Best Vita ROMs You Have to Know About TODAY! | 2023

With the dreadful year just dragging itself beyond its quarter of a timeline and people spending most of the time in quarantine, we have something special that might make you jump on your seat. Drifting from gaming, we bring the evergreen, joyous best of the Vita ROMS of this gruesome year. These Vita ROMS are the backup copies of the actual games themselves. However, inserting a UMD to play these games is unnecessary.

The best Vita ROMs You Have to Know About are SteamWorld Heist, Gravity Rush, Shovel Knight, TEARAWAY, PERSONA 4: GOLDEN, etc.

Since the games are loaded on the flash memory, no moving parts will drain the battery, unlike when a user inserts a UMD. One of the significant advantages of this technique is portability, as the users do not need to carry a separate bag or case; moreover, the debate about whether owning a PSV ROM is an act of privacy. However, if the person owns the game, he can easily make PSV ROM games by extracting the UMD Image file from the game disc and saving it in the computer, and to install them, a user needs a game launcher on the PSV.

6 Best VITA ROMS in 2023

Following are 6 Best Vita Roms for you


This JRPG Vita game completely consumes the player and isn’t something you can play. This game will let you open itself and dive into it by collaborating with your friends. It might seem weird. But all of it is just the brim of it. The Persona franchise gives a slow-burning grip that entices you to be more snidely engrossed in the characters, suddenly maneuvering itself all over you in the Vita Roms game.

This game has at least a hundred hours of content, which grows more into you as you play. Its systematic pacing can only be accompanied by the best spectacular resolution you can provide in vita roms.persona 4 golden

View: Persona 4 Golden – PlayStation Vita


Considered one of the best Vita roms games, the PS Vita roms can offer the most delightful graphics on the handheld console. Tearaway is an adventure platformer in a world crafted out of paper, with its ambiguous art style and the limitations of the PS Vita’s hardware. It doesn’t seem like just a watered-down mobile game.

This game vibrantly utilizes the built-in sensors of the PS Vita Roms. You’ll play as IOTA or ATOI in this game and guide through the wonderful paper-crafted world. The game is brought to the audience by the Media Molecule studio, which has other phenomenal hits such as LittleBigPlanet.tearaway

View: Teraway (PS Vita)

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Shovel Knight

This vita roms game is one for the old-schoolers in an honest sense. This game has a retro art style on the PS Vita and a simple side-scrolling format, even opting for 8-bit graphics and color. Moreover, the game comprises a full soundtrack in the classic Chiptunes style. In this game, you’ll take the role of a knight who wields a shovel.

The game opens to more levels, each offering a unique theme. The shovel ultimately serves up as a tool that bounces around and reaches new heights, digs up treasures or breaks apart sections of that level. After a subtle amount of playtime, the weapons and characters can also be upgraded.shovel night

View: Shovel Knight

Gravity Rush

Another one of the most worthwhile games on the Vita Roms, which couldn’t find its deserved audience, is Gravity Rush. This game allows you to mess with time and get some kick-ass actions.

The game surrounds a young girl aided by a cat made of galaxies to stop the destruction of the real world. Owing to its mind-blowing and gravity-shifting mechanics, this game should have deserved more copies than it did.gravity rush

View: Gravity Rush PS Vita

Final Fantasy X/ X-2 Remaster

The best game package in the form of Final Fantasy X and X-2 remastered in HD is available. The updated features of the game consist of better graphics than which came out on PS2. Also, a fully redone soundtrack with a derived background score from the originals. This combo pack makes it one of the best RPGs, not just for PS Vita Roms but in general.

The character Tidus is spearheading a journey with a summoner named Yuna. At the same time, they try to save the world of Spuna from destruction and put an end to the vicious cycle. The game offers a diverse world of interesting characters to join the crew and fight against fantasy Vita Roms

View: Final fantasy X/ X-2 Remaster

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SteamWorld Heist

One of the best turn-based strategy games on the Vita Roms. This game delegates you to a band of robotic steam-powered pirates. It happens while you attack the enemy spaceships, challenge enemy crews and get the spoils of the win. This game renders a vibrant level with equally colorful characters. Each has a unique dialogue that’ll make them feel more real than random characters. Combat in this game is turn-based.

As you move your characters around, you can simultaneously prepare a plan to attack. It offers plenty of replays with gameplay of around 15 to 20 hours. You can take full advantage of the New Game+ mode and enjoy each newly generated level, making every fight unique.steamworld heist vita roms

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What file type are PS Vita roms?

PS Vita ROMs typically come in the.VPK file format. These files contain the game data for the PlayStation Vita console.

How much storage does Vita have?

The PS Vita can only store data on proprietary PS Vita memory cards. They come in 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.

What systems can a hacked Vita play?

A hacked or modded Vita can perform many activities. It can run old PS like PS1 or PSP titles. It can enable book reading or movies and streaming shows as well.

How to decrypt Vita games?

Decrypting PS Vita games involves obtaining the necessary keys and using tools like 'NoNpDrm' or 'MaiDumpTool.' Install the homebrew application on a hacked PS Vita, place the game files in the correct directories, and run the decryption process.


With this, we end some of the best Vita ROMS games you can play while stuck at home. We hope you like these games as much as the reviews suggested. We will be back with another soon!

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