How To Turn Off Google Password Manager | Complete Guide

Google Chrome has a built-in default password manager, just like Microsoft Edge and Firefox. Google doesn’t provide a stand-alone password manager app for Android and iPhone. Using the Chrome browser only to view saved passwords could be more pleasant. But I don’t want Chrome to remember my password. In this article, you will learn to turn off google password manager. But first you should know how to view saved passwords on google chrome browser.

To Turn Off Google Password Manager in Chrome
  1. Open Chrome on your device.
  2. Tap on the profile icon in the top-right corner.
  3. Go to the key-shaped icon underneath the email address.
  4. Turn off save passwords by sliding it to the left.

password manager

Google Password Manager is a password manager that comes pre-installed with Chrome. Some customers use it frequently, just like every other service you can think of, but others need to be more interested or use a third-party password manager. Whatever the cause, disabling Google Password Manager on an Android or PC device is simple. Find out below how to accomplish it.

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Turn off Google Password Manager on Android

There are two choices for Google Password Manager on Android. The first is Google Chrome and website password management within the browser. The Autofill service is the other, and it’s used to save and pre-fill sign-in information for Android apps that support it. They are both easily disabled because they share the same password database. You can also secure your data and confidential information by getting browsers with built-in VPNs.

Follow these steps to disable Google Password Manager on Android

  1. Open Chrome browser.  open chrome browser android
  2. Click on Options > Settings > chrome, open passwords
  3.      Turn off the password-saving feature. Deactivate the Auto Sign-in optionauto sign in
  4.       Go back if you wish to stop saving Payment Information & Addresses.
  5.       Disable when Payment Methods is open, save and fill out payment methods. Return, then select Addresses and More. select addresses and more
  6.     Turn off Save and fill in addresses. 

How to stop Password Manager on Android from being integrated:

  1. On your Android device, tap SettingsLaunch Google. launch google
  2. Choose Autofill. Open Autofill with Google. Turn off the option “Use Autofill with Google.”


       3, In Chrome’s Settings > Passwords, you may view a list of all your passwords or go to your Google Account settings and look for Password Manager on the Security page.

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Disable Google Password Manager on your IOS

The user interface of Google Chrome for the iPhone differs slightly from that of the Android version. Follow these instructions to turn off Chrome’s password manager on iOS.

On iOS, follow these steps to turn off Chrome’s password manager.

  1. Launch Chrome on your iPhone. launch chrome on your iphone
  2. Click on More at the bottom to access Settings. Launch the Chrome settings. turn off password on ios
  3.  Click the Passwords option under Settings. Access the passwords menu. turn off the save passwords
  4. Turn off the Save Passwords switch.

View the saved passwords at the base of the same menu

Here is how to get freed of them:

  1. Select the Saved passwords option from the Chrome Passwords menu. select the saved passwords option
  2. Access the password you want to delete.edit password
  3.   Press the top-positioned Edit button for password removal on an iPhone.remove password
  4.  After you authenticate, Click on the Delete button that will show up at the bottom.

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Deactivate Google Password Manager on the desktop

The process to turn off the Google password manager using the Chrome browser on Windows, Linux, or ChromeOS is the same as for Android. 

turn off pasword

You must open the browser, go to Settings, and disable the “Addresses and more” option, Payment methods, and Passwords individually. 


A password manager and autofill feature have been available on Google Chrome for a while, but they could have been more helpful and left much to be desired. The updated password manager is a step in the right direction, but many people won’t use it. Now the question is how to turn off the Chrome password manager. You can turn off google password manager by using the below steps.

To turn off Chrome Password Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Chrome on a Mac or Windows computer. open chrome browser
  2. Select the profile option from the upper menu.turn off chrome passwords
  3. Click the symbol for passwords. Disable the Offer to save passwords option from the following menu.

Chrome won’t bother requesting that you utilize their password manager in the future to save login credentials. Are you facing issues while opening Chrome? Here is an article to fix the Google Chrome won’t open issue.

How to Delete Saved Passwords

After opening Chrome, turn off Google password manager. You should delete the passwords you’ve previously saved from the database now that you’ve stopped Chrome password manager. For secure and trustworthy surfing, get free online Proxy Browser Services.

  1. Launch Chrome and select the Settings option. autofill password
  2. Go to Autofill > Password in the Chrome settings menu.delete saved passwords
  3.  Look through the list of saved passwords and select the three-dot menu next to it. Choose Remove. You can move on after repeating the steps for any unnecessary saved passwords.

Visit: Google Chrome

Download here: IOS | Android


  1. Select the Options by clicking the Firefox menu on the toolbar.turn off firefox passwords
  2.  Click Security & Privacy. Ask to save website logins and passwords unchecked in the box next to it.

Visit: Firefox

Download here: IOS | Android


  1. Select Settings from the Settings and more menu.edge password
  2. Click View advanced settings at the base of the paswords on edge
  3. By scrolling down there, turn off Offer to save passwords under the Privacy and Services area.

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Download here: IOS | Android

Internet Explorer

  1. Select the Tools menu to find the Internet Options. Click on the Content internet explorer passwords
  2.  Go to Settings under the AutoComplete heading. Press OK after disabling “Forms and Searches” and “User names & passwords on records.”

Visit: Internet Explorer

Download here: Android


What is Google Password Manager?

Using a solid, one-time password is simple for all your online accounts using Google Password Manager. When using Google Password Manager, passwords are protected in your Google Account. You can turn off google password manager by following the methods above. We can use Google Password Manager to make secure, one-of-a-kind passwords you can store and forget. Fill in passwords for you automatically using your Google Account. All of your saved passwords are secured by built-in security.

How does Google's password manager work?

Aid in preventing unauthorized access. Your credentials are kept in Google's secured database. Google Password Manager can assist you in updating passwords if passwords are released online. You must sign in once more to view passwords.

How does Google Password Manager manage your data?

To provide services on your device, Google Password Manager gathers specific information. This functionality makes use of several Google Play services. As an example, the Google Password Manager collects this data for research & troubleshooting: Views of pages and app taps Logs of crashes Diagnostics While in transit, data is encrypted.

How to change Password Manager settings?

Please visit Choose Settings Settings from the top right corner. You can control your settings from here.


We hope you got the answer to how to turn off passwords. These are the best methods to help you turn off Google Password Manager. The Chrome password manager only offers a little to be pleased with. It works well for desktop users. However, others may find it confusing because there isn’t a native app. Use the instructions above to deactivate the Chrome password manager, then switch to our top-rated password manager.

We hope you’ve been able to disable Google Password Manager using the information we’ve provided. You can address this issue by utilizing the methods presented here. If so, kindly let us know which of the offered solutions you thought was most successful in the comments.

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