The Ten Best Word Alternatives For Mac [2023 full guide]

The word processing program Microsoft Word originally appeared on the productivity scene in 1983. In order to offer a better alternative to current word processors like WordPerfect and MultiMate, its design was ambitious and feature-rich. Microsoft released a number of new programs and bundled them within their operating systems in the late 1980s as they competed with Apple for market share. One must also consider the Word alternatives for Mac. If you are on any other websites, you might want to check this article about Best Litanswers Alternatives For Students In 2023

Some of the best word alternatives for Mac or Mac versions of Word include:

  • Pages
  • ClickUp docs
  • Google Docs
  • Calligra
  • Polaris Office
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • Apple Pages

Have a look at this guide of alternatives we have created herein. These are Apple’s equivalent to Word. This will help you evaluate each option’s functioning and suitability based on your requirement. 

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What Are The Best Word Alternatives For Mac?

If a Mac user needs a word-processing application, you have several options to choose from. While Microsoft Word is the most well-known word-processing software, there are other options for Mac users. Here are some of our best word alternatives for Mac 

Apple Pages

Apple Inc. created the word processing program Pages, which is pre-installed on Mac computers. It offers several capabilities not available in Microsoft Word, including the capacity for real-time collaborative document creation and editing.
apple pages alternatives

Moreover, Keynote and Numbers are more seamlessly linked into Pages than with other Apple software programs. You can thus produce more complicated documents. Beautiful documents may be created concurrently from your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and

 Apple built Pages with sophisticated features and tools that make it simple for you to create attractive documents. Pages are solely available on Macs, but Microsoft Word is accessible on both Mac and Windows machines. Some exciting features include:

  • Translate your texts quickly
  • Easy way to write reports
  • Turn your handwriting into text
  • Brilliant and new templates for ease

If you use a Mac and are seeking an alternative to Microsoft Word, Pages is a good choice. However, Pages lack certain of Microsoft Word’s functions, so if you depend on them, you should continue with Word. You can begin with something lovely and monitor every improvement your cooperative team member makes.

On the internet, Pages for iCloud are free. Both a Mac and an Apple ID are not requirements. Open any web browser and navigate to to begin producing stunning documents.

Download: Pages

Google Docs

Google is relying on cloud-based document collaboration technologies to compete with Microsoft. In addition to its well-known email and calendar services, Google provides a wide range of online tools for producing and sharing:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Presentations

The most well-liked of these is Google Docs, a good Microsoft Word substitute for Mac users and is the equivalent of Word on Mac. Also free is Google Documents.

google docs app

Most of the capabilities you’ll likely require from a word processor are available, and it functions in your web browser. You can add images and insert links while creating a document with various typefaces. 

Also, you can work in real-time collaboration with others, including friends and coworkers. While you work, changes are automatically saved. One drawback is that Google Documents needs to handle complex formatting, including endnotes and footnotes. If you require those functionalities, Microsoft Word is a better option.

Download: Google Docs

ClickUp Docs

Although ClickUp is known for its project management capabilities, it also provides adocs overview Mac-compatible word processor. It is the next Mac equivalent of the Word application. If you need to work on a project with others, ClickUp Docs is a terrific alternative to Microsoft Word. The app has several features that simplify collaborating on projects with your team, including the ability to create and share documents easily. ClickUp Documents is also totally free to use!

It can be pricey and not free if you want to utilize the full edition of Microsoft Word. ClickUp Documents is a fantastic choice for an economical Microsoft Word substitute. Despite that, it is a top pick out of the Word alternatives for Mac. 

Users of ClickUp Documents for Mac may particularly enjoy:

  • A variety of formatting choices
  • Features that enable collaboration so you may complete projects with others
  • the capacity to monitor modifications and comments
  • a straightforward user interface

Many more features are available in ClickUp Documents’ commercial version, such as:

  • Document storage is limitless
  • aspects of advanced security
  • the capacity to design unique templates
  • You can collaborate with others using Microsoft Word files because ClickUp Docs are compatible with them.
  • You can customize the program with various add-ons, cover images, and page icons in the text formatting choices.

