Twitch Chat Tricks Every New Streamer Should Know

Twitch, which Amazon owns, is one of the best live streaming services currently present in the market. Twitch started its streaming platform with the focus to grab the attention of the gaming audience. This live streaming service is no longer just a place to watch exciting games; it also offers other entertainment options like TV shows, live broadcasts, movies, and many more. So, it’s important to know the twitch chat tricks for every new streamer so that they can enjoy all the features of this amazing streaming service and make their streaming experience the best.

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Twitch Chat Tricks for Streamers

Here are some tricks for every new streamer so that they can enjoy all the features of this amazing streaming service.

Setting the Twitch Chat to Readable Colors

This is one of the best twitch chat tricks for streamers who have difficulty reading while doing live streaming. Many users don’t seem to be aware that they can switch their chat box colors to readable colors.

readable colors

This feature eliminates the usage of dark text on a dark background. To enable this feature, the streamer should start by going into the twitch chat settings, check to mark the ‘Readable Colours’ box, and it’s done. This trick is also very useful for those who are color-blind or visually impaired. 

Increasing the Font Size of the Twitch Chat

This is one of the very easy twitch chat tricks. If a streamer is at a distance from their monitor, it can get near too impossible to read the discussions for them due to the small font size. Therefore, increasing the font size is the best way to go for.

Increasing the Font Size of the Twitch Chat

The streamer needs to enter a simple command on their PC, “CTRL +,” to do it. By doing this, they will be just increasing the magnification of their window size. It is one of the simplest tricks for Twitch and works like a charm.

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Popping Out the Twitch Chat

This twitch chat trick is generally overlooked by many live streamers. Popping out the chatbox and then placing the chatbox somewhere on the monitor where it is more accessible to you is ideal. This is one of the best twitch chat tricks

pop-out the chat section

To do so, streamers need to go down to their settings and click on ‘Popout,’ and that’s it.

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Hiding the Viewer Count

This can be one of the most important features for a streamer. Watching a low count on a stream can be quite demotivating for a streamer who has prepared himself so well for that stream.

hiding the viewer count

Thankfully, twitch allows the streamer to hide the viewer count easily. Streamers have to head over the dashboard, and under the stats section, there must be a views part available; they can click on that to hide the views count, and that’s it.

Hosting Your Friend’s Channels

Hosting is an awesome way for streamers to keep their viewers entertained, even when they are not streaming. This will prevent the viewers from losing interest. This is one of the very easy twitch chat tricks. To host a channel, the streamer needs to go to their respective channel’s chat room and type “/host,” followed by the name of the track you want to feature.

hosting your friend's channels

Also, the streamer can automatically host other channels whenever they are offline by simply going to settings, then on Channel & Videos, and turning on Auto hosting. For this feature to work, the streamer should make sure they have added some channels to their host list.

Changing Your Twitch Username

If a streamer is registered on Twitch with any random username and started using the service. But now, they feel like changing their twitch username, then this option is a lifesaver for them. But they can change their username on Twitch after every 60 days only. So, to do so, they need to go to their settings and select edit next to the username field.

changing your twitch username

The streamer should keep that in mind that their broadcaster stats will reset every time they change their username, and their old channel URL would not be able to redirect to their new one. Also, if the streamer is a Twitch Partner, changing their username or name would not affect the revenue they have made so far. They can change their Display Name whenever they want to change it.

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Twitch Extensions

For Streamers, the idea of streaming on Twitch is to earn money along the way, and for them, Twitch announced a capability to its ‘Extensions’ features back then, which will allow the streams to unlock specific parts of an extension by spending ‘Bits’ which is Twitch’s virtual currency. This is one of the simple twitch chat tricks. With this feature, developers will modify parts of their Extensions as per their interactive experiences.

twitch extensions

Viewers will be able to access these experiences, and in return, it will reward them some Bits. Additionally, 80 percent of the revenue generated by these Extensions will go to the streamers because they are the only ones driving huge traffic to the Extensions through their channels. The rest, 20 percent, will be going to the Extension’s developer.


Well, that was all from our side. A lot of members of the Beebom team use Twitch daily, the above list of tips and tricks was curated with the help of each and everyone of us. That being said, do you know something that other users might not be aware of, and even we missed out on? Let us know in the comments down below. Check this out to know about Discord.

I hope this article on Twitch chat tricks will be helpful for our readers.

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