Streamsmart Vs Kodi: Which Is Best? [Complete Guide]

Kodi is an app that streams movies and videos, while Stream smart is a box used instead of cable or satellite. There are many differences between these two. This article discusses Streamsmart vs Kodi thoroughly.

Stream smart is a smart TV box that streams programs in HD version. Install Streamsmart in place of satellite or cable. Download Kodi, an app that streams programs free of cost, from the play store. Kodi and stream smart both need 1.5 MB to stream smoothly and easily. You cannot run Stream smart using mobile WiFi like Kodi. 

To learn about Streamsmart vs Kodi and to get more clarifications about them, take a glance at this article. 

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What Is Streamsmart?

Streamsmart is a smart box of TV that shows programs in HD at a low cost. It is an android device. They help to stream the content and not download it. You will not require any satellite or cable connection to watch programs. You can watch movies, TV shows, and more. 

streamsmart box



While installing Streamsmart, one should follow these steps. As soon as you open Stream smart, you will get a welcome screen and determine the language you want to continue. You can use Ethernet and WiFi to connect to the internet to stream smart.

After finishing this, you can connect to the stream smart setting menu. After going to the settings, you should select the date and time. You should use 24 hours format and set automatic time and automatic time zone. Lastly, follow the same process as reset.

Let’s clarify Kodi before clearing the main point of the discussion, i.e., Streamsmart vs Kodi. 

What Is Kodi?

XBMC developed Kodi, which is a free media player. Kodi allows you to see almost all types of programs. Developers and coders continuously develop Kodi to its latest versions. Customizing Kodi is also available free of cost. You need to check before installing anything from Kodi to ensure a virus check. 

In the play store, try to locate the Kodi app and download it. Configure the app following this process. Users install Kodi to stream whatever programs they want to see and enjoy.

You can add many websites and digital services as per your preferences. One can skim through your content easily with Kodi’s UI. Via Kodi, you can have a good experience with all types of screens. Kodi Addons can manage multiple media like music, entertainment, and other platforms. 

kodi addon

You will enjoy many features on Netflix with Kodi, but it misses many things too. You can install Kodi on android TV, smartphones, smart TV, and more.

By improving internet speed, you can develop the quality of videos streaming on Kodi. Kodi requires a minimum speed of 1.5 megabits, while 5 megabits give the best experience. Sometimes, Kodi needs an update to run properly. 

The main point about Kodi, which also explains Streamsmart vs Kodi, is it is available in all types of devices. Kodi sometimes does not get downloaded like Streamsmart. 

Similarities Between Streamsmart And Kodi

Stream smart and Kodi are used for streaming programs like movies, TV shows, and others. There are many more things about these boxes that are similar to discuss. Read this thoroughly to get a proper idea of all the similarities between Streamsmart and Kodi. Also, click here to see another ultimate comparison between Kodi Release vs. Nightly.

  • Use Streamsmart and Kodi instead of cable or satellite to stream programs. One can utilize them both on android devices and iPhones. 
  • 1.5 megabits is the minimum internet requirement for both Stream smart and Kodi. 
  • There are several updated versions of Stream smart and Kodi boxes. 
  • There are too many options to stream in both Stream smart and Kodi.

streaming platforms

To learn about the differentiation between Stream smart and Kodi, you must read further thoroughly. There are several points to discuss differentiation. 

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Streamsmart Vs Kodi: Clarifications

Kodi and Stream smart have numerous differentiation for noticing. Kodi is an app, while Stream smart is a box in which these app types are downloaded. To learn about Streamsmart vs Kodi, read further. 

Stream smart is installed in place of satellite or cable.Kodi is an app that streams videos.
Stream smart needs only 18.44 dollars to install.Kodi is installed free of cost.
You can watch any videos.Limited types of videos can be downloaded.
Stream smart can’t run using mobile WiFi and needs ethernet or WiFi.Kodi can run through cellular WiFi.
Go through a proper check while downloading, or a virus may enter.It does not affect the device so badly when the virus enters.
Requires monthly fee.It is obtainable cost-free.
  • Kodi is an app that is installed on boxes like Stream smart. You can easily download Kodi in two hours.
  • Stream start box begins at 18.44 dollars only. You can install Kodi completely free of cost. 
  • Stream smart allows you to watch a wider range of videos, TV shows, and movies than Kodi.
  • You can’t run Stream smart using cellular WiFi, which can run in Kodi. 
  • Downloading videos in Kodi is less dangerous than in Stream smart. In-Stream smart, downloading, or streaming may also insert viruses into your device. 
  • Stream smart requires a monthly fee to work smoothly, which is not required in Kodi. 

streamsmart addon

These were some basic points regarding Streamsmart vs Kodi. To learn more about Stream smart and Kodi differentiation, research the topic. 

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Can you install Kodi on stream smart?

Yes, you can install Kodi on Streamsmart. Kodi can be downloaded on smartphones, smart TV, android TV, and more. Streamsmart is a box installed instead of cable or satellite, so it is easy to download Kodi on Streamsmart.

What are the noticeable features of Streamsmart vs Kodi?

In Kodi, you can record and watch movies and TV shows. You can stream everything in streamsmart, whatever you want, as in cable.

What is the brand new category of Kodi and Stream smart?

The latest version of Kodi is 19.5 matrix, and Android TV 12 is the latest version of Streamsmart.

What are the minimum and maximum internet connectivity required to run Kodi vs Stream smart?

1.5 MB per second is required to run Kodi and stream smart smoothly. 5MB for a second gives the best experience in both Kodi and Streamsmart. When it gets slow Data usage per second than the minimum requirement, it either lags or works slowly


Install Streamsmart instead of a cable or satellite. Install Kodi on PC, smartphones, smart TVs, or other devices. There are innumerable things to notice in Streamsmart vs Kodi. You need a monthly fee to watch videos using Streamsmart, unlike Kodi. 

Finally both Kodi and Streamsmart require at least 1.5 MB to run programmes. Installing Streamsmart costs 18.44 dollars, whereas installing Kodi is free.

We hope this post served your purpose of visiting here. This article discusses Stream smart vs Kodi and their similarities and differences. 

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