How To Take PS4 Out Of Safe Mode | Complete Guide

Have you ever utilized PS4 Safe Mode to troubleshoot PS4 issues before? Perhaps. After you’ve used the PS4 for a long time, you might occasionally need to switch your PS4 to safe Mode to resolve your PS4 issues, similar to the one below, which we will show you. So, this article will discuss everything related to How To Take Ps4 Out Of Safe Mode. Before moving forward, check how you can install Xbox games faster.

Relaunch your PlayStation. Within the Safe Mode menu, choose Restart PS4. Your gaming console ought to start up in standard Mode by default. If your PS4 cannot afford a normal boot, you can switch to Safe Mode to resolve the issue. And your PS4 is booted with Safe Mode; it uses only a few functions to ensure it can boot. Safe Mode’s menu has many options to help you troubleshoot issues on your PS4.

If your PS4 cannot stop working when it’s in Safe Mode, it usually indicates an issue of how to get out of safe mode ps4, which must be fixed. Check out these best IP Addresses for PS4. Hence, continue reading to learn how to get PS4 out of safe made.

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How To Take Ps4 Out Of Safe Mode

To take ps4 out of safe Mode on your pc, follow a few steps listed below. Go through them individually and let us know if they benefit you.

Restart Your PlayStation

Choose the Restart PS4 in the Safe Mode menu, If your ps4 got stuck in Safe Mode. As a default option, your console will boot in normal Mode.

safe mode

Further troubleshooting will be required if it cannot start usually or boot back to Safe Mode.

Try To Change The Resolution

If the game console’s resolution for the screen is higher than the resolution your TV can handle, it could hinder the console from displaying images in standard Mode. Choose Change Resolution from the Safe Mode menu. Change the screen’s resolution to “480p” and test whether you can boot your console in normal Mode.

If you follow all the steps, you will surely get your answer on How To Get Ps4 Out Of Safe Mode.

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Update The Firmware Of Your System

Sometimes, a software update can resolve issues on your gaming console. Choose the Update System Software option from the Safe Mode menu, and follow the steps to install and download the most recent firmware updates.

system software

  • If you cannot connect to the internet, download the updated file. Format the USB drive to FAT32 format. Create a folder titled Update to the formatted USB drive. Save the update file with “PS4UPDATE.PUP” and then use this USB drive to update your PlayStation.
  • To download the PS5 system update file, click here. The update files should be saved with “PS5UPDATE.PUP” in the “Update” file on a USB drive with FAT32.

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Rebuild Your Database System

Sometimes, essential data on the PS4 hard drive could become damaged and stop the system from running correctly. Choose Rebuild Database from the Safe Mode menu to repair any damaged files on the internal hard drive of your PS4. 


This won’t erase any save or game data stored on your PS4. Once the process has been completed, Try restarting your PlayStation to see whether it starts up as expected, and then take ps4 out of safe Mode.

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Restore Your System Defaults

Restoring the system’s defaults will install the system firmware and restore the settings to the factory resettings they were in before without erasing any information on your PS4, which means you won’t lose any save or game data. 


This could fix any issues that prevent your system from operating correctly. Choose Restore Default Settings in the Safe Mode menu and wait for the installation process to complete.

Restart your PlayStation and test whether it can boot adequately, and check whether you will get to know How To Get Ps4 Out Of Safe Mode. Also, if you want to know how to add apps to Vizio smart tv and update them, click here.

Set Up Your System

After trying everything, but it’s not working, you can try this as the last option. Initializing the system erases the game data from your console and installs the system software. The system will then erase all information, including the game, and save files on your computer.

Select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software) from the Safe Mode menu to do this. It will take some time to finish installing your system’s firmware and check if it’s in a position to boot normally. You might want to read this article to change MTU settings for PS4 to speed up your games.

set up

  • Download the update file here if your PS4 cannot connect to the internet. Format the USB drive using FAT32 format. Create a folder titled Update in the formatted USB drive. Save the update file in “PS4UPDATE.PUP” and then use this USB drive to install your system’s firmware.
  • Download the PS5 system update file with “PS5UPDATE.PUP” in the “Update” file on a USB drive that is FAT32.

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Send Your PlayStation To Be Repaired

If your PS4 cannot start up correctly after initializing the system, you’ll have to contact Playstation customer support and inform them that your system isn’t functioning. They will most likely suggest you try a few ways to troubleshoot. Read this article for the best PS4, PS5, and Xbox

If none of these steps successfully get your gaming console working and you cannot, they will ask you to take it to them for repair. Try out these best GBA emulators for PC. If your console is under warranty, they might be able to repair it at no cost (though you’ll likely have to cover the shipping cost).

If the console is not out of warranty, you might require a fee to repair it. Follow their directions, and send the console to be fixed.

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How can I take the PS4 from Safe Mode without a USB cable?

Restart System can be the simplest way to exit Safe Mode. This feature forces your PS4 to start up normally. Change Resolution changes the resolution of your display to 480 pixels after the console restarts. It can help you overcome screen problems.

How can I Connect my PS4 via a console that does not have a USB?

How to Connect PS4 Controller without a Cable. Navigate to your PS4's Dashboard and then go to Settings and Devices. You can also go to Settings, then Bluetooth Devices. You can do this using the PS4 remote or an alternative PS4 controller. After that, you'll be able to see the PS4 pad appear on the Bluetooth Devices screen, after which you need to choose it.

How can I manually disable Safe Mode?

The easiest method to disable Safe Mode is to restart your device. It is possible to turn off your device's Safe Mode the same way as you would in normal Mode. Simply press and hold your power button for a few seconds untModeou see a power symbol on the screen, then tap it. The device will be back in normal Mode when it is turned back on.

One of the most efficient and simple methods to utilize the PS4 or on a TV that does not have HDMI is to use the HDMI converter. This converts the signal to something that the TV can comprehend and display. There are various HDMI converters, and you'll need to decide the type you require.

What if I could use the mobile as a USB storage device to connect to PS4?

It is possible to connect the PS4 with the devices of your Android or iPhone via the PlayStation App. PlayStation App. This lets you operate your PS4 through your smartphone and even make it another screen if you have the option to do so. It's also possible to connect a USB device to the PS4 for playing media and backing up important PS4 data.


You must follow these steps to discover the solution to How To Take Ps4 Out Of Safe Mode. If you are using these methods, make sure that it isn’t able to update. If your PlayStation 4 is updating through the internet, turn off your internet connection and check if the PS4 can connect. Check out how to fix the Firestick boot loop error in seconds.

If you’re installing via a USB, Unplug that. And if this doesn’t work, could you try unplugging the entire PS4? If you’ve games and other stuff on the PS4, I’d suggest using this as an alternative. If you’ve started it up, it’s not bad since corruption is unlikely.