The Six Best Ways To Fix: Spotify Keeps Crashing

Numerous factors could be to blame for Spotify keeps crashing or causing outages. You might want to try ultimately reinstalling this application. Other strategies can help you avoid Spotify crashes. Not to worry. We’re available to help.

Spotify app or device running outdated software versions with known bugs that cause frequent crashes. Connectivity issues like weak signals or server problems impact Spotify’s performance. Incorrect settings or device malfunctions lead to recurrent crashes of the Spotify application.

You’ll learn the six most effective techniques to stop Spotify from crashing in this post. So, let’s get going.

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Why Does My Spotify Keep Crashing?

There could be several causes why Spotify is crashing.

how to fix discord keeps crashing

These factors include:

Reduced Storage

The Spotify app can occasionally crash if your iPhone runs out of storage. low storage space To keep songs in its database, Spotify uses a significant quantity of storage space. The app would crash if the memory were full. 

Out-of-date App

The Spotify app is regularly updated to fix any issues and glitches. out-of-date appThis might be the cause Spotify keeps crashing. It is always up for updates.

Older iOS

The iOS on your phone must also be current. older iosEven if you update Spotify but not your iOS, the app may still crash and let you down.

Open Network

Your Spotify keeps crashing due to a shared or corporate network. open networkTo see if this helps, try opening Spotify and switching to a private network.

Reduced Power Mode

Verify that your Spotify app is on low power mode in the settings.reduced power mode Your Spotify app wouldn’t function to its full extent in low-power mode. Your program may crash due to this sudden change in controls.

Refreshing Background Apps

Your installed app will be timely renewed if there is a background app refresh. background app refreshCheck Spotify’s settings to see if background app refresh is enabled. If not, your app can crash because of this.

Top 6 Fixes For Spotify Crashes

Here are the top six strategies to stop Spotify from crashing.

Method 1: Force An Application To Close And Restart

You can force Spotify to close down if the Spotify app keeps crashing or not responding. Here is a step-by-step instruction manual for doing it.

On Windows

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Crtl+Alt+Delete to open the Task Manager.ctrl+alt+del
  2. Choose Spotify from the Process tab. Right-click once more and select the Finish Task option. After reopening the application, choose Run as Administrator.
    run as administrator

On Mac 

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut Command+Option+Esc.command+option
  2. From the pop-up window, select the Spotify app.  Select Force Quit from the menu.force quit

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On Mobile Devices 

To display the preview of background apps on an Android or iOS device, slide up from the bottom of the screen. Search for the Spotify app and navigate there. To terminate the program, be careful to swipe it to the top of the on mobile

Restart your devices now, then check to see if the app is functional by opening it.

Method 2: Sign Out And Back In

Try the procedure of logging in and out of your account, as recommended by Spotify. Minor problems like Spotify keeps crashing can be resolved by logging back in. You can adhere to the directions provided below.


  1. Start the Spotify application.
    spotify application
  2. Go to the Home Screen page by navigating. Your Username can be found in the screen’s top-right corner. Click the Drop-Down arrow. Choose Log Out.log out

On Mobile 

  1. Open up Spotify first.gear icon
  2. Click the Gear icon that you may find beneath the “home” section. Locate and select the “Logout” option at the page’s bottom.logout

Method 3: Clear Caches And Data 

Unclogging excess and unnecessary trash files is made more accessible by clearing your cache. Additionally, it can speed up the performance of your smartphone by freeing up storage space, and it might potentially resolve Spotify keeps crashing issues. The steps are listed below.

