9 Top Advantages of Coding That Makes it Worthwhile [2022]

Coding makes the world go round. Companies are scrambling to hire the top tech talent and rewarding their employees with large salaries and attractive bonuses (or even equity in the business) in exchange for their skills. So, learn all the top advantages of coding from today. The question that many tech students or amateur coders have is: What should I learn next? Flutter vs Xamarin or even Flutter with Xamarin? Node.js vs React.js. Flutter, C++…


It’s an interesting question. But there are several advantages to learning the latest coding languages and frameworks that you might not even have thought about. In this article, we’ll examine the benefits of coding, the benefits of Flutter vs Xamarin, and other interesting facts. Benefits include: 

  • Learning Flutter Or Xamarin Keeps You In Demand
  • You Can Work From Anywhere In The World
  • You Can (Potentially Become A Millionaire)
  • Making Lots Of Friends
  • Developing Your Brain
  • Specializing In Your Passion
  • Being Your Own Boss
  • Engineering The Future
  • Improving Your Interpersonal Skills 

Let’s dig in in more detail! 

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Top Advantages Of Coding

Here are the top advantages of coding.

Learning Flutter Or Xamarin

There’s been a lot of debate about whether it’s best to learn Xamarin vs Flutter. Both create cross-platform applications, but the primary difference is that Flutter uses its own built-in widgets, creating truly gorgeous apps using a large library.

flutter vs xamarin

The truth is learning either one will give you an edge when it comes to landing a solid job. If you have expertise in Android or iOS app development, you will never have to look too far for your next position. Both large and small companies need qualified cross-functional app developers, whether you use Flutter or Xamarin forms or both. If you want job security, learn to code!

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Work From Anywhere 

There’s a stereotype that developers spend all of their days locked in a dark room typing away at keyboards. Sure, coding is hard work, but it can also take you to places you might never have thought of going. Since the pandemic, companies are willing to let their developers work from anywhere – and it’s the norm in Silicon Valley.

work from anywhere

You can travel the world and find a job almost anywhere with your coding skills. Unlike other languages, coding is universal and the same in every country. If you’d like to spend a few years travelling or working abroad, now’s the time to do it. This is one of the major advantages of coding. You may like to also learn what is RNG in gaming.

Become A Millionaire 

Ok, this might not be a guaranteed perk but hear me out. Most start-ups offer their senior developers’ equity shares in the company. It’s pretty much part of the package these days. While not every start-up will pan out, some go on to make millions.

become a millionare

Cryptocurrency companies, in particular, hold a large volume of their coins aside for their development teams as part of the rewards. One of the earliest employees in Facebook made a cool $500 million when the company went public. (Even Artist David Choe was paid in Facebook shares to paint a mural for the company when they launched… he earned $200 million from the job!)

Make Friends

Again, you may think that coding is for lone wolves, but that’s not the case.

make friends

Making new friends is definitely one of the top advantages of coding. Coders are part of rich and vibrant online communities that host meetups and hackathons. They also work in close-knit teams. Many coders meet their best friends (and spouses) while writing code together! 

Develop Your Brain

Coding is a complex process. You have to learn to think outside of the box to solve bug fixes, develop workarounds, pivot to new ideas or changing market conditions, and resolve dependencies that crop up.

develop your brain

Modern teams use agile planning, which teaches you how to break a complex project into bite-sized chunks and work together as a team. These skills are highly transferable and will stand you in good stead wherever you go. 

Specialize In Your Passion

What does a coder do exactly? The truth is that learning to code opens up a whole new world for you.


Are you interested in fintech? Cryptocurrencies? Telehealth? Fitness apps? Wearables? Robotics? There’s a job for you out there. Virtually every field requires your skills, which leave you free to pursue your passion. 

Become Your Own Boss 

Sure, when you are a humble junior developer, you may have to spend some time on grunt work and put in long hours, but at the end of the tunnel, there’s a lot of freedom. Plenty of developers move onto freelance development or consulting work and stay in demand wherever they go.

be your own boss

If you don’t want to answer to a boss and prefer keeping your own hours, you can become an entrepreneurial coder in no time. There are hundreds of sites where you can promote yourself and your skills. 

Engineer The Future

The truth is that developers are shaping our future. Most of the advances we’ve made as a society were tech-driven. Smartphones weren’t even around 25 years ago – now we’ve embraced the Internet of Things!


The truth is that the next game-changing technology that will steer the course of our future hasn’t even been invented yet. You could be one of the founders of the next big thing and change the world!

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Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

We’ve already said that developers are social animals in more ways than one. Working in coding teaches you interpersonal skills, including the ability to manage conflict, voice your opinion, adapt to changes and shifting team dynamics, work with diverse team members, and more.

interpersonal skills

These skills are extremely transferable in your personal and professional capacity. 

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So there you have the top advantages of coding! There are several reasons to consider a career in coding. You can learn several transferable skills, travel the world, and if you are very lucky, you would work for the next big start-up and become an instant millionaire! It’s hard to imagine any other skill that can take you this far or open more doors for you than coding. Best of all, you can learn coding online or from a number of free sources. What are you waiting for? 

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