11 Working Ways to Solve The Steam Download Stopping Issue | 2022

Steam Is the largest video game distribution service, which hosts a million users and thousands of games. Valve launched it as a standalone software client to update games and later expanded to releasing games by third-party publishers. Many users state the problem that “steam” starts to download and stops downloading randomly. If this is something you struggle with, no worries, you are on the right page. In this article, we will discuss the common causes of the Steam download stopping. And certain ways in that it can be fixed. And if you want to know, how to uninstall games on steam easily then click here.

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steam download stopping

But before the solutions, let’s dig into why the download is interrupted. 

Reasons Why The Download Might Be Interrupted

There can be multiple reasons, such as: 

1.Due to incompatible third-party software.

2.Variance between System time and time zone.

3.Outdated network drivers.

4. Particular window services that create a hindrance. 

These might be some reasons why your Steam Download Stopping. Since there isn’t just one reason, many solutions can fix the download problem.

Do note that there can be many reasons, and your reason might be unique, and these solutions don’t guarantee a fix for every user.  

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Solutions To Fix The Steam Download Stopping Issue

Change The Download Region

change download region

  1. Open Steam. 
  2. Then select on Steam among the other options that run horizontally. 
  3. Choose settings from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Then click on “downloads” in settings. 
  5. From the download region, select an alternate region not too far away from your current region but a different country. 

Follow these steps to resolve Steam Download Stopping issue.

If this doesn’t work, switch to a different server. 

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Sync System Clock With Server Time

  1. Use windows+Q to open Cortana and search for date and time using the search box. 
  2. Select date and time settings.Sync system clock with server time
  3. A window will open after you Choose “add clocks for different time zones.” 
  4. Click on the change settings option on the internet time tab.press the change settings
  5. Use the “synchronize the internet time-server” option to select a server and update.click update now
  6. Click ok to close the window. 

Follow these steps to resolve Steam Download Stopping issue.

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Update Network Drivers

Outdated network drivers can lead to incompatibility with Steam. Hence, make sure to keep the network drivers up to date. One can check if their device drivers need an update by using any software. One such is Driver Booster; download it from their webpage. Then open the software and initiate the scan. If it shows the network drivers that need an update, click on update all. 

Clear Download Cache

clear download cache

  1. Firstly, Open Steam.  
  2. Secondly, Select Steam from the options. 
  3. Thirdly, Select settings from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Click on downloads and scroll down and click on “clear download cache.” 
  5. Finally, Click ok. 

Now Steam will restart, and you can log in. 

Update Steam

There are constant updates of the Steam client. New updates might help fix the problem. 

  1. Firstly, Open Steam. 
  2. Secondly, Select Steam from the top of the steam client. 
  3. Click on check for updates. 
  4. Finally, Download and install the update if available. 

Reset The Router

Resetting the router or modem removes any sort of packet loss and problems in connectivity. Now Steam will have a fresh system to download games and updates. 

Reinstalling The Steam Client

It might be the ultimate option to reinstall Steam.

steam download stopping

  1. Firstly, Open up Steam. 
  2. Secondly, Click on “Steam” from the top of the Steam client.
  3. Thirdly, Select “Go Offline.” 
  4. Click on “Restart In Offline Mode,” and Once Steam has restarted in offline mode, click once again on “Steam.” 
  5. Click on “Go Online” and then select “Restart and Go Online.” 
  6. Finally, Start the download  

Cease The diagtrack Service

cease the diagtrack service

  1. Select task manager from the taskbar. 
  2. From the task manager window, Select services. 
  3. Select stop after Clicking on the diagtrack service. 
  4. Then, open Steam. 

Bandwidth Setting Adjustment

 These interruptions might be due to bandwidth settings.

  1. Firstly, Open Steam 
  2. Secondly, Click on Steam, then select settings. 
  3. Thirdly, Click on download and the select limit bandwidth  
  4. Select bandwidth according to your connection speed. 
  5. Finally, Click ok. 

Closing Extra Programs

Check if there aren’t any extra programs running.

close extra programs

  1. Firstly, Use windows+X to open a menu. 
  2. Secondly, Select task manager and close all the programs listed under apps. 
  3. Thirdly, Press the end task button. 
  4. Close all apps listed under background process too. 
  5. Finally, Make sure you disable antivirus too. 

So, Follow these steps to resolve Steam Download Stopping issue.

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Closing The Apps That Are Hindering Bandwidth

The chances of third-party conflicts increase when you have many apps open. Some of the apps that can cause interruptions with Steam are CCLEANER AND SKYPE.

  1. Use windows+R to open the Run app. 
  2. Find the task manager using the search bar. 
  3. Terminate all the current processes under Skype, browsers, and updaters. 
  4. Restart Steam. 


In Conclusion, we covered the common causes of the stopping of steam download. Additionally, certain ways in that it can be fixed. After that, If none of them doesn’t work for you, try reaching out to customer support of your device or steam client. In case of any future need, you’re welcome to refer to the article at any moment.

Therefore, I hope this article on Steam Download Stopping issue will help our readers.

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