Text Messaging Backgrounds For Android | Install Right Now! [2023]

As most people call them, c or wallpapers are becoming a common way to beautify even the simplest things, such as a text or even Google Window, for that matter. Many developers are offering all types of themes ranging from solid colours to graphic images. You can find many apps for this on the Play Store that provide all the background themes, which you can use in any other messaging app such as WhatsApp or Messenger. Here are some text messaging backgrounds for Android. Do check them out. Let’s learn about text message background android.

Text message backgrounds themes

In October last year, Instagram released an update that lets you change and customize your DMs using chat theme and color. It allowed the users to choose colors for their DMs apart from the classic white and night mode. In the beginning, only a few basic options available in Gradient, such as Berry, Tropical.

However, since then, the organization has rolled out various other themes based on TV series (Star Wars & Selena: The Series) and solid colors. Of course, nostalgic users always have the option to go back to the original Monochrome theme. Learn more about texting backgrounds for android. 

WhatsApp and Instagram – Text backgrounds for android

WhatsApp had always been ahead in its game. It even gives an option to keep the WhatsApp to change the theme settings of web WhatsApp, which I think is pretty cool. It offers a variety of in-built themes and backgrounds, with an option to doodles. But it also gives you an option to set the background as an image you like, from the net or your image collection. So you can personalize each chat with the background image of that person. Although this function is not available in most apps (like Instagram), it is just a matter of time before you will be able to personalize every chat on every app.

instagram backgrounds

These themes are not only famous in text apps. For example, changing your Android phone’s dedicated dark mode theme allows you to use many apps in a dark mode that support your phone’s settings, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Android Messaging App, etc.

In this age of smartphones and messaging apps, the primary mode of communication has become messaging. The email you have to send to your boss or teacher or WhatsApp your friends and family, everything is via text. These themes are a way to make texting more exciting than it already is. You can customize the chats by adding different wallpapers/themes for other people according to your liking. Changing the themes regularly has also become a pastime for some people. In situations such as the present where people have a lot of free time on their hands.

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Dark Mode- How do I Change my Text Message Background on my Android

The most common theme or mode people prefer is the dark mode, or at least that’s what all companies marketing their dark modes infer. According to Apple, dark mode ‘makes it easier to stay focused on your work.  At the same time, Microsoft says it ‘reduces eye strain and improves battery life. And Google says it ‘improves visibility for users with low vision and those who are sensitive to bright light.’ Although these messages may sound true, a few researchers argue that Dark Mode makes people the readers slower and less productive. It is also said to be worse for people with astigmatism, a relatively common eye condition. But there is no compulsion to keep the new updated themes. All the companies always provide the option to keep original themes and backgrounds. So, if you feel the dark mode affects your productivity, you can always opt for the light mode.

dark mode

Regardless, from experience, I think most of us will agree that Dark Mode is more comfortable to the eyes. Especially at night, even if it’s straining in the daylight. But who would keep switching between Light Mode and Dark Mode as day and night passes? Well, the tech companies have a solution for everything. You can set your device to turn on Automatic to use light mode during the day and dark mode at night. New text messaging backgrounds for android are also available.

The Impact of Dark Mode

Whether you like the Dark Mode or Light Mode or prefer customized backgrounds. Whether we benefit from it or not, the tech companies surely profit from our choices. With so many social media apps connecting everyone worldwide, any new update tends to gather your focus on it. As a result, you are aware of the update. And the product, even if you’ve never heard of it before. This increases the company’s reach and hence profit.

text messaging backgrounds

If your messaging app does not have the option to change themes/backgrounds, various apps available in the Play Store. Such as GO SMS Pro, which provides all the features required, such as theme changes, chat bubble styles, etc.


When we tend to do something for a long time, we often get bored. Text backgrounds are just a way to beautify your experience and prevent yourself from getting bored while texting/messaging, which we spend hours on in the current situation. These were some cool text messaging backgrounds for android. So, customize your chats (or don’t) however you like, ENJOY TEXTING (or emailing)!

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