Snapchat Stuck On Sending: Fixed | Complete Guide

The social networking app Snapchat is free to obtain and compatible with Android and iPhone devices. Users of the app can exchange photos, videos, and even drawings. You’ve come to the correct spot if Snapchat keeps getting stuck while sending messages or snaps. The article discusses Snapchat stuck on sending.

You can fix Snapchat stuck on sending by – Verifying Your Friend Status, Check If Snapchat Is Down, Permit Camera Access, Turn Off Your VPN, Verify The Internet Connection, Force Close Snapchat, etc.

Snapchat initially designs for sharing private photos, but it has since expanded to offer other functions like messaging, live video chatting, and creating Bitmoji characters, to name a few. Read below to learn more about Snapchat stuck on sending.

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Fix: Snapchat Stuck On Sending

Here are the fixes for Snapchat stuck on sending.

Verify Your Friend Status

Check to see if the recipient is still on your friend list before proceeding with the potential fixes to repair Snapchat when it stops sending Snaps. That’s because no Snaps are sent when someone eliminates you from Snapchat. Tap the Bitmoji or profile icon in the top-left area and select “My Friends” to view your friend list.

verify your friend statusTo look up someone’s username, use the search bar at the top of the screen, as Snapchat keeps getting stuck while sending messages. They will likely delete you from Snapchat if it doesn’t appear. 

Check If Snapchat Is Down

Failures with Snapchat’s servers could also be a factor in your inability to transmit Snaps to your contacts. Sadly, Snapchat doesn’t have a specific live status website where you can check to see if the service is down as snaps stuck on sending.

check if snapchat is downHowever, if users of Snapchat are reporting outages, you can always count on independent websites to find out.

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Permit Camera Access

When accessing the app’s camera interface, if you encounter the error “Allow Snapchat to access the camera and local storage to take videos and pictures with Snapchat filters, detect screenshots, and more,” it’s likely that you either never granted Snapchat access to your camera or that you revoke the permission.

When prompted, you must click the “Turn On” icon on the screen and then accept the request to access your camera from Snapchat, as Snapchat is stuck on sending for one person. Additionally, you could examine the rights in Snapchat’s App Info -> rights menu. Follow these instructions to see if Snapchat grants authorization to use your camera if you use an iPhone.

  1. Navigate to Snapchat in Settingsnavigate to settings
  2. You can see all the permissions that Snapchat has requested here, along with whether or not you’ve permitted it to view them. Switch on the “Camera” toggle.toggle the camera

Turn Off Your VPN

Particularly when it comes to Snapchat stuck on sending, VPNs can be problematic. With a VPN, you can share an IP address with many other users, potentially including those who have suspended their accounts. Snapchat may mistakenly believe someone else has logged into your account with permission because VPNs conceal your network, particularly if the server is in a different country, as Snapchat keeps getting stuck while sending messages.

turn off vpnVPNs frequently violate the law or attempt to get around Snapchat bans. Network errors or issues connecting to get Snapchat on PC computers often cause a stuck Snapchat sending glitch. Therefore, even if your entire home network works perfectly, your Snaps will not send if your VPN is experiencing network issues.

Verify The Internet Connection

By checking your internet link, you can quickly determine if your network is to blame for not delivering your Snaps.

verify the internet connectionYou could also launch a quick speed test while at it to ensure the network is stable enough to transmit a Snap to your contacts.

Force Close Snapchat

When Snaps aren’t sending, restarting Snapchat is a commonly forgotten fix for Snapchat is stuck on updating messages. Press the “i” button after long-pressing Snapchat to compel the app to close. Press “Force stop” when the “App Info” screen appears.

force close snapchatTap “OK” when the confirmation prompt shows. Snapchat will force to end on your phone. After that, you can access Snapchat as usual and attempt sending Snaps once more.

Delete Your Snapchat History

Clear Snapchat’s cache to help the software avoid sporadic bugs. Long-press the Snapchat app and select the “i” icon to access the “App Info” page to clear the cache. After arriving there, select “Storage & cache.”

delete your snapchat historyTo remove Snapchat’s cache, select “Clear cache” now. The next step would be to open Snapchat once more and transmit a snap still sending to see if the issue has been resolved as Snapchat keeps getting stuck while sending messages.

Login To Snapchat Again

If none of the suggestions above worked for you, consider logging out and back into your Snapchat account. By tapping on your profile or Bitmoji icon and selecting the Settings gear icon in the top-right area of the screen, you can log out of your Snapchat account.

login to snapchat againIt will make Snapchat sync your conversations again, which might solve the issue.

Update Snapchat App

Standard functions of an app are notorious for breaking during major updates that include server-side changes. You could check to see if the Snapchat app updates to the most recent version accessible from the Play Store or App Store to help rule out this option.

update snapchat appCheck again to see if Snapchat is taking forever to send after updating the program.


Should I delete the cache on Snapchat?

To make Snapchat operate more quickly, data stores in your cache. On a device, you can clear some specific caches individually instead of the entire cache simultaneously.

Why isn't Snapchat functioning for me?

Update the Snapchat software from the Google Play Store or the Software Store. Open the Play Store on Android and select Manage apps & devices > Updates available by tapping on your profile image in the upper right corner.

Does deleting Snapchat app delete data?

Your Snapchat Memories are still kept, according to Snapchat, even if you decide to delete the Snapchat program. All you have to do to view them is download the app again and sign in with the same account

How does Snapchat reload?

After refreshing your app, scroll down and search for Snapchat. Swipe down the screen until the loading icon begins to spin. Tap the Update icon next to it if it's there. Stop touching the device with your finger.

How long can you recover Snapchat?

Snapchat accounts can only recover if requested within thirty days of being removed. Following grace time, Snapchat will permanently delete your accounts, and no one can access them again.

How can I relaunch Snapchat?

Opening Snapchat from the Recents option might work better for you. Close the Snapchat program and reopen it to fix the issue.

Can Snapchat be private?

You can set your Snapchat account to private so only selected followers can view your material. To limit which contacts can see your Snapchat stories, you can even make them private. This function is especially useful if you want to share content with a particular audience and not all of your followers.


It is all about Snapchat stuck on sending. The abovementioned techniques will enable you to delete unsuccessful Snaps or halt Snapchat’s sending. Everything from a slow internet link to app bugs can prevent Snapchat from sending messages and snaps.

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