blue dot next to your app, it means that the app has recently received an update.

Why is there a blue dot on Apple TV?

While the TV is on, the Apple TV's blue dot serves as a signal. The TV turns on when the blue dot is discernible next to the Apple TV code.

Why are certain apps accompanied by blue dots?

On the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, an app's name with a blue dot indicates that the app has just received an update. The blue dot indicates that the program may have received new features since you last used it in this manner. It tempts you to download the app once more. In reality, when you update Mac software, the same thing takes place.

If you own Apple TV, is Netflix free?

Even having Apple TV, Netflix is not free. You must have a Netflix membership that is currently active to use Netflix with Apple TV. You may set one up either straight on your Apple TV device or online at the Netflix site.


In conclusion, Apple TV’s blue dot is a practical tool for swiftly navigating the material you’ve previously viewed. It can save you time and effort when you need to locate something you have already seen quickly. Also, it might be a terrific method to find fresh stuff you may not have previously known about. Overall, Apple TV’s blue dot is a fantastic feature that may significantly improve viewing pleasure. We hope this post on what the blue dot on apple tv means, which we selected with the utmost love for our customers, will help you understand what will be helpful to you. You can also Check out Clear Your Apple TV Cache Clutter: A Comprehensive Guide

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