How To Use Twitch Emotes On Discord- 5 Best Ways [Stepwise Tutorial]

The article is about how to Use Twitch Emotes On Discord. You can install Twitch emoticons on Discord for a variety of reasons. Consider using Twitch’s emoticons and stickers on Discord. It is only necessary for you to join your respective accounts. Connect your Discord and Twitch accounts.  twitch and discord

Syncing your Twitch account with your Discord account will be the first thing to do. Link your twitch and discord accounts together to use emotes, and then select the server options from the drop-down menu to enable external emojis. With this function, Twitch streamers can set up a Discord server that is only open to viewers who have paid for a channel membership. Once their Twitch subscription has expired, you can use Discord to inform your users.

The first need for using emojis is that your Twitch and Discord accounts be connected. To make things even more convenient, Discord worked with Twitch to instantly sync subscriptions and emoticons between the platforms. Use Twitch Emotes and your discord account by following the detailed process below.

On Discord, How to Use Twitch Emotes

One of the most well-known live-streaming platforms that let you broadcast your daily life is Twitch. It primarily entails live streaming of video games, including esports competition broadcasts. How to add Twitch emotes to Discord?

Sync Your Twitch and Discord Accounts

  1. Your Twitch and Discord accounts must link in the first twitch to discord
  2. Open Discord on your computer and select User Settings from the menu next to your username.go to settings
  3. The right side of the screen will show a sidebar menu. The drop-down menu has connections.connections
  4. A lot of icons are present. Select the item bearing the Twitch logo.twitch logo
  5. Verify the integration by signing in using the credentials for your Twitch account.log in
  6. Allow yourself enough time to confirm that your accounts have been linked correctly to Use Twitch Emotes On Discord.twitch lnked to doscord

Sync Subscriber Roles

Twitch subscribers will already have a role created in the Discord screen, but you can still change the role’s color and permissions under the server’s settings under the roles tab.sync roles

Once you have everything in place, your subscribers can instantly Use Twitch if they have connected their Twitch account to their Discord.

Allow External Emotes on Your Discord Server

Although the third and fourth stages are optional for syncing Twitch emotes with Discord, I’ve included them because they are related, well-liked features.external emotes

Simply, go through the following steps to enable the use of external emotes on your server:

  1. Go to your server settings.server settings
  2. Select “Roles” and scroll until “Use External Emoji” appears.  As a result, you can assign this responsibility to certain roles or everyone (such as subscribers and moderators).Roles settings

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Configure BTTV Integration

Go to BTTV and log in to your Discord account while integrating emote programs. Choose “Discord Sync” from the Dashboard menu. bttvEnter your Discord credentials and select the server you want to integrate.

Add More Emoticons

In order to add variety to your server, you may also learn how to Use Twitch Emotes On Discord. Discord enables uploading. Discord lets you upload 50 emotes to each of your servers; if your server is nitro-boosted, that number rises.additional emoticons

Your accounts must be successfully connected before you may import your Twitch emoticons into a Discord server. We suggest you start a Discord server immediately if you don’t already have one. In addition, you can ask your friends who currently own a Discord mic server to transfer ownership to you.

  1. Click the tiny down arrow next to the name of your server to navigate to the Server Configuration page.server
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Integrations.choose integrations
  3. Verify that the server in the issue is connected to your Twitch account.verify twich integration
  4. Ensure that the Sync checkbox is further selected.sync checkbox selected

How to get Twitch emotes on Discord? All your Twitch emotes and stickers will immediately import into Discord once the sync option is enabled. You may then quickly use your Twitch emojis on the messaging software Discord.

Where to Purchase Twitch Emotes

You must locate unique twitch discord emotes for your channel before you can attach your sub-emotes to Discord. twitch emotes purchaseIn less than a week, you can discover these emotes in three places:

  • OWN3D Emote Builder – With the OWN3D Emote maker, you can alter an avatar, however, you like before choosing whatever many you want for your channel. Obviously, only the emotes you desire cost money (though discounts are given for the more you purchase at once). You can download these immediately and send them to the Twitch team for approval.
  • OWN3D Emotes – The platform also offers pre-made emotes in various fashions called OWN3D Emotes.  Although, These are available for purchase directly in Discord or your channel. Other channels might also use these Twitch emotes for Discord, which would lessen their novelty.
  • Fiverr – You must locate a designer on this web freelancer marketplace in case, you want completely customized emoticons. Typically, you may locate an artist that can finish your personalized piece in a week or less. How to use Twitch emotes on Discord?


What does a Discord voice channel mean?

Voice Sources You can hang out over voice and video on voice channels. You can enter a voice channel by simply clicking on it rather than phoning or ringing. Friends on your server can drop by to chat, say hi over the video, or share their screen when they notice you are there.

What is Discord?

A chat platform specifically for gamers! Basically, its a chat or direct messaging program for gamers is called Discord. With the help of this program, gamers may make several groups for messaging buddies, start video calls, and enter chat rooms. This platform has recently gained traction.

An emote on Twitch is what?

Twitch-specific emoticons, 'twitch emotes,' intend to interact with and congratulate channel viewers. Twitch emotes frequently incorporate original artwork, bespoke graphics, or the streamer's face to represent various emotions, moods, or actions. Streamers can post their own emotes if they reach the Affiliate or Partner level.

How are emojis created for Twitch?

Start using Canva's free Twitch emotes discord builder, a user-friendly and entertaining tool for designing unique emojis for your channel. Pick from our collection of emoticon sets and Twitch emote templates. Emote themes that customize to reward subscribers and attract new followers

What is the process for adding sub-emotes to my Twitch channel?

You can use a variety of the free Twitch emotes that we have produced. You can post sub-emotes to your channel as a streamer so your audience can use them. Downloaded the sub-emotes easily below; post the files to your channel.


To Use Twitch Emotes On Discord server, you must connect your accounts on Twitch and Discord and select the option to enable external emojis from the drop-down menu. Overall, you won’t have trouble understanding the intricacies, because the above stages are outlined thoroughly. If facing difficulty with opening the Discord app click here. This article is a one-place stop to gain all the information you need to know about using Twitch emotes on Discord. To utilize Twitch emotes on Discord, follow the instructions. Happy learning!