10 Best Teamviewer Alternatives to Share Your System Easily

Teamviewer has been the number one choice of most offices and its employees when they need to share desktops, web conferences, online meetings, and perform many other tasks. You can hold meetings even when you are halfway across the world. You can easily have access to a person’s desktop with such a tool. The thing which differentiates it from other software is that it is easy to use and works well. However, for quite some time, many people have reported problems related to Teamviewer software. There have been many complaints of lag between usage and privacy threats. Well, that is why people are looking for Teamviewer Alternatives.

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Teamviewer Alternatives to Share Your System

Today, We will tell you the top 10 Teamviewer Alternatives that will help you share your system easily with others.


Splashtop is a unique and one of the best Teamviewer alternatives. It offers almost every Remote Desktop functions. You can easily have a video conference or share a desktop with anyone across the world. For people, worried about their privacy while using Teamviewer should go with Splashtop.

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Splashtop uses an endpoint security system to protect your computer from any outside threats. To use Teamviewer, both the parties should have the app installed on their PC’s. Splashtop is extremely cheap and offers plans at just $16.99 per year. You can use it free on the Local Area Network.

Visit: Splashtop

LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn is a good free tool, but it’s pro version, LogMein Pro is one of the best Teamviewer Alternatives. The thing which differentiates it from other software is that it offers a wide variety of tools. If you upgrade to LogMeIn Pro, you will get end-to-end encryption that will protect your computer from online threats. LogMeIn Pro offers multi-platform usage meaning you can use it on a Mac OSX, Windows PC and even an android or an iOS Smartphone.

Its security program ensures that your data remains safe. You can share your documents with other computers with ease. LogMeIn Pro also provides a cloud storage space of 1 Tb for storing important documents. It offers support of more than ten major international languages for international communication. The only major disadvantage of LogMeIn pro is that the plans are expensive for a single user. LogMeIn Pro is better for IT and telecom companies with major use of such software. The basic per month plans offered by LogMeIn Pro starts at $30 and goes upto $129 per month.

Visit: LogMeIn Pro


Pulseway is a great tool that monitors your PC against harmful threats and checks it for vulnerabilities. It also offers all Remote Desktop controls like video/web conference, desktop sharing without any lags and a PC health manager.

It is available across different platforms like Mac OS, Windows PC, Android, and iOS run smartphones. The best thing about Pulseway is that it offers complete monitoring and Remote Desktop solutions at low prices. It costs just $1.35/month.

Visit: Pulseway

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Cloudberry Remote Assistant

Cloudberry Remote Assistant is one of the best Teamviewer Alternatives. It offers several Remote Desktop solutions like desktop sharing; supports text as well as voice chat and provide a high level of safety with end-to-end SSL Encryption. It is easy to download and available for Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac OSX.

The best thing about Cloudberry Remote Assistant is that it is a free software providing features.

Visit: Cloudberry Remote Assistant

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AnyDesk is another one of the best Teamviewer alternatives. With the use of AnyDesk, you can connect your PC or your mobile device to another PC anywhere across the world. It offers support of voice and text chat. You can also transfer documents across PC. You will not face any lag while using AnyDesk as it offers great transfer rates over 50 frames per second.

AnyDesk is one of the best free Remote Desktop software available right now. It has a rating of 4.5 on the Play store.

Visit: AnyDesk


Supremo is a wonderful Remote Desktop control tool. One of the best Teamviewer alternatives and performs the tasks with great speed and less latency. With the use of Supremo, you can share your desktop with others, hold webinars, and online meetings.

It is a great tool as it supports more than 15 different languages for international meetings. It is extremely easy to download and available at a low price.

Visit: Supremo

Lite Manager

Lite Manager is another Remote desktop tool offering a variety of functions. It provides functions such as screen sharing, audio and text chat, files sharing, monitoring PC health, and keeps your PC safe from online threats. Lite Manager is a cross-platform tool that you can operate on Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Windows.

It is available in free as well as a paid version. The free version is more than enough for personal uses while for business use, you should upgrade to the Pro version that offers many more features.

Visit: Lite Manager

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a great competitor and Teamviewer Alternatives. It comes in several different plans, and as the prices increase, the features increase. Zoho Assist offers features such as screen sharing, end-to-end SSL encryption, and is customizable to your needs. You can bend the software to fit your daily needs.

One of the best features of Zoho Assist is that you can control another computer anywhere across the world even when the other person is not present there. The base plan of Zoho assist starts at $8/month, and it goes to as high as $21/month.

Visit: Zoho Assist

Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Why go to a third party user and purchase a paid remote desktop assist tool when you have it in-built in your computer. A windows PC has an inbuilt remote desktop control tool that one can use without much problem. To access these features, you have to root your PC’s router. You can find the guide to do that anywhere on youtube.

The best feature about Windows Remote Desktop Connection is that it allows you access to other computers free of cost. It is only available on the Windows platform.

Visit: Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Parallels Access

Parallels Access is another great Teamviewer Alternatives. It differs from others in terms of the user interface. It has an interactive user interface that is easy to operate. You can use Parallel access to share files across computers, desktop sharing, and to monitor PC health.

It is a cross-platform tool available across Android, iOS, Macbook, iPad, Windows, and Linux. It is available for purchase at a cheap subscription cost of $20/year.

Visit: Parallels Access


Well, these were the top ten Teamviewer Alternatives, which you can use to share your desktop with others. All these applications provide additional features such as monitoring PC health, privacy protection, voice and text chat, etc. You can choose amongst them based on your needs. If you need a remote desktop tool for your business, then you should go with a premium one, as it will offer many more features. However, if you require it for personal use, then you can use a free version. I hope you liked the post.

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