What Are Sneaker Proxies & Why You Should Care | 2022

Online sneaker stores can help you look for various sneakers and purchase one for yourself online. If you are a fan of sneakers, we know how badly you want to get your hands on the latest pair of all these popular brands right in your closet the moment they release. These famous brands put up their newly released stock for a limited amount of time and in a limited quantity. Given the time constraint, it might be difficult for you to grab your favorite pair. People who enjoy building up their sneaker collection often use sneaker proxies to get a hold of these latest releases. Let us help you know what sneaker proxies are.


What Are Sneaker Proxies?

Sneaker proxies are proxy servers that help you make more than one purchase at a time. With the help of sneaker proxies, you can quicken the checkout process. In this way, you can easily hold of that one pair of sneakers that you have your eyes upon.

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The Need For Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are required for two primary reasons. One, to keep your information safe. While you surf a shopping site with your IP address, all your data, including your billing address, contact, and browsing history, is at the risk of getting exposed. Using proxy servers will hide your IP address. As a result of this, all of your information is secure and free from any risk of getting exposed. Second, proxy servers help you buy products in bulk. Let us now look at why sneaker proxies help you make your sneaker buying experience easier and quicker.

need for proxy servers

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When you try to purchase with your account without a sneaker proxy, you might be able to make one purchase. However, if you want to buy multiple pairs, the sneaker website does not allow you to do so. Even if you create another account or even more than that, these sneaker websites track down your local IP address and ban you from making any more purchases. It means purchasing through any number of accounts with your local IP address is a waste of time. All hard work will be in vain. However, if you are looking for a way to make multiple purchases, you might want to know sneaker proxies.

How Sneaker Proxies Work

You must have now got an idea about a sneaker proxy and why you need them. Let us now try to understand how they work. If you own a store and want to make a more significant purchase, say a hundred pairs of sneakers at a time, then sneaker proxies play an essential role here. With rotating residential IPs, sneaker proxies make it easier for you to purchase a larger quantity of newly released sneakers at a time. When you use a residential IP address, your local IP address remains hidden, and it changes your location to some other random place. Rotating residential IPs keep on changing these locations from time to time.

sneaker proxy

As such, you will be able to surf the internet as any other regular user without having to worry about getting banned from any shopping sites for making multiple purchases. Sneaker proxies will trick the website into thinking that it is a new user every time you purchase. Thus, you will land up with a more significant purchase, at ease!

How To Use Sneaker Proxies

Only knowing what a sneaker proxy is and how to use them is not enough. You also need to know about sneaker bots. Using sneaker bots, people who are crazy for sneakers, we call them sneakerheads, make checkouts and transactions quicker than a human being can do. As such, by the time you decide what all pairs of sneakers you want to buy, most of them might be sold out.

sneaker proxy

Even while you are putting in all your efforts and entering your details furiously to get a grab on those sneakers, they might still be sold out. It is here that you shall need sneaker bots. These will help you automatically check out from the site when working with multiple accounts.

Two Things To Keep In Mind While Using Sneaker Proxies

Now that we have answered your questions, let us help you with some tips to keep in mind while you are buying sneakers through sneaker proxies.

Using Private Sneaker Proxies

If you want to try your hands at using sneaker proxies without inviting any huge trouble, make sure that you use private sneaker proxies. Private sneaker proxies have a larger bandwidth, and it increases the speed. If you are using open proxies, they might lessen down the pace. As a direct result of this, you might end up not having what you have been searching for. Therefore, always use private a sneaker proxy.

proxy drop

Proxydrop is one such sneaker proxy with unlimited bandwidth. It thus increases the speed helping you make quicker purchases.

Testing The Speed

Make sure you try the speed of your sneaker proxy before you use it. Speed of your proxy is all the difference it takes to decide whether you can grab your hands at those pairs of sneakers or not. Proxydrop guarantees a maximized speed at all times, and it does so by targeting the server nearest to you based on your location.

test speed

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What You Should Look For In A Sneaker Proxy

Now that you have understood what a sneaker proxy is, make sure that you look for those which have:

  • Rotating residential IP addresses,
  • Unlimited bandwidth,
  • Good speed, and thus are fast,
  • Work on all websites,
  • Are available in numerous countries,
  • Have user authentication, and
  • Guarantee instant delivery.


If you are a sneakerhead and you badly wanted those limited edition sneakers, you have found your way. We hope we have provided answers to your questions and have provided the reasons as to why you need them and what things you should keep in mind while using online proxies. Hopefully, this article might have helped you understand sneaker proxies and provided a clear picture of why you should care about using them.

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