How To Add Weather On iPhone Lock Screen [Easy Guide]

On the iPhone, unlike Android, the weather forecast is not visible on the lock screen. Fortunately, a secret feature will show the day’s weather forecast if you use your Apple smartphone first thing in the morning. This is how you activate Weather On iphone Lock Screen.

iphone lock screen


You can activate and add Weather on the iPhone lock screen. It can be done by accessing location permissions, today’s view menu on iOS, and weather widgets. Your iPhone no longer needs to be opened to check the weather forecast. By including a weather widget, you can now check the Weather from the lock screen.

Once you enable it and give the Weather app access to your location, you’ll get a forecast report for the day you first hit the lock screen after Do Not Disturb time. But if you live a simple life and only want to view the Weather on your lock screen, here’s how you can do it for yourself or another person.

Get: Weather- The weather channel

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What Is iPhone Lock Screen?

You can rapidly access a lot of functionality. When you start up or wake up your best iPhone, the Lock screen is the first screen you see. It acts as an assistant and a gatekeeper, keeping you informed and current at a glance and protecting your iPhone and iPad from illegal access. Still, you can also change several privacy settings to ensure that only the information you wish to be visible is available.

iphone lock screen

Apple has completely redesigned the Lock screen, altering everything from how you unlock your iPhone or iPad to how you quickly access your information or take control. Once you get the hang, it is easy to access Weather On iPhone Lock Screen, and the lock screen weather widget show weather.

How To Add Weather To The Lock Screen

The iPhone lock screen can display weather information in a variety of ways. You may use the lock screen weather widget in iOS 16 or access the weather widget from the iOS Today View menu

weather on iphone


The iOS 16 Lock Screen is undoubtedly the topic of conversation right now. There are numerous ways to customize it, and individuals are expanding on its potential applications. But if you live a simple life and only want to view the Weather on the lock screen, here’s how to do it for yourself or another person. Get the weather lock screen widget by following a few simple steps.

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Make Location Permissions Active

You should allow location permission for weather widgets before we show you how to check the Weather from the iPhone lock screen. If you still need to, you will keep getting weather data from the previous location.

  1. Launch the iPhone’s Settings app. iphone's settings app
  2. Scroll down to Security & Privacy. security & privacy
  3. Toggle Location Services on.
  4. Click the While Using the App or show the weather option under Weather.

From The Today View Menu On iOS, Check The Weather

The weather widget can be added to the iOS Today View menu and accessed from the lock screen on iPhones running iOS 14 or higher. To make modifications, adhere to the instructions below.

  1.  Access the iOS Today View menu, and swipe right from the iPhone home view menu
  2.  In the top left corner, click +. Activate the jiggle mode, and long-tap anywhere.
  3. The widget menu will display. Visit the weather page
  4. Examine several widget sizes and click the Add Widget button. Now, the lock screen offers access to the same weather widget. add widget
  5. You may swipe right from the iPhone lock screen to enter the Today View menu.
  6. To get information about the temperature and forecast, check the Weather On iPhone Lock Screen.

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Use Weather Widgets On The Lock Screen

How to add Weather to lock screen? Apple unveiled specialized lock screen widgets at WWDC 2022 to quickly scan pertinent information without touching your phone’s lock screen. Using the hack mentioned above, you may easily access widgets on your iPhone’s home screen from the lock screen.

use weather widgets

In beta testing, iOS 16 will be released to the general public this fall by installing the iPhone tracker app, developer beta, and experimenting with the Weather on the lock screen. With iOS 16, you may check weather widgets without using the Today View menu. The same is accessible through specific lock screen widgets.

  1. Turn on the iPhone and look at the lock screen.
  2. If you long-press the lock screen, the lock screen customization options will appear.customize option
  3. Click the bottom-positioned Customize button.
  4. The weather widget position above or below the time.
  5. Tap the topmost date and time widget, day, or and time widget
  6. The widget ideas menu will display.
  7. Navigate to Weather.
  8. Only one weather widget can be added to the top. Select the bottom menu to add another weather widget (below the time).weather widget
  9. Scroll through the Weather widgets in the widget menu to see the various sizes offered.
  10. To add the Weather On iPhone Lock Screen, tap or drag. iphone lock screen
  11. Activate the Done button to close the widget menu in the top right corner.

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How can the iPhone's clock be changed?

To access the lock screen on your iPhone, lock it and tap the device's screen. To edit the lock screen, tap and hold it. Then, tap the Customize button at the bottom of the screen. Tap either the widget space below the clock or directly above it.

How can I put a weather widget on the lock screen of my iPhone?

Check the iPhone lock screen after pressing the power button. The lock screen customization menu displays when you long-press the lock screen. At the bottom, click Customize. The weather widget position above or below the time. At the top, click the date, day, or month. The widget ideas menu will be displayed.

What is the iPhone weather setting?

he Show on Lock Screen switch should be set to on. Swipe right after pressing the Home button. Click Edit after you scroll down. After selecting weather lockscreen widget, tap Done. To view the Weather, slide right after locking your phone. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

How can I lock my iPhone?

From the bottom of the screen, swipe upward. Click the side button to lock the iPhone once more. If you don't touch the screen for about a minute, iPhone locks itself. While it detects attention, the iPhone won't dim or lock if Attention Aware Features enables in Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

What does the iPhone lock screen serve?

The most popular iPhone feature is the lock screen. Since it prevents unauthorized access and provides quick access to the camera, Siri, Control Center, and more, the reasons are obvious.

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Apple has made adding and checking weather information on the lock screen ridiculously simple. The next time you decide to go on an excursion, quickly check the Weather On iPhone Lock Screen. Remember to turn on location services in your iPhone’s weather app.

The weather forecast for the day can display on your Lock screen after the Do Not Disturb period expires the next morning. You can check the current temperature, the day’s high, and if it will rain.