On Windows 

  1. Go to your “C” Drive first.
    go to your c drive first
  2. Access the Users directory. Using your Administrator Username, open the folder. Select the Local folder after selecting data
  3. Find the folder for the Spotify app. Click on the Data Folder after opening the folder. Remove all of the folder’s files.
    spotify new folder

On Mac 

  1. Launch Finder, then press Command +Shift +C to see the computer menu. Select Macintosh from the menu. Select the Library Folder.library
  2. Access the folder for Caches. Lookup the com.Spotify. client file. Click the folder com. Spotify. Client in the context menu and choose Move to trash.cache


  1. Access Settings. Select the iPhone Storage option under General and then navigate to
  2. Choose Spotify from the list of available apps. Select Remove App. Download and reinstall the app from the App Store.remove app

On Android 

  1. Find the Spotify application. Tap the symbol and hold it down until the menu appears. Select the Storage option under App Info by clicking on it.clear cache
  2. Press “Clear Caches.” Select Clear Data, then click OK to confirm.

Open the Spotify app once more to verify if the issue has been resolved after the app has been restarted.

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Method 4: Update Your Operating System Software

Your old operating system might not be compatible with Spotify; hence your Spotify keeps crashing. Make sure you regularly update the operating system on your devices to avoid app issues. Here is how to update your operating systems step-by-step.

On Windows 

  1. In the search field on the left, type a term. Enter
  2. Choose Update & Security from the menu. Click the option that says “Check for Updates.”windows updateWindows will automatically look for updates.

On Mac 

  1. Click the System Preferences link under the Apple logoClick the icon for software updates. If there are any software updates, Mac will find update

On iPhone 

  1. Access Settings. Click General. Choose “Software Update.” Click the Install option to update your update iphone


  1. Select the Settings icon.settings
  2. Scroll down and select System Updates from the menu. Press the Check for System Updates button.update If updates are accessible, the gadget will notify you.Press Yes to launch the update.

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Method 5: Examine the Internet Connection

Your erratic internet connection is to blame for Spotify keeps crashing issue. Make sure you try these techniques if your internet bandwidth is inadequate.

  1. Switch your internet router off and back on. Turn on Airplane Mode on your mobile devices, then reconnect to your Wifi. Use a different internet
  2. To determine if you have enough mobile data, check the cellular mode on your mobile device. Verify the Spotify app is not running in offline mode. Launch Spotify, navigate to the Settings page, and select Playback.offline mode Make sure Spotify is not blocked while using a public network. Verify whether your laptop’s firewall is preventing access to the app.

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Method 6: Update/Reinstall Spotify

You can always choose to quickly uninstall the Spotify program from your devices and then reinstall it if the aforementioned fixes don’t work. The system may contain problems and glitches in older versions of the program, which might lead to the issue of Spotify keeps crashing.

Here is a quick and simple method for removing the Spotify app.

On Windows 

  1. Once you’ve selected “Start,” put “Settings” into the search bar.apps and features
  2. Select Apps, then Apps and Features in the left panel. Select the Spotify App by moving the cursor down.uninstall Uninstall with a right-click on the application.

On Mac 

  1. Launch Locator.applications
  2. Select Applications from the left-side panel. Select the Spotify program and drag it to the Trash Bin.trash Clear your trash.

On iPhone 

  1. Find the Spotify application. Press the button for a brief period of time. When it begins to wiggle, tap the (-) symbol.
    Click “Delete App.”uninstall iphone

On Android 

  1. Go to Settings. Click on Applications once you scroll down. Pick Application Manager from the list. Select Spotify from the list by scrolling down. Tap the program, then choose Uninstall. Tap Ok to confirm.unintsall

You can access your App/Play Store or Spotify’s official website to download the app after it has been installed.

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How to resolve the Spotify app keeps crashing on iphone?

Before pressing the volume down button, push the volume up button first. The side button should then be pressed and held. Release the button when you spot the Apple logo.

Is Spotify down on Android?

See if Spotify is unavailable. When Spotify is unofficially unavailable, the app occasionally keeps crashing. Until the app's makers restore its functionality, there is no manual fix.

Why is Spotify not working on my phone?

The fact that we frequently have too many background processes and open programs during the day is one possible explanation for why this works. All information will be gone after your phone restarts, clearing any memory that may have become clogged.

Does Spotify crash?

Yes, Spotify keeps crashing.


To sum up, this post has shown 6 ways to fix the error of Spotify keeps crashing. You should now be aware of what to do if Spotify keeps crashing after reading this article. 

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