LibreOffice Writer

Free and open-source office software LibreOffice has a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation tool, and more. It is a famous Microsoft Word alternative for Mac.
libreoffice There are versions of LibreOffice for Linux, Windows, and macOS. Due to its cost-benefit analysis, LibreOffice is a powerful substitute for MS Office.

It is free and open source, but it contains the same number of features as Microsoft Word. LibreOffice’s open-source nature enables creative and different developers worldwide to submit ideas and troubleshoot code. It is a famous entity within the list of the best Word alternatives for Mac. 

Features include:

  • Creating basic documents like letters, memos, faxes, etc as well as complex documents like indexes, bibliographies, etc. 
  • Design and structure them for paragraphs, page margins, etc
  • Feature of desktop publishing
  • Insert graphics and create drawings

As a result, users can modify LibreOffice and distribute their inventions for free or for a fee. LibreOffice illustrates how inexpensive proprietary software may be defeated or compete with free and open-source alternatives.

Download: LibreOffice Writer for Mac


A component of the Calligra Suite called Calligra Words was created to compete with Microsoft Word on the market. It is a free alternative to Microsoft Word. Users of this word-processing program can generate and modify text documents.

Calligra Words distinguishes itself from rivals thanks to a variety of characteristics, such as:

  • Support for a variety of document types, including. Doc,.docx,.odt, and other possibilities for text formatting in advance.calligra words
  • Tools for group editing. Grammar and spelling checker templates to use when developing different kinds of papers.
  • KDE, a desktop software and services developer community, is behind Calligra.

KDE is well-known for its streamlined designs and a strong emphasis on teamwork. Calligra Word is a fantastic option for customers looking for a program that is both robust and simple to use. Charts and pictures may be easily added to text documents. This Word substitute, available for free download, also enables publishing to PDF and export to Open Document Format.

As a result, you can distribute your documents to others without being concerned about compatibility problems.

Polaris Office

This premium office suite from Korea is a suitable substitute for Microsoft Word on Mac. There is an online version and an APK version. Polaris Office is one of the Word alternatives for Mac. With a few exceptions, the subscription versions’ features are comparable.

The Polaris office subscription product types are pro or smart. polaris

Polaris Office has several noteworthy features, including:

  • Organize PowerPoint and Word documents into PDF.
  • Microsoft Word (DOCX) and PowerPoint (PPTX) files can be opened and converted to PDF files using Polaris Office. As a result, you can free up space on your computer or device.
  • Watermark PDF files: Polaris Office allows you to add watermarks to your PDF files, a useful feature for preventing unauthorized copying of your papers.
  • Create editable files from PDFs: You may modify PDFs by converting them to various Microsoft Word file types with Polaris Office.
  • File organization by projects: You can more effectively work on your files and arrange them with the help of this tool.
  • File Sharing with a Link: Anyone can access your Polaris Office files by clicking on a link you email them. The receiver can see, modify, and comment on the document without creating a Polaris Office account.

Security Features Security and privacy are top priorities for Polaris Office. You can encrypt all your files and restrict access to them using passwords.

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Does Word have a free version for Mac?

To use Microsoft Word on your Mac, you must have a Microsoft 365 membership or a one-time purchase of Office 2021. Microsoft 365 subscriptions start at $69.99 annually for home/personal use.

What is the basic difference between Pages and Word for Mac?

Apple Pages, in contrast, is a streamlined word processor that provides all the basic editing and formatting functions that most users would employ.

What is the best alternative for Excel to be used on Mac?

Numbers, included with most Apple products, allow you to create stunning spreadsheets with outstanding tables and pictures.

What is the iWork suite, and is it available for free?

Apple includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers without charge with every Apple device purchased. Users may view their iCloud-synced files from any device they are signed into, and the web versions of the software also offer a few features for usage on Android or Windows devices.


The cost of purchasing the most recent version of Microsoft Office is around $300. (or a subscription to Microsoft 365). The choices mentioned above are plenty for you. Excel and Google Sheets are also excellent Word substitutes, as are Google Docs. LibreOffice should be enough if you’re looking for offline substitutes.

Nonetheless, there may be instances in which you must utilize Office for a specific activity or for a brief time. In this situation, you can get a cheap Office license or, with a little searching, find Word for Mac for nothing.

These were the six best Word alternatives for Mac.